Upcoming President Infinity – Version Amundsen – 1.9.5

Hi everyone,

This post will keep track of changes to the upcoming version of President Infinity v. Amundsen – 1.9.5, and includes an estimated release date for it (as with any estimate, this can change).

Est. release date: Saturday, April 4th.

Changes so far (this list will be updated as changes are implemented on this side, these changes will not be available until the version is released):

  • 2016 > Warner -> ‘off’ by default
  • Election Night > Export > fixed bug where regions listed twice
  • 2016 > Primaries > can now start either Oct. 15th or Dec. 1st
  • 2016 > Rick Perry > Issue Familiarity 2 -> 3
  • Computer players > now fundraise more often
  • Computer players > if fundraising, now pick states to maximize amount raised
  • Main Screen > Fundraising > updated interface
  • Main Screen > Fundraising > can now view a ranked list of estimated fundraiser amounts for each state
  • Main Screen > fixed bug where didn’t display primaries completed seats properly

33 thoughts on “Upcoming President Infinity – Version Amundsen – 1.9.5”

  1. On election night when there is a winner, the pop up should say “All major networks have agreed on a winner…” or something like that.

  2. I think the election night page should mention the VPs somewhere.

    Also, Anthony did you see my comments regarding % that were unreasonably low? Bush and Rubio combining for less than 4% in the FL primary. Democrats with 18 percent in NH. I think adding a field for lowest possible % will help with accuracy

  3. @Steve,

    Thanks for this feedback – I’ll be continuing to revise election night, including getting some interaction with forecasts.

  4. @Jonathan,

    Yes – those are fairly low. Was the Dems in NH % after the primaries campaign once you got into the general election?

  5. @anthony

    No. It was the final ballot for the general election.
    I think creating a % minimum in the campaign editor would help prevent that.

    I doubt any major party would fall below 35% in most of the states. OR was nonsensically low too for Dems.

    I notice the CPU will focus on random states sometimes and just try to steal every vote in a state sometime.

    Bush and Rubio being dead last in Florida should never happen either.

  6. Anthony something happened because now I cannot see the delegate earned in the primary process, at first I was able to see how many delegates I had but now I cannot see them in any party.

    Also the IA continues to do a poor job at campaigning, Certainly the independents trend to go almost 50%-50%, but the IA campaign is poor, no fundraising, for example in a game I fundraised 300 million as Guillibrand while the republican 90 million. Also campaign attributes are something the IA is not working on, while I can go from 1 to 5 in all issues, the other candidates remain with the numbers you put them, I think it’s unfair and very easy to beat them if they don’t work on that.

    Something I would love to see is exit polls, like “latinos, whites, blacks, suburban” something like that.

  7. Are you planning to introduce Demographics to the game? I think it will make the game more realistic and interesting.

  8. Also it would be great If you fixad the problem where Sanders is very weak in his home state, the same thing goes with O’Malley

  9. @Les,

    Doesn’t include the 7 days per turn feature yet. It is one of the top priorities right now, but I can’t say when it will be implemented.

  10. @Andres,

    Improving AI fundraising is next on the to-do list, thanks for this.

    I’ve noted working on Campaign Attributes.

  11. @anthony is it possible to add something that would allow, as a specific candidate, to start earlier in the primaries? Ted Cruz announced his campaign last week (very early). And with most candidates expected to announce a decision throughout April and early May…

  12. Yes, and you’re right – it would be fun to start at those dates. The basic mechanism is there, but to start I’m keeping it to just a couple of dates right now.

  13. I don’t know if you’ve updated them or not, but the proposed primary schedules and debate schedules (Republicans only) are up on Wikipedia.

  14. @Anthony

    Something definitely needs to be done with the percentage to prevent highly improbably results in individual states. I think my idea of having a minimum % for a party for a state would be helpful.

    I just skipped through an election as Stein. Bush beat Clinton 327-54.5% to 211-44.8%

    Odd state results, with few exception, no state should probably exceed 65% for any party:
    NM went Rep 72.2%
    IA went Rep 69.7%
    MN had 8% for Green despite me never doing anything but space-barring! I never visited the state. Never left MA.
    SC went Rep 70.2%
    VT went 65.3% Rep!
    NH went 58.3% (not out of this world impossible, but highly unlikely)

  15. Computer players > now fundraise more often.
    Computer players > if fundraising, now pick states to maximize amount raised.

  16. Main Screen > Fundraising > can now view a ranked list of estimated fundraiser amounts for each state.

  17. Can you add Donald Trump as a off candidate. He seems to be very serious about his running for President.

  18. @Bubbles,

    The Steering Council usually decides which candidates to add, so we’ll see when they vote on that next.

  19. @Nick

    Yeah i can’t wait for this either. When I play the 1912 election the delegates don’t shift in a locked up convention.

  20. @Nick,

    I don’t have a specific time frame, but it’s on the list of major features to be added. My guess would be within several months.

  21. @Les
    Go to campaign editor and click to edit the campaign you want to delete. On the main screen of the editor, there will be a delete button. Click delete. You can do this or you can just delete the scenario from the folder.

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