The Canadian election is almost here! Get insight with Prime Minister Infinity

In just a few days, Canada goes to the polls in a 3-way horse race between the Conservatives (Prime Minister Harper), Liberals (Trudeau, son of a former Prime Minister), and the NDP (Mulcair, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition), with the Greens (May) or BQ (separatists led by Duceppe) possibly holding the balance of power.

Get ready for the Canadian election night on Oct. 19th!

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Prime Minister Infinity – Canada is the definitive Canadian election game, and contains 2015 in all its glory (338 ridings, 5 major parties, alternate leaders, and much more), now also contains 2011 and 2008 with more campaigns on the way, an expanded Campaign Editor (make your own Parliamentary campaigns or edit the official ones), and more.

Good gaming!

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