Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Version Amundsen – 1.9.6

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. v. Amundsen – 1.9.6 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. owner, you are eligible for this release.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.


  • Continuing to increase the speed of the Main Screen will be done with another update.
  • Ads probably will be modified.
  • Election night will continue to be modified.
  • Alternate leaders for the main parties will be added.

All feedback welcome!

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “win pmi united kingdom” or “mac pmi united kingdom” link.

If for some reason there is no “win pmi united kingdom” or “mac pmi united kingdom” link in your e-mail and you are a Prime Minister Infinity- U.K. pre-orderer, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

To download:

Changes in this version:

  • Updated candidates for all constituencies
  • Constituency declaration times updated (thanks to EPG for link)
  • Significantly expanded the help file
  • Nicola Sturgeon > Debating > 3 -> 4
  • Main Screen > Fundraising > updated interface
  • Main Screen > Fundraising > can now view a ranked list of estimated fundraiser amounts for each constituency
  • Main Screen > Campaigners can now fundraise
  • Main Screen > if Campaigner already Barnstorming, now can’t add Spinning
  • Main Screen > if Campaigner already Spinning, now can’t add Barnstorming
  • Campaigners Screen > wider
  • Campaigners Screen > now clearer what Campaigner’s Barnstorming, Fundraising, and Spin attributes are
  • Campaigners Screen > if Barnstorming, no longer shows, for example, ‘4/4/4 (in theme)’, but rather ‘Barnstorming Power 4′
  • Computer players > now fundraise more often
  • Computer players > if fundraising, now pick constituencies to maximize amount raised
  • Fixed bug where computer players weren’t running ads
  • Rallies > attendance number on info line in pop up
  • Debate Prep Screen > updated frame graphics
  • Debate Prep Screen > added popup help
  • Constituency Screen > added more popup help
  • Fixed bug where would get ‘successfully spun story’ message every time spun story, regardless of whether successful

29 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Version Amundsen – 1.9.6”

  1. Is there any chance of an upgrade for the maps in future updates? Maybe a function where you can see a live map of the Uk – and who is winning in each constituency, perhaps being able to zoom in. It would be especially good for election night.

  2. I just won a game on hard difficulty with the Tories, 400+ seats, spacebarring through the last fortnight of the campaign. I’d love to think I’m just a great player, although I’m pretty sure it probably has more to do with the AI!

  3. @PMIPlayer re maps,

    It’s possible – the main advantage to keeping maps simple is for modding. We’ll see.

  4. Just a quick note to say thanks for the much improved game processing speed. I didn’t see this on the change list, but I can definitely see a vast improvement for the speed in taking actions and turn processing on my Mac.

  5. There is an issue with Northern Ireland with the conservatives.
    North Belfast
    Neil Wilson- Conservative (not UUP)

    South Belfast
    Conservative candidate is missing.

    North Down
    UUP not standing.

    I would love to see the TUV introduced even if it was under a umbrella of other right wing candidates (TUV, BNP, English Democrats) and something similar for the Left wingers.

  6. I would really love the following to be added to PMI (even though it is a great game):

    1) Full screen available
    2) The ability to stand as a singular MP – E.G. Winning a seat, standing for leader, getting into government ETC.
    3)2005 and 2010 game modes available – Maybe even the landslide elections of 1997 and 1983
    4) Have swings between parties that are purely based on public ideoligy, rather than just adverts.
    5) MIGHT JUST BE ME, but I am currently unable to load any save games, so I would be very gratefull if this could be dealt with.



    1) The ability to play multiple years running

    2) The ability to set up, shape and elect members of a ‘customizable’ party

  8. @Neil,

    Thanks for this feedback on NI Conservatives – noted.

    The TUV in particular might make sense to add.

  9. @Benjamin,

    I would like to see 2010 and 2005 added to PMI. We’ll see.

    The load problem is on the top of the to-do list for the next update – thanks for this.

  10. Sorry to repeat, but I think they would be a FANTASTIC addition to this already wonderfull game.

    1) The ability to play multiple years running

    2) The ability to set up, shape and elect members of a ‘customizable’ party

  11. @Benjamin,

    1. Yes, this would be an interesting option. I think there might be a way to have affects from one election modify the next election, and have some sort of mode where you can play a series of elections.

    2. Can you say more about this? I’m not sure I know what you mean by a ‘customizable’ party.

  12. Oh, and would it be possible to (when you click ‘copy’ on a party in campaign editor) stand in all the seats of the party you’ve copied, rather than having to manualy select all seats to run in.

    Also perhaps the Respect party should be added as they have a member of parliament (same as Greens)

  13. @Benjamin,

    Noted – thanks for this.

    For Respect, maybe. For the time being, he will be included under ‘Independents’.

  14. On the campaign creator, would it be possible to make it easier to change the polling levels for each party? At the moment, you have to click on a constituency, then go through each individual party to change the numbers. Could a future update maybe make it so that when you click on a constituency, all the numbers appear in a table and can be altered like that; or perhaps even one massive table with all the constituencies and parties listed in separate columns.

    Just a thought. Thanks!

  15. @Falcon,

    He has been added to the list of possible leaders to add.

    Yes, we will be adding at least one other campaign – no official decision has been made on this yet.

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