President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.1

President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.2.1 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a President Infinity owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

Highlights: over 40 scripted events in 2016 (real-world events that have occurred, and that can change issue profiles, player momenta, and more), bug fixes, scripted events editing, and more 2016 updates.

Note: for Macs, there appears to be a bug loading save games from the Start Screen. Workaround: start a new game, then go to Options > Load Game.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • fixed a problem using a Windows emulator on Linux that caused ‘DLL not found’ error messages
  • fixed bug (“=11″) that would occur when computer player ran out of primaries opponents but was still in primaries electoral strategy mode, would occur same turn as final primaries opponent withdrew
  • Main Screen > fixed bug if clicked Main Screen before Turn Summary Screen would appear on first turn
  • fixed bug with rounding negative momentum numbers (for example, would display ‘-2.9′ instead of ‘-3′)
  • Surrogates > 7 days per turn > fixed bug where wouldn’t fundraise in location set
  • fixed bug where scandal research chance not increasing right amount
  • 7 days per turn > fixed bug where could get wrong number of CPs if less than 7 days left in election
  • can now specify dates for leaders ‘on’ or ‘off’
  • can now specify dates for leaders ‘official’, ‘undecided’, ‘not seeking’
  • Editor > can now specify dates for leaders ‘on’, ‘off’, ‘official’, ‘undecided’, not seeking’
  • 2016 > set all ‘on’ by default candidates to ‘undecided’, set their ‘official’ start dates, set their ‘off’ dates if have withdrawn (note: I set Scott Walker and Jim Webb’s official start dates to July 1st, 2015 instead of July 2nd, simply so they would start ‘decided’ with the July 1st campaign start date – it is highly likely they had decided at this point)
  • 2016 > start dates now July 1st, 2015, Oct. 1st, 2015, and Jan. 1st, 2016
  • 2016 > updated Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada primaries and caucuses dates
  • 1912 > Bull Moose > theodore_roosevelt -> theodore_roosevelt_bull_moose, this fixes bug with selecting Vice-Leader
  • 2016 > Endorsers > KY > Steve Beshear -> Matt Bevin
  • 2016 > Reps > Christie > Leadership 5 -> 4
  • 2016 > Reps > Jindal > Primaries > Debating 4 -> 3
  • 2016 > Reps > Graham > Debating 3 -> 4
  • 2016 > Dems > O’Malley > 4 -> 3
  • 2016 > Reps > Trump > Endorsers > added Ivanka Trump, 1 Barnstorming, 2 Spin, 1 Fundraising
  • Main Screen > if leader has secured nomination, party %s now has leader’s last name
  • Spin Screen > if leader has secured nomination, poll headline now has leader’s last name
  • 2016 > Primaries > Reps > all debates set to 10 candidates max.
  • 2016 > Dems > Clinton > Debating 3 -> 4
  • 2016 > Dems > Webb > Debating 3 -> 2
  • 2016 > Reps > Trump > Issues > Tax Rates > Far-Right -> Center-Right
  • 2016 > Reps > Huckabee > Issues > Tax Rates > Center-Right -> Far-Right
  • 2016, 2012, 2008 > Issues > Abortion > Far-Right > fixed typo
  • 2016 > Primaries > Republicans > Kentucky > FPP -> PR, 5% threshold
  • 2016 > Endorsers > Al Gore > Momentum 0 -> 1
  • 2016 > Endorsers > Dick Cheney > Momentum 0 -> 1
  • 2016 > Debates > Reps > Nov. 15th -> Nov. 10th, 1% -> 2% to qualify
  • Editor > added Events
  • 2008 > fixed bug in events.xml that was causing error when trying to edit id’s in Editor (Note that 2008 descended campaigns can be fixed, but it has to be done manually. Open events.xml in an XML editor, then add the line <conditions/> just after the line <name>Sarah Palin at convention</name> .)
  • 2016 > Reps > Jindal > set to ‘off’ on Nov. 17th, 2015
  • 2016 > updated Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate dates
  • scripted events now cause profile 5 news stories (was 3)
  • 2016 > added 42 events
  • 2008 > Condoleezza Rice > female
  • Select Campaign Screen, Select Leader Screen > fixed bug where last line of blurb might not be displayed

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link.

If for some reason there is no “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link in your e-mail and you are a President Infinity owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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53 thoughts on “President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.1”

  1. @Aaron,

    Error replicated and fixed in the latest internal. New release forthcoming. You’ll be able to load any save games from this version in the next.

  2. @Anthony – In the campaign editor, did you remove the feature where you can pick which of the candidates the AI will/can select their Vice President from? I don’t see it anymore but I could be missing it.

  3. @Anthony – Could be missing it, but is there a way to set the start date options in the campaign editor or do I have to edit the actual files for that? I see that there are state date options on individual leaders which is great, but I mean for the scenarios.

  4. When you do the favorably feature will that help make voter turnout more realistic? I routinely have elections with around 146 million total votes compared to 129 million actual votes in 2012 and 131 million actual votes in 2008.

  5. I keep getting an error message #326264 when I try to play a saved game. This happened both before and after I upgraded.

  6. @Tim,

    1. Can you confirm you are playing v. 2.2.1?
    2. Does this occur right after clicking load game, or when doing something else after loading the game?

  7. Just to note that on a dual-monitor setup, the splash, main and game screens all appear in the center of the two monitors, not in the center of the main monitor.

    Before, once they were moved it would stay in the “correct” spot, now every time you go to the main screen and back to the game screen, like when you start a new game after finishing one, they’re back in the middle of monitors.

  8. I’m glad you added the events to 2016 that you did. Should some of Trump and Carson’s crazy quotes be headlines? I think they are defining characteristics of this campaign.

  9. Just an idea. Perhaps you could add the triumph of the Democrats in Louisiana…
    Something like: ‘The end of the solid south? Democrats won in Louisiana’ on Nov 21st.

  10. @Anthony
    I think there are some mistakes for the Percentage Bonus gave to some candidates:
    Donald Trump: 5 in Wisconsin, but nothing in New York
    Carly Fiorina: 5 in Louisiana, but nothing in California and Virginia
    Lindsey Graham: 5 in Louisiana, but nothing in South Carolina
    John Kasich: 5 in South Dakota, but nothing in Ohio
    Jim Webb: 5 in Delware, but nothing in Virginia

  11. Now that you can turn candidates on and off at certain times can you do something about RFK’s assassination in 1968?

  12. It seems like the Scandal Chance of completion is only changing when researching an Integrity Scandal and not Corruption scandal.

    Also, I am periodically having a problem where the travel lines between states are not going away. There is a couple lines that always remain during every turn whether or not I travel.

  13. @Bjorn

    “Now that you can turn candidates on and off at certain times can you do something about RFK’s assassination in 1968?”

    That would prevent folks from playing him as a “what if” candidate. Definitely counter to the spirit of the scenario.

    You can just turn him off if you like IMHO.


  14. @Aaron Booth

    True enough. I was thinking the request would prevent the human player from playing one of the candidates. If you’re playing another candidate it would add some extra suspense and immersion to the scenario. Good point.

  15. @Chris,

    Favorability might make turnout more realistic. If you’re getting too high of turnout numbers, though, it might be something more basic, as the game already already allows for turnout %s to be set.

  16. @Benji,

    I’ll look into how dual-monitor setups work with the relevant technology. AFAIK it’s a relatively rare setup – I don’t have access to a dual-monitor setup to test it on.

  17. @Jonathan re scripted events about Trump or Carson’s quotes,

    Scripted events as they are implemented in 2016 are about events external to the candidates in the campaign. There are marginal cases – for example, Clinton’s Benghazi hearings were externally triggered (by the House) and Clinton herself was part of the proceedings.

    What candidates say as part of campaigning, though, I want to treat as internal to the game dynamics, not a scripted event. So, Trump and Carson might have higher ‘gaffe’ ratings or something (captured presumably by their lack of experience).

  18. @Eric,

    Ya, I want to have date-dependent endorsements, so if someone starts on Jan. 1st, say, all endorsements prior to that in the actual campaign will be set.

  19. @Bjorn re RFK in 1968,

    If we add multiple start dates to 1968, I think this would make sense if there’s a start date after RFK was assassinated.

  20. Re RFK, I’m talking about the feature that sets him on or off by default if starting in the primaries. The user would still be able to turn him on if he’s off by default at a certain start date.

  21. A while ago, the Koch brothers said they wouldn’t endorse anyone in the primaries. I think a way to reflect this would be to have their endorsement date start in the middle of the primaries (maybe they’ll change their minds when the field is down to three or four candidates).

  22. Anthony,

    I don’t know how well you can check and compare with past code bases but the last version I have that didn’t have the dual monitor misplacement (except for the 270soft splash logo) was v2.09 while v2.11b forward all have that misplacement.

  23. When I try to play this version 2.1.9 and the previous version I can never even get to the Iowa Caucuses before I get an “Access violation at address 0053CB80 in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 000001D4. It happens every time I play the game whether it be official scenarios or custom scenarios. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing and same thing occurs, I am running Windows 7 64-bit if that helps.

  24. You should change the verb in the news story about leading in the polls. You changed it from party to the candidate but still have “have” for the “Clinton have commanding lead in the polls” rather than “has.”

  25. Are there plans to add candidates’ organization to starts? There’s been talk about how well Cruz has organized in the “SEC Primary” states. Meanwhile, in-game, everyone starts out with 0 organization and 0 footsoldiers everywhere regardless of start date.

  26. @Benji,

    It probably happened when I changed some of the core technologies. Looking at this is on the to-do list.

  27. @Chad,

    Ok, thank you for this feedback. Are you playing with a large number of candidates ‘on’?

  28. @Eric re starting Org. Strength,

    Yes, I’d like to add this with associated dates. Doing this for funds is on the top of the to-do list, and doing it for Org. Strength will probably happen as well.

  29. @Anthony

    Yes sometimes I would add drop out candidates such as Perry and Walker in then about 10 turns in it crashes.

  30. Is it normal when switching between 7day and 1 day mode that the polling freaks out and causes two way primaries to become 7,8 way primaries. A primary start date on 1 day mode will take too long.

    However it feels more stable on the 1 day mode ATM,


  31. “@Paul,

    No, that’s not normal. Can you confirm your version number (will say on start screen)?”

    Hi, I’m using version 2.15

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