President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.3

President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.2.3 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a President Infinity owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.


Significant updates for the official 2016 campaign, with modified %s, starting funds, and attributes. Starting %s now can change with the start date, based on polling data which can be entered into the Editor. New maps can be imported into the Editor, and name and coordinates changed for regions. This update also fixes several bugs, including two bugs that occurred when loading a save game.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • Editor > can now add polling data
  • Select Campaign Screen > primaries > if polling data available, lists leaders by %s
  • Select Campaign Screen > primaries > if polling data available, shows leaders’ approx. national %s
  • Primaries > if polling data available, starting %s determined by polls closest to start date
  • Added initial polling data for 2016 primaries
  • Can now save and load games from user-selected folders
  • Fixed bug where game freezes when loading save games
  • Scripted Events > Turn Summary > shows change in momentum
  • Scripted Events > Turn Summary > shows change in issue profile
  • Spin Screen > fixed bug where certain stories would show a pointing hand image instead of no image
  • Editor > can edit multiple start dates
  • Editor > can set given start date as default when start game
  • Select Campaign Screen > start dates now listed chronologically
  • Editor > can import new maps
  • Editor > can set abbreviation coordinates for a region
  • Editor > can set fill coordinates for a region
  • Editor > can import regional images
  • Starting Funds > leaders can now have different starting funds specified for different start dates
  • Editor > can set different starting funds specified for different start dates
  • 2016 > Clinton, Sanders > set Q4 (Dec. 31st, 2015) self-reported cash-on-hand values
  • 2016 > set all leaders’ Q3 (Sep. 30th, 2015) cash-on-hand values according to FEC, except Donald Trump (self-funding)
  • 2016 > set all leaders’ Q2 (June 30th, 2015) cash-on-hand values according to FEC, except Donald Trump (self-funding)
  • Editor > Leaders > ‘Leaders’ tab -> ‘Basics’ tab
  • Editor > Leaders > Basics > set tab ordering
  • 2016 > all leaders’ default primaries funds set to $0 (this is overridden by date-specific values for candidates who have actually run)
  • 2016 > Trump > Spin > Primaries > 3 -> 4, General 4 -> 5
  • 2016 > Trump > Polling > Primaries > 1 -> 2
  • 2016 > Trump > Ground > Primaries > 1 -> 2
  • 2016 > Trump > Stamina > 3 -> 4
  • 2016 > Debates > Reps > Jan. 15th, 2016 -> Jan. 14th, 2016
  • 2016 > Clinton > Integrity > 3 -> 2
  • 2016 > Trump > SuperPAC > 2 -> 1
  • 2016 > Bush > SuperPAC > 2 -> 3
  • 2016 > Huckabee > SuperPAC > 2 -> 1
  • 2016 > Santorum > SuperPAC > 2 -> 1
  • 2016 > Graham > SuperPAC > 2 -> 1
  • 2016 > Jindal > SuperPAC > 2 -> 1
  • 2016 > Reps > Lindsey Graham > ‘off’ on Dec. 21st, 2015
  • 2016 > Reps > order is now Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Christie, Kasich, Paul, Fiorina, Huckabee, Santorum
  • Mac > fixed bug loading games from the Start Screen
  • 2016 > %s > Jan. 1st > Ohio > Kasich > -> 15%
  • 2016 > %s > Jan. 1st > Arkansas > Huckabee > -> 10%
  • 2016 > %s > Oct. 1st, Jul. 1st > Arkansas > Huckabee > -> 20%
  • 2016 > %s > Jan. 1st, Oct. 1st > Kentucky > Rand Paul > -> 10%
  • 2016 > %s > Oct. 1st > Maryland > Ben Carson > -> 24%
  • 2016 > %s > Jan. 1st > Maryland > added Gonzalez Research poll from Jan. 11-16th, backdated to Dec. 31st
  • 2016 > %s > Jul. 1st > Wisconsin > Scott Walker > -> 30%
  • 2016 > Interviewers > removed Daily Show
  • 2016 > Endorsers > S.C. > added Rep. Trey Gowdy
  • 2016 > Debates > Dems > updated schedule
  • 2016 > Debates > Reps > updated schedule
  • 2012 > Primaries > Hillary Clinton > starts ‘on’ by default

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link.

If for some reason there is no “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link in your e-mail and you are a President Infinity owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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48 thoughts on “President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.3”

  1. Note that if you have the latest sneak-peek v. 2.2.3 installed, this will also say 2.2.3, but includes several fixes as detailed in that thread.

  2. Considering Cruz has been fighting his own party as much as he’s been fighting the Democrats, do you think he should be “Center” for Corruption?

  3. Anthony,

    Great updates, but quick question: whatever happened to your idea to incorporate favorability ratings into the game. Is that still on the agenda?

  4. The new release is really good, especially with the map editor. In regard to the polling, i’ve been implementing polls on some custom scenarios and at least twice now the polling data wont load (all are displayed at 0% and for one the polling looks to have bugged out to 0%)

    I know this is still in development but I thought i’d let you know.

  5. “The new release is really good, especially with the map editor. In regard to the polling, i’ve been implementing polls on some custom scenarios and at least twice now the polling data wont load (all are displayed at 0% and for one the polling looks to have bugged out to 0%)

    I know this is still in development but I thought i’d let you know.”

    This seems to be more of my error in not setting polling at proper interval

  6. Edit: You can ignore my bug report – I needed to ensure the polling data had time to feed in to the scenario.

    This is going to make scenario editing amazing, even more so if general election polling can be enabled also for PI and PM4EUK.


  7. Clinton’s position on Same Sex Marriage should be Left (or even far left) and not Center. (Though the regions are decidedly right of where they should be so if those aren’t changed, it might be best to leave Clinton at Center for the sake of being relatively accurate. I would also probabily say her military intervention should be shifted to the center.

  8. @Aaron

    I think Clinton’s position on same-sex marriage should only be far left if the US as a whole is set to left. Consider the current state of that fight:

    -Republican supporters of same-sex marriage include George Bush Sr, Dick Cheney, senators including Rob Portman, Mark Kirk, and Susan Collins.

    -11 of the party’s senators voted to grant LGBT couples spousal benefits last year

    -Supporters of same-sex marriage outnumber opponents by 16% (see:

    -Same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, and has been for the better part of a year.

    At this point, I think a leftwards shift of the “center” is warranted. This could involve making the issue “LGBT issues” rather than “same-sex marriage,” with the leftmost positions including all manner of anti-discrimination ordinances. . We’re at a stage where politicians favoring a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage could reasonably be called “far right.”

    TL;DR: If same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states and a majority of the population supports it, I don’t think supporting it as a constitutional right is a left-wing position. Left of center at most. A constitutional ban is about as likely to happen as segregated public schools, and barely more popular.

  9. @Paul,

    I’ll be adding a section to the Help file on the Polls part of the Editor. Right now, polls have to be within a month before a start date.

  10. @Eric @Anthony

    I think Cruz’s position on corruption would be a good thing for the steering council to vote on. I would agree with moving that to center. (for how the positions are worded)

    @John Doe
    I agree making it LGBT Issues instead of Same Sex Marriage as that would be more all encompassing and would support a broader spectrum of issue positions

  11. I believe both Cruz and Paul should be center on corruption as both have had major talking points accusing both parties. Paul more than Cruz though.

    Also, Bloomberg should be “undecided” now from recent reports.

  12. I’m having a similar issue to what Paul initially thought he was having.

    I’m trying to use the campaign editor (with polling turned off), and when I try to set the candidates’ percentages in regions, everything always resets to zero. For instance, I’ll use candidate A and try to edit his percentages in Iowa. Then I’ll go to Idaho to edit, but when I return to Iowa the percentages are all reset to zero. This happens even when I try to check the “set all” box.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  13. To follow up my previous bug report, it turns out that when I created a new candidate and changed the ID from the campaign editor, they were never replicated in the code in the percentages.xml file. I ended up going in and adding the new candidate to every state by hand–now the campaign editor recognizes the percentages and allows me to edit.

  14. This may be a stupid question, how do I use the map editor if I want to do a state election? I’ve played around with the editor but I still cant figure it out. Can you explain it for me?

  15. An idea for a new feature, how about adding something that shows the likelihood of a candidate selecting a certain campaign theme to increase realism. i.e Bush Senior and ‘no new taxes’ or in the UK, Tony Blair’s “Education, Education, Education’. Or at least an option to enable it.

  16. Just tried to play as Biden and he starts off with no money (like 0$)… Found out that neither do Walker, Warren, Webb, Christie or Kasich.

  17. @Bubbles

    That’s because they hadn’t declared their intent to run by the start date. Therefore, they have no campaign infrastructure; therefore, no money. Sure, you ought to be able to count exploratory committee money in there, but I don’t know if that has to be reported to the FEC.

  18. @Eric – You need to form a committee with the FEC to run for any federal office — you can call it “exploratory” or “poop committee” but it’s still a candidate committee for federal office. Therefore any money you raise will also be reported (the threshold to not report money is extremely low…I think under $2,000).

  19. Although I do think all non-candidates should start with some level of money and polling numbers. Had Mario Cuomo entered the fray in 1992, he certainly would have been in major polls.

  20. @Anthony

    What about party blurbs? For U.S. elections we don’t need them of course, but due to the fact that it is now possible to import other countries it could be helpful. Especially for users who are not that familiar with local politics…

  21. Still need to add George Pataki.

    Suggestions for realism:

    More voters should start undecided and become undecided again very quickly if a candidate doesn’t continue a presence in that state. A large amount of momentum should gain a large, yet easily losable percentage swing.

    If Clinton, Cruz, Biden, Carson and Martin have 3 charisma then Sanders and Paul need 3. Whatever negative effect Sanders accent has is canceled out by his Obama level crowds. While Paul looked great on the Daily Show. Also why remove the Daily Show?

    I’d give Trump 5 Charisma, Stamina and Primary Debating. Down to 3 Leadership. Down to 1 on Issue Familiarity.

    Jeb Bush should be 3 Leadership and 4 Experience. Maybe even a charisma loss after his debate performances?

    Maybe give Kasich an integrity boost. Gotta give Lindsey Graham a charisma boost.

    You guys have made a great game. Cheers 🙂

  22. @Aaron re DMR,

    Yes, it could be made to endorse for each party. But there are lots of things to work on right now. I think the solution would be to make a DMR Rep and DMR Dem endorser. Noted.

  23. @Jacob re map editor,

    Do you have a more specific question? Is there a step in particular that you’re finding problematic?

  24. @Tyler,

    Thanks for this – noted. I’ll look into it, with the aim to have it fixed for the next release.

  25. @Anthony

    Just to clarify this: am I right, that it is at this time not possible to add additional regions to a scenario? 🙂

  26. @Anthony

    I like several of Jacob’s suggestions, but I’m going to have to disagree with a couple of them. They both involve Trump.

    1. Raising stamina to 5. There was a tizzy among the media because Trump recently stayed the night in Iowa. For the first (!) time. Usually he flies out on his jet, holds a rally, and flies back to New York. The various candidate trackers show he’s done less campaigning than most of the field. His stamina should be 4 – at most.

    2. Raising debating to 5. Trump had a strong moment during the last debate (his response to “New York values”) but generally has turned in subpar debating performances that he proceeds to spin like the media-manipulating genius he is.

    Raising Trump’s charisma to 5, I’m not sure about. I can see either side of the argument, but feel a 4 might be more fitting. Maybe he’s got a charisma nobody fully understands, but his personality is also a turn-off to many independents. In-game, giving him a charisma of 5 (to accompany his spin and the stamina/debating increases Jacob is suggesting) would make Trump a reasonable approximation of a Ronald Reagan who takes fewer vacations. Trump is many things, but he’s no Reagan.

  27. @Luki,

    Editor > Regions > select region > New.

    There is currently an old pop-up that says you can’t modify region coordinates, but that is now incorrect, and has been removed in the latest internal.

  28. I kind of think candidates need a primary election charisma score and a general election charisma score, or something. Trump is a 4 and 5 in the primaries, but he’s probably a 2 in the general election. Overall, I’d like to see something that takes into account candidates that are strong in the primary, or among party voters, but not in a general election.

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