Congress Infinity – Senate 2012

Completed a first game of the Senate 2012 campaign on 7 days per turn mode.

Here’s the screen cap from election night featuring the closest election of the night, Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren (50.4%-49.6%). I also managed to take out Jon Tester in Montana (52.1%-47.9%), making sure he would not be the DSCC Chairman for the 2016 campaign. All in all I managed to take 17/33 Senate seats (in reality, the Reps won 8, Dems won 23, Ind 2, so an increase of 9). It’s slim pickings beyond 54 for the Reps, though. Ohio would probably have been the next one to target, then Michigan. Getting to 60 (filibuster-proof) is very difficult indeed, much less the 67 required to override a Presidential veto.


11 thoughts on “Congress Infinity – Senate 2012”

  1. Great game! I would hope that you can make it possible to have primaries that determine the nominee of both parties.

  2. @Wilson, very strong ground game and ad carpet bombing for large stretches of the campaign. 😉

    Florida was a tough one due to Bill Nelson being an incumbent – finished with 52.2%-47.8%.

  3. @Dallas,

    Maybe – I think it would have to go with increased complexity of regional candidates, to differentiate them, and that is a possible to-do.

  4. A 2012 Senate like this would have made it difficult for Obama to win a second term. But if he did, this would have made 2014 MUCH different. The odds of Dems holding IA and CO might have been a lot better. (With the GOP already having the majority, it would have been more difficult to pin the Senate leadership to Obama since the Majority would have been Republican)

  5. Yup. If the Senate candidates lost Florida, Virginia and Wisconsin — much less Connecticut and Mass (maybe), it would been have been implausible for Obama to have won under those circumstances. Maybe in an alternate universe we would have a Sen. Linda McMahon, Charlie Summers and Tommy Thompson.

    Still surprised at how well the Dems did in the Senate in 2012.

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