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  1. I was unable to recreate the ‘Index out of bounds’ error on game start up. If anyone is still experiencing this bug, please let me know exactly where it occurs and what your operating system is.

  2. @Anthony

    I’m wondering how you might program the Ted Cruz snub of Trump into the game. Would it be an event? I think this also sparks an idea to include in the game. Convention success, randomized of course, which could determine how much of a boost the convention gives. Also, maybe upon locking up the convention, the presumptive nominee can select which former candidates, possible VPs, that will speak at the convention, all with advantages and risks, perhaps.

  3. Am I correct to assume that 2.3.3 will NOT include the new issues? Looking forward to it, either way!

  4. Anthony,

    My turnot numbers are not automatically choosen as did the previous version of the game. The turnot box is blank but still no votes are being showed in the primaries, only percentage. You have to customize the turnot manually in the editor in order to see the votes, which takes time if you have multiple parties and alot of states. I like the option of customizing, but still I would like to have the automatic-turnot.

    I’m referring to other map-scenario, not the US 2016. If that helps.

  5. @Andres,

    If no turnout numbers are specified for a party’s primaries, then no numbers will be shown. This is because it is very difficult to estimate turnout for primaries.

  6. @Jonathan,

    Ya, making the convention more detailed might be interesting. A simple ‘convention success’ with associated headline(s), combined with a ‘convention prep’ button, might be enough. We’ll see.

  7. @Jeff,

    New issues will not be part of the next official release. I’ll ask for feedback and start putting together issues publicly, probably in a blog post sometime in the next couple of weeks.

  8. One thing is clear: now that visits to a state replenish 1 per turn, I’m spending a lot more time campaigning. The game is playing more like a real campaign – which is good.

  9. I have an idea for conventions: if you are the party’s clinched nominee, maybe you can plan the theme of each night, which can get a small bonus (almost like a national barnstorming). Say, “Integity-attacking Clintom” for night one, “Trump-Immigration night 2,” etc. and, like barnstorming or speeches, it can be successful, add insight, backfire, etc. this can help simulate the effects of a successful or unsuccessful convention.

    Possibly, way down the line, you can assign a different surrogate for each night. Anyways, the update is really good! Great work as always!

  10. Hi Anthony

    With the new spin system I think it’s much too easy to kill off news stories from winning primaries. Before you got a big momentum boost for winning which gradually declined each turn.

    Now it seems you get no benefit, especially in the republican field, if you have 15 rivals getting a chance to reduce the slant from +1 to +0, while you only get one chance to

    Maybe this could be mitigated by increasing the slant while reducing the profile of primary wins? Eg, instead of South Carolina 8 x 1, set it to 4 x 2. Same initial impact but takes twice as long to reduce to zero.

    This doesn’t resolve the issue that having a large number of rivals you’ll lose your bonus much faster

    Any case it is a big balance change compared with before the spin system

  11. I’m getting an error that says “list index out of bounds (0)” after 270soft’s logo appears when starting the game. I’m using Windows 10, and had the error after downloading the last sneak peek as well.

  12. @Parker,

    I will e-mail you directly. I can provide a custom version to figure out what is causing this.

  13. @CL re primaries news stories,

    I was thinking something similar – it’s too easy for the news stories to go to neutral.

    One possibility is simply to double the spin (to +2), which would increase the power of the stories but might actually be justified (they seem too weak in many cases).

  14. I guess make Mike Pence the first VP option for Donald Trump since he is the official Vice Presidential nominee.

    I’d say also do the same thing with Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton.

  15. @Brendan,

    I will attempt to replicate this error. Can you tell me if you are playing general or primaries, which campaign, whether you are using standard candidates, and which candidate you are playing?

  16. @Sean,

    Ok, I’ll send you an e-mail shortly with a test version you can try out if you’d like, which will help me identify where exactly this is occurring and so fix the bug.

  17. @Anthony

    I am using Austin Petersen. Slightly edited the 2016 scenario with slightly different policy positions as well as corrected dates for libertarian caucuses. It’s in the primaries.

    Btw. I really love the changes :).

  18. @Anthony_270admin I sent an email your way including a problem I have not been able to fix. Have you gotten it? It has been a few days since the email was sent. And I am liking the changes this sneak peak brings.

  19. @Parker and @Sean,

    I have e-mailed both of you with links to a test version that will help to figure out what is causing the ‘list index’ bug on start up. If anyone else is experiencing the same bug, please let me know.

  20. @Arjav,

    I’ve e-mailed you with a link to a test version that will help figure out the cause of this error.

  21. @Brendan,

    I’ve e-mailed you – if you can send me a compressed (zipped) file with the save game files, I can attempt to recreate and fix this bug.

  22. I attempted to use “polls” for the primary with the latest sneak peak. And I am met with the following error:

    Access violation at address 004D5ABC in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000018.

  23. Running through this update, I think that even after a candidate drops out of the race, I think they should still get some votes, remember back in March when Marco Rubio dropped out and still came in third ahead of John Kasich in Arizona. It wouldn’t have to make up a significant number of voters but there are some states I have candidates who have dropped out that are polling at 5% in some states, and then all those votes are redistributed on election day and that candidate gets zero.

  24. @Anthony_270admin, in the campaign editor, when I got to add poll data for the primary, I get the error I mentioned above.

    Access violation at address 004D5ABC in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000018.

  25. @Anthony

    I have a question about favorability. Will this allow for negative effects to occur for certain nominee. For instance, if a candidate that is very unpopular in New England is nominated, will the general election polls for certain states plummet for a party if a certain candidate is nominated?

    Currently, the game allows for general election boosts +5 for Florida, for instance. However, the last time I tried to do -5 in Florida, for instance, it hasn’t seemed to have worked. For instance, Cruz would probably be a -5 in New York. Sanders might be a -5 in Mississippi, etc etc etc.

  26. Quick question,

    When spinning a story and getting a 100% chance of success, does it make a difference to spin it higher to 150-200% for example or am I better to spend these ‘excess’ spin points elsewhere?

  27. @Dallas,

    I’m unable to replicate the bug adding polls. If you can send me a copy of the campaign you’re using where this is happening, I can look at it.

  28. @AJ,

    Ya, might make more sense to have a drop off in votes, so the longer a candidate has dropped out, the fewer votes they get. We’ll see.

  29. @Paul re spinning with > 100% chance,

    Good question – currently it doesn’t do anything.

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