Prime Minister Infinity – Canada 2015

Update: game announced, see here!

We have had requests for a game for Canada’s upcoming election, in October of 2015.

If you are interested in purchasing a game based on the latest Infinity game engine for Canada’s upcoming election, you can ‘vote yes’ for the game by clicking the subscribe button below, which will sign you up for info updates for a possible Canadian game. The game would work on both Windows and Mac.

If there’s enough interest, we will seriously consider making a game.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

48 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – Canada 2015”

  1. Is there a chance of the Australian Election being migrated to the new platform ahead of the 2016 election which could well come early

    This would mean I could buy for the Mac?

  2. I think its a good idea to include a Canadian Prime Minister 2015. Could it be packaged as an update to Prime Minister Infinity which we could pay for?

  3. I’ve been hoping for this. I love all of the games, but the Canadian games have always been my favorite. Plus, the campaign this year promises to be quite exciting. I can’t tell you how much I’d like to see this happen.

  4. @Leopold,

    Yes, it’s possible. That decision won’t be made until closer to the Australian election, though.

    And yes, if based on the Infinity engine then it should be available for Mac as well as Windows.


    It would probably be sold as a stand alone game.


    Thanks for this feedback! Yes, if the campaign is looking interesting, that will also increase the chances of a game being made.

  5. Anthony
    I asked you previously about making an iOS version of the game and you mentioned it may happen after the Mac version. Is that still possible? I would love to play it on my ipad

  6. @Jim,

    It’s possible. If it did happen, it would be for all Infinity games. My guess is that looking more seriously at that will happen in 2016.

  7. I do support a new Canada game certainly though, while I may have mentioned it a couple of times before, though have only gotten non-committal responses, I would also very much like to see Chancellor Forever updated, to be honest.

  8. @Patine,

    No plans for a new Chancellor Forever at this point, mostly because the target market isn’t English speaking.

  9. Ich spreche Englisch, weißt du? 😛

    But seriously, I happen to know quite a few people who do (and have) actively played these games and actually prefer the MPP electoral system, often for far more than just Budestag elections (it seems that almost every democratic or quasi-democratic legislative body that wasn’t once part of the British Empire is either MPP or pure PR, and even New Zealand and South Africa, despite themselves once having been British possessions, have adopted such systems.) To think of MPP as a strictly German electoral systems immensely cuts short the engine’s possibilities.

  10. @Patine,

    I’m not thinking of MMP as just a German system. 🙂 A New Zealand game is a possibility, for example. If another game uses something close to the Hare-Niemeyer system, then the German system could be (relatively closely) modeled.

  11. I vote yes for PMF Canada 2015!

    I’d also like to agree with those who have inquired about a new Chancellor Forever. Failing that, I, too, would be interested in a New Zealand version–love the MPP!

  12. I’d just like to add my voice to those wanting Canada 2015, the 2011 game was the first 270soft one that I bought and it made me buy the American, Australian and British games after it, and I’d love to see a new version with the new engine. Also, I’d like to see a new Australian game next year, and I’d love to see a NZ game as well. Both NZ and Germany are next having elections in 2017, so you could develop an MMP game for them both, and even though I’m not German, I’d certainly buy a German game!

  13. I loved the 2011 version but have been unable to play since getting a MacBook. Delighted to see that a potential 2015 version would work on a Mac.

  14. I, like Jordan, also have a Mac and would love this game to be created, the Canadian games are the best btw 🙂

  15. Hey guys why not a French game too ? I’m very disappointed by the french political games as they lack the fun and quality of the PM4E and P4E games.
    We in France have a particuler two-round majority system for our Presidential and Legislative elections. Our next elections will be held in 2017 and will be too close to call as France is moving toward a three-party system (Socialist Party, Republicans and National Front). This new system would be quite intersting because it allow you to create formal electoral coalitions and new strategies, thus it implies 2 election nights (two rounds). Also, we have primairies in 2016.

  16. Also I wanted to know if the campaign editor in the PM4E infinity could let us draw our own political map ?

  17. @Raphael,

    Thanks for this feedback – we’ll see in 2016 whether we have time for a President Infinity – France 2017.

    Currently, the Campaign Editor for President Infinity does not allow for custom map drawing, but that is a planned feature. If it happens for President Infinity, then it will be for all Infinity games.

  18. This year canada’s election will be freaken crazy…probably the most craziest election in the past 20+ years…. people who never where interested in politics are starting to take notice..

    When can i preorder this game?

  19. Hang on, Duceppe is back? I didn’t see that coming. Then again former leaders often seem to come back in politics (especially in Australia).

  20. Hey All;

    So it is looking like this will be the longest election in Canadian History Election is on Oct 19, but the election will be officially called and Parliament Dissolved This coming Monday.

    This will be the most interesting, and most engaging election that I can remember. If there was any point in time to create a game for a Canadian Election, this will be the one.

    Thank You

  21. Please make a game for the 2015 Canada election. Its the first election in Canadian history that three parties have a legitimate chance winning the election.

  22. I’m very interested in a new game. For one the 30 new seats make previous editions outdated for this election. More money can be spent. And we have a three horse race.

  23. I would love to see a 2015 version for Canada, and will happily buy it for Mac when available. This is going to be the most interesting, competitive election in memory – at the writ drop, three Parties are in a virtual dead heat, and even the Green Party is looking to make some waves. I would also love to see an iOS version, as it would be great to be able to play on the go. At any rate, please don’t delay on a 2015 version, as I would love to play concurrently with the actual election. And thanks for the great games – this non-gamer is hooked!

  24. Any Good news Yet? Also if we buy 2 guys – for example “Prime Minister Infinity – Canada 2015” would a second game like President Election 2016 be 50% off then?

  25. @Asurania,

    Once things are decided upon, information will be sent to people who subscribe to the link above, and info will probably be posted to the blog.

    No decision yet.

  26. Any news yet? I’ve played 270soft games for the past 8 years of my life and prime minister forever 2015 would seem like a shoe in can’t wait for the release!

  27. If you need any help with the game (figuring out the starting percentages, strength of local candidates, etc) I’d love to help. I live in Nova Scotia and made the Nova Scotia 2013 campaign back in January.

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