Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – Version Ericson – 2.1.6

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada v. Ericson – 2.1.6 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a Prime Minister Infinity – Canada owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • added 2008 campaign (Harper vs. Dion vs. Layton vs. Duceppe vs. May)
  • Main Screen > Leader Activities > when click to change location for activity, now shows Strategy Screen to select region
  • Select Leader Screen > if change leader, now updates blurb
  • fixed bug on Mac where would get ‘List index out of bounds’ error when scheduling activities
  • 7 days per turn > Issue Familiarity and Debate Prep. messages only show once per turn
  • Select Campaign Screen > blurb can now have multiple pages of text

This is a comprehensive update. You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “win pmi canada” or “mac pmi canada” link.

If for some reason there is no “win pmi canada” or “mac pmi canada” link in your e-mail and you are a Prime Mininster Infinity – Canada owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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8 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – Version Ericson – 2.1.6”

  1. @Wilson,

    Start a new game. Click the Options button at the top of the screen. Select ‘7 days per turn’. Please let me know if this doesn’t solve the problem.

  2. @Wilson, the Options button is on the top left (or right if using a Mac) part of the Main Screen once you start a game.

  3. Hello Anthony, do you plan on updating the candidate lists for ridings in the 2015 scenario? A few of them still have unknowns listed for the NDP, Liberals, and Greens. Also, I know there were a few events that have not been incorporated into the game (such as the Federal Court of Appeal ruling on the Niqab and the debate over it) that had an impact on the campaign. Will more events be added?

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