President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only

I’m finishing up the next release of President Infinity, but if you want to get a sneak-peek at the release before everyone else does, you can download it here.

Note: Windows only at this point. Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

Version details here.

Note: v. 2.2.8 now released.

  • fixed two bugs causing errors when processing turns

Note: v. 2.2.9 now released.

  • fixed bug after saved where surrogates’ points weren’t right
  • fixed bug after saved where if surrogate was spinning story, didn’t load right
  • 2016 > Vice-Leaders > Gingrich > Debating 4 -> 5, Integrity 3 -> 2

67 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. My first impressions (by playing one turn per day and not 7 days) is that Stamina seems to be used up too quickly. By using all stamina points, you fairly quickly get down into the red. Much faster than you would before. In previous versions I was never able to get in the red unless I did interviews or used more stamina points than I have. Is spinning having an impact on stamina that it isn’t showing in the stamina points?

  2. My game is now unplayable… giving me an access violation error message and I am using the default 2016 scenario

  3. I redownloded the older version and the older version works fine but the sneak peak version gives me an access violation when I finish turn right after I exit out of the news

  4. I’ve only attempted to play it once, but the game froze when trying to move to the next 7 days.

    At least from the little that I saw, the spin page looks really nice. I like how you changed the photos of some of the candidates, too.

    Can you tell us the difference between spin, flip, etc?

  5. I would drop Gingrich’s integrity to a 2 (three marriages, tenure at Fannie and Freddie) but boost his debating to a 5. That’s what it was in the 2012 scenario. Gingrich’s entire campaign subsisted on powerful debate performances (it made him a frontrunner and won him SC, according to many exit polls). For his faults as a campaigner, he is probably one of the best debaters in politics today, and is a clear notch above other 4s, like Huckabee or Cruz. His ability to debate, whether in primary debates or on the pundits circuit, is one of his strengths, and while 5s should be used sparingly, this is a case where it is deserved.

    Also, consider adding William Weld for the VP slot for libertarians. Attributes could be:
    Leadership-4, Integrity-3, Experience-3, Issue Familiarity-4, Charisma-3 (or 2), Stamina-3, Debating-3.

  6. I agree with Jonah, regarding Gingrich. Although, I’d make Weld’s issue familiarity a 4, since he’s been out of office for awhile. His leadership might be a 3, too. He’s about average, not spectacular.

  7. @Chris,

    Where exactly is it giving you an error message? What options are you playing on (7 days per turn? auto spin? which candidate?)?

  8. @Aaron re surrogates,

    Ya, it brings everything together in one spot (spinning, interviews, surrogate spinning).

  9. @Jonathan,

    What was your setup when the game froze on 7 days per turn (primaries? which candidate? auto spin?)

  10. @Jonathan,

    To get a description of the actions, select one from the drop-down box (say, ‘flip’), then hover over the box.

  11. Playing in the default 2016 scenario, general election as Trump, and the VP being Gingrich, I encountered a error:

    TGameEngine::ProcessTurns () > code = 60 Access violation at address 0049E006 in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000021

    This happened on the turn of Oct. 5, 2016. Also, I am using the 7 day per turn feature and was still using it prior to the error. Hope this helps, and I provided all needed information!

  12. A minor problem I have had for a while (It’s not new to this update) is that if I travel the turn before I save, and then exit the game and load that save the travel lines are now stuck on the map and never go away.

  13. @Dallas,

    Thanks for this bug report – that error code means there was a bug when the AI was setting Spin Points. Can you tell me whether you had auto spin on or not?

  14. I just got the exact same error as Dallas. Only I wasn’t on 7 days per turn and it was in September. I did not have autospin on. I did an interview and I was trying to neutralize a story at the time.

  15. Also, same with the travel lines: I have tried saving and reloading after restarting the game, if I was doing an interview on the turn I saved the game the interview opportunity is now stuck in place. I have discovered that if you choose to do both interviews, you get the same Process Turns error. That’s not the only way to reproduce the error but it seems to be the one way I can do it consistantly.

  16. Update: After a week or so, the stuck interview is gone. But what also happened was that all surrogates have no points any more and disappear the day after creation finishes.

  17. @Anthony

    I was being the Green Party. I had all the regular candidates on for computer, plus Biden, Warren and Romney. All I did was space bar without committing any actions. I haven’t tried it again. I’ll see if I get the same result.

  18. I played around with it and it was pretty random. It is the same error message Dallas said. I can never get past 1 turn with auto-spin on and then some games I can get through a week or so before it happens but it always happens at some point.

  19. So far so good on the error front. Still having the problem where saving a game disables surrogates for the duration of the election.

  20. – fixed bug after saved where surrogates’ points weren’t right
    – fixed bug after saved where if surrogate was spinning story, didn’t load right

  21. For the slant: Increasing the slant makes the slant positive for that candidate and decreasing it makes the coverage negative? Am I interpreting this correctly?

  22. Yes. Negative slant means negative coverage. Positive slant means positive coverage.

  23. Will you be adding senators as endorsers for the 1980 scenario, in addition to governors?

  24. Speaking of candidates, would any more hypotheticals be added? I mainly would like to see Michele Bachmann, and since she is a Vice-leader, hopefully it would not take much to make a playable candidate, presumably with 3-5% nationally and in most states. Just a thought! (she also talked about running again around a year ago).

  25. @Dallas – Given why Bachmann opted not to run for reelection means she should not be included…

  26. Or rather, many that was speculated to run but decided not to are in the game. Bachmann is already a vice-leader like I mentioned. It’s not like I am asking Allen West or Ron Paul to be added…

  27. With the increased roll of interviews, will there be a tool in the campaign editor to edit the interviewers soon?

  28. Yeah, I think they should be added as well. I also think game needs to be programmed to have 3rd parties siphon votes from the party that is most like them, or with the most similar demographic. This way, Green only hurts Democrats and Libertarians only hurts Republicans.

    I tried amping up the Libertarians, but they inaccurately took votes from either party rather randomly. Combined with the fact that 6 of the strongest Libertarian states are Red States, and three are battleground states, a decent Libertarian run will certainly send the White House to Clinton, since anyone that would consider voting for Clinton would be for a Libertarian platform, especially domestically.

  29. @Jonathan,

    It’s going to take Favorability before this kind of dynamic can be modeled.

  30. @Lee re Jim Gilmore,

    He’s on the list to add, along with Chafee and Pataki. My guess is they’ll all be added.

  31. @Aaron,

    Yes, increasing the slant means moving the number higher. 0 -> 1, in that case.

    Spinning will increase or decrease the slant, depending on who the story is about.

    If it’s about your candidate, it will increase the slant, if about another, decrease it.

  32. @Jonathan re Crystal Ball article,

    Just noticed they have Veep possibilities on their President page. Interested to see they included Thune, who came to mind when I was trying to barnstorm options.

  33. @Anthony

    I know you don’t like them much, but FiveThirtyEight has a forecast on VPs, too.

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