Upcoming President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.5

Hi everyone,

This post will keep track of changes to the upcoming version of President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.2.5.

Changes so far (this list will be updated as changes are implemented on this side, these changes will not be available until the version is released):

  • fixed bug where if scripted event occurred that specified a certain leader, and that leader wasn’t in game, would crash game (Code=49 error)
  • 2016 > set all leaders’ Q4 (Dec. 31st, 2015) cash-on-hand values according to FEC, except Donald Trump (self-funding)
  • 2016 > Primaries > Dems, Reps > updated debate schedules
  • 2016 > Endorsers > added Glenn Beck
  • 2016 > fixed general election regional % bonuses for certain leaders

47 thoughts on “Upcoming President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.5”

  1. I do recommend making some kind of individual campaign contributions for candidates such as Carson and Sanders.

  2. I think we should for the early primary states( Des Moines Register, Manchester Herald, Charleston Post and Currier), and for endorsers for the Big Two(NY Times and WSJ). Though this leaves the question open for: If the two big papers endorse in the primaries, should they endorse again the general?

  3. @Dylan,

    Yes, for any primaries endorsers, there can be 2 separate endorsers created (one for primaries, one for general).

  4. @Anthony

    It’s a bit offtopic, but I wanted to ask you if I can post a map pack at the campaigns page to make new maps available for the scenario designers. 🙂 Some users requested certain maps, so I could share Patine’s map pack with them. 🙂

  5. Is it possible to make losing the first few primary states hurt your polling numbers ? Because most of the time the nominee of the party doesn’t win Iowa new hampshire and sometimes Nevada or south Carolina. Would be more realistic if losing or winning iowa forced your poll numbers to jump or drop same with at least NH.

  6. @William,

    They do matter (a high profile news story is generated). However, they often don’t impact as much as they tend to in real life, and the Favorability feature (next major feature to be implemented) is intended to address this (among other things).

  7. I find the GOP map for July 1st not really realistic. Jeb Bush is leading in too many states. When you look to 2014 and 2015 statewide polls, you see southern states more likely to go to Huckabee (Landmark Communications/Rosetta Stone May 2015 gives 18% to Huckabee, 15% to Carson, 13% to Walker and 10% Bush) . Arizona May 2015 PPP poll puts Walker ahead of Bush with 16% to 14%. Connecticut March 2015 Quinnipiac poll gives a tied between Walker and Bush with 18%, Paul second with 12% and Christie fourth with 11%. Also in libertarian states like Alaska, Idaho, Washington, … Cruz and Paul should get higher score, like last Alaska and Montana 2014 polls showed.

    Why not take these polls for July 1st scenerio and imagine the situation at that time?

  8. Walker should be also stronger in Midwest states. A July poll gives him the lead with 19% to 18% for Trump and 15% for Bush. He soulf lead in Indiana too

  9. @Rophil,

    There really is a paucity of data for state-based polling within a reasonable amount of time from July 1st. I’ll note to take a look at post-July 1st polls again, but often what someone thinks ought to be the case (Lindsey Graham can’t really be polling at 2% in S.C., can he? Jeb Bush couldn’t be fifth in Florida, right?) isn’t.

  10. Playing the 2016 scenario, when I load a game (saved or autosaved) the travel lines from the last time remain frozen on the screen.

  11. @Anthony

    This Sunday, Ted Cruz will be preaching at one of the largest churches in rural South Carolina in an attempt to court the southern evangelical vote. While this is action is walking the fine line of the preacher openly endorsing a candidate while on the pulpit, many before the one inviting Ted Cruz have openly endorsed candidates. The 2012 election was no different: between “Pulpit Freedom Sunday”- a day many evangelicals endorsed Republican candidates- and “Souls to the Polls’- a day inwhich Black Pastors urged their community to vote right after church. We have seen the power of the religious right in the many elections since the 80s ,and how the black churches can create huge voting drives: in the near future, will you plan on including well known pastors as endorsers for the south during the primaries?

  12. @Dylan,

    Tricky, because they aren’t actually endorsements. Welcome feedback on this, including specific suggestions.

  13. I was wondering if it was possible to get the proportional representation working for general elections… changing from FPP to PR in the general election does nothing

  14. I know Nebraska and Maine award their EV by congressional districts, so I’m sure this can be in a future update.

  15. @Chris,

    It’s more tricky than it sounds, but it’s on the to-do list (although not at the top at this point).

  16. Thoughts on upgrading Rubio’s charisma score to 5? He is clearly the most talented communicator in the field and has been compared to both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, two of the most charismatic President’s of my lifetime. I think it would definitely be worth considering the attribute change.

  17. @Raj,

    At this point, I’m not convinced he’s a 5. A solid 4. Maybe a 4.5 if the game allowed halves.

  18. Yeah, Rubio is not a 5 in charisma. He would be the clear frontrunner if he was, considering he debates well and knows the topics pretty well. I’d say he was either a 4 or 3, but can’t see any good argument for him being higher or lower than that.

  19. @Anthony

    How about adding campaign managers as surrogates? They often speak on behalf of the candidates to raise money.

  20. @Jonathan,

    Yes, I’ve thought about doing that. Having said that, I think it’s better captured as part of the Spin attribute, as basically every campaign has a manager.

    One part of modifying the Spin system will be having ongoing, automatic bonuses on news stories based on a campaign’s Spin rating. This would then be part of a campaign manager spinning.

  21. fixed bug where if scripted event occurred that specified a certain leader, and that leader wasn’t in game, would crash game (Code=49 error).

  22. 2016 > set all leaders’ Q4 (Dec. 31st, 2015) cash-on-hand values according to FEC, except Donald Trump (self-funding).

  23. I think it has been already asked, but is it possible to change GOP candidates colors? It would be more pleasant to give very different colors to the 4 frontrunners (Carson, Trump, Rubio and Cruz).

  24. @Anthony

    May I ask how the progress is on the more or less most issue (at least for me 😀 )?

    This refers to watching the elections, despite losing in the primaries and secondly running as an independent, if you lose them too. 🙂

  25. I’m wondering how you’re going to take in account Cruz’s lack of a post-Iowa bump and Rubio’s 3rd place post-Iowa momentum, since the game is going to obviously give Cruz a bump and any other finishers are likely to not receive any momentum change. Should candidates receive momentum or negative momentum based on how well the perform or underperform? Also, Rubio received quite a few endorsers post-Iowa, such as Santorum and Jindal. Cruz hasn’t received any significant endorsers. Will the favorability algorithm take this into account?

  26. @Jonathan,

    I am going to add a ‘surge’ news story for primaries. It will be similar to a ‘winner’ news story, except it will be relative to the candidate’s %s from a week before the primary.

  27. @Anthony part 2

    1. I read that one user suggested the possibility to make it possible to distribute EVs proportional in the general election too, which doesn’t work yet, when click on the button… I just wanted to state, that I would support this proposal 🙂

    2. How about adding Willie and/or Phil Robertson as endorsers?

  28. @Luki,

    Willie and Phil Robertson are good suggestions – probably will be added with update after this one.

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