Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. is here!

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. is here!

Prime Mininster Infinity - U.K. - Main Screen

PMI – U.K. features a new game engine and user-interface, new features, a Campaign Editor, and – of course – the 2015 campaign, and you can get it now for the May 7th, 2015 election!

Details here

Good gaming!

26 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. is here!”

  1. Does this mean that updates for President Infinity will resume once again, adding 7-day per turn option, Carly Fiorina, amongst other things? It seems like we have waited for such an update forever, though I could be exaggerating.

  2. @Falcon,

    Yes, alternate party leaders will be added. My guess is with the next update, which should be in about a couple of weeks.


    Yes, PI updates will resume.

  3. Hi – I went to buy this for the displayed £9.95 but when I got to the check out it wanted to charge me £11.90 ish. What’s wrong?


  4. Probably being a bit dense, but – as I have already paid (test releases etc) – how do I download this without paying again?

  5. So will candidate be updated when nominations close on the 15th of April (I think)?

    Will there be other campaigns added as time goes on?

    Will the Unionist pacts be included?

  6. @Ben,

    Can you say more about this? I want to add the ability to negotiate after an election, is that what you’re referring to?

  7. Yh thats what i meant, the negotiation after the elections to form a government. that would just be the cherry on the cake 🙂

  8. @Neil,

    “So will candidate be updated when nominations close on the 15th of April (I think)?”


    “Will there be other campaigns added as time goes on?”

    No decision on this yet, but I anticipate more campaigns being added. Probably starting with 2010, and then going backwards.

    “Will the Unionist pacts be included?”

    Figuring out pacts, coalitions, and so on, is something to be looked at. I’d like to make figuring out governing if no one party has a majority more detailed than it currently is.

  9. Do we have an estimated date when the ‘negotiating to form a government’ aspect of the game will be implemented?

  10. Anthony

    How many scenarios will be in Prime Minister Infinity? And why I can’t change percentages of parties and candidates? The same was in President Infinity

  11. @Kamil,

    No decision has been made yet on the number of campaigns that will be included in PMI – U.K. I can say that there will be more than 2015.

    You should be able to change percentages in the Campaign Editor. Click ‘Regions’. Select a constituency from the drop down box (such as, say, ‘Sunderland Central (N. England)’, not a region like ‘N. England’). Select the ‘Percentages’ tab. Modify the ‘Percentage Total’ number.

  12. Loving the game so far, having played a few times – but some suggestions:

    -Firstly, there seems to be a bug with spin – playing as the Lib Dems, I was able to put one CP into spinning a story (supposedly a 25% chance of success) and have it succeed every time.

    -Secondly, are there any plans to introduce variation between constituencies within a region in terms of issue positions? It seems odd to have, say, Cambridge and Castle Point considered politically identical. Admittedly, this can be accounted for in part by changing party polling values, but it still seems odd.

    -It’s also difficult to create ads targeted to a meaningful number of constituencies at 1CP per ad – 650 constituencies is a much bigger number than 50 states, after all. Maybe some kind of regional targeting should be possible? This would be fine left as is, though.

    -The deadline for submitting nomination papers has passed, so it should be possible to go through and get final candidate lists for all constituencies now.

    -Sometimes, AI parties will make odd advertising choices, like the Conservatives running ads against the SDLP (there are a few Conservative candidates in Northern Ireland, but none who would be realistically be helped by such advertising).

    This is an excellent game, though – there’s not really anything like it on the market apart from your company’s other titles.

    P.S. is there any documentation on the proper use of the campaign editor and the creation of new scenarios?

  13. @Anonyman,

    Thanks for this feedback!

    1. Thanks for this – I’ll look into it.

    2. Introducing regional variation in constituencies is a good idea. It is difficult when dealing with 650 constituencies, but we’ll see.

    3. Making ads localized to a region instead of constituency is a good idea, and realistic. We’ll see.

    4. Yes, candidate lists will be updated soon.

    5. Thanks for this – continuing to refine the computer player AI is a top priority.

    6. Documentation for the Campaign Editor will be added. Since the Campaign Editor is still in flux, it will probably happen later than the rest of the Help File.

    Thanks again!

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