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Hi everyone,

A quick note about what’s coming up in the next few weeks.

There will be an update to Prime Minister Infinity – Canada, bringing the game engine up to date, including the 2000 campaign (released as sneak-peek before) and a (surprise!) Australia 2016 campaign. We were working on this before their election, but it didn’t quite make it in time.

Then, Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. owners can expect a similar update (it will also include the Australia 2016 campaign, so if you own either, you’ll get it).

Then, a Congress Infinity update, similarly bringing it up to date with the latest game engine.

There might be a President Infinity update or two as well to address any new bugs or minor feature updates.

After that, I’ll be focusing on three new features for President Infinity, which will significantly change the game (how issues work, favorability as the basis for %s, and voting blocs). Once these are done, those features will be extended to the other Infinity games.

This will probably take us to the end of this year, if not next year.

Thanks everyone for your support of these games!


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  1. Great news about the upcoming updates, just thought, would it be possible to combine the UK, Canadian and Congress engines into a single “Legislative Infinity” game given that the engines are very similar and therefore all the updates and features could be developed as a bulk. It may save time in development and bug testing. I take it with the news of the Australian 2016 vote the second preference system will be available for other custom scenarios.

  2. Note that PMI – Canada may or may not have preference system in first upcoming release for Australia 2016. Feature is a possible at this point.

  3. anthony_270admin October 8, 2016 at 11:51 am #

    “I’m having a big problem with Stamina. Regularly having my candidate with 200/100.”

    Do you have a save game you can load where you consistently get something like this?


    This is from the last thread, because I’ve been crazy busy. Thank you for responding. I’d love to upload my file for you to take a look at. How can I go about accomplishing that?

  4. @Daons,

    Your suggestion makes sense – the three legislative games already share the same code base for the most part, and a feature added to one usually at the same time is therefore added to the others. They are separated because people tend to be interested in a specific country (people in the U.K. tend to be interested in U.K. politics much more than Canadian politics, and so on).

  5. @Jim,

    If you are using Windows, if you can create a compressed (zipped) file with your save game files and e-mail it to me, I can attempt to recreate the error.

    If you are using Windows, to find where your save game files are, from the Start Screen click ‘Load Game’ and then note the default location. Then go there using your File Explorer.

    Once you are there in your File Explorer, select all the files that start with the save game file name in question (there will be a main one plus one for each candidate).

    Once they are selected, right-click on them and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Then move the compressed (zipped) file to your desktop (or what have you), and attach it to an e-mail.

    E-mail address is at http://270soft.com/contact/ .

  6. Hey, any hope for Gilmore, Pataki, Chaffee, and Lessig added to the primaries, because if you do I would run Gilmore/Pataki vs Chaffee/Lessig tickets all day.

  7. @anthony
    I don’t know if anyone’s ever suggested it before but 2 things I would think would be cool for u to consider for the future:
    1. Select the President or the Presidential candidate for Congress Infinity. In other words during midterms select who the President is and have their favorability have some impact and during regular election years select each parties nominee and have their favorability make an impact.
    2. A Governors scenario for congress infinity or a even Governors game
    Also still excited if you decide to make a be the President game, definetly want to see that
    Also very excited about the issue revamp and favorability, you already have the best election game I think these new features will be awesome.

  8. Could it be possible to have the declaration times for seats in the UK editable in the editor so we don’t need to go into the XML files. Thanks

  9. @Jack,

    I’ll check and make sure a new party’s ballot access is set to the source party’s ballot access values.

  10. What is the status of the “be the president” game? I, and many others, really want to see this come to fruition.

  11. I want to know is there ever going to be an online multiplayer function or play by email. Playing against computers became boring they never adjust strategy or anything and my friends who were interested in politics we don’t live near each other anymore. So yea I would love to be able to play against them or even people on here.

  12. @bhchase,

    No decision on the Be President game. There are 4 other games to complete first (President Infinity, Congress Infinity, the Prime Minister Infinities). Probably no decision on this until after the election, perhaps even next year.

  13. @Chris,

    1. Yes, incumbent President could affect Congressional elections. This could be simulated with external events, though.

    Similar with ongoing Presidential elections.

    2. Gubernatorial campaigns will be up to the users at this point – I have enough on my hands with the 4 games.

  14. In order for this to make a difference, it would have to be neither major-party candidate winning a majority. Then, the election is thrown to the House. What would happen then?

  15. @anthony
    Well if your a McMullin supporter you would hope he becomes a compromise candidate and uses the narrative the both Clinton and Trump are unfit and that he is both conservative enough for the GOP majority House to elect him while pragmatic enough to work with democrats. 538 did an article on this if you want to read it. But basically if he’s capable of winning a state, hasn’t been done in 50 years by a 3rd party, then he is just as worthy as Johnson/ Stein of being in the base game. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-evan-mcmullin-could-win-utah-and-the-presidency/

  16. @Chris,

    Yes, I think he should be added to the game if he’s polling like this. Call me skeptical about any chances of him becoming a compromise candidate, though. If the GOP majority in the House elected anyone but Trump, it would destroy the party.

  17. @anthony,
    It’s more likely the democrats would join the few never trump republicans to elect him, I doubt more than 20 Republicans would break with Trump. Also it’s done by state delegation where each state gets one vote which would give Trump an advantage as well because now North Dakota and New York are equal.

  18. I see a corrupt bargain in the House giving the election to McMullin which leads to a bigger spread of anti-establishment sentiment among the people if neither got to 270. Although it would be funny after all the worrying about the top candidates if this did happen.

  19. @anthony_270admin
    Is there some way you could have a way to set write in ballot access? This would help with third parties and independent candidates.

  20. Not in the Presidential election, but we may see a change this year. I was just thinking because Jill Stein has write in access in 3 states. There have been 2 Senators that have won with write in votes, but that is all I know of.

  21. My excitement for the Congress Infinity update is starting to eat away at my insides. Any estimate of how much longer until it’s out?

  22. @anthony_270admin

    I think i mentioned it before as i am a PMI UK owner i was wondering in the next update will there be a coalition option for example like when a party dosent have enough seats to form a government. Also i was wondering if more party leaders would be added.

  23. Anthony,

    I think surrogates should be able to campaign more than once per day, for example:

    Bill Clinton has 3 events in Florida in Nov 1
    Chelsea Clinton has 3 events in Colorado and Wisconsin in Nov 2
    Biden 2 events in Florida in Nov 2
    Obama 2 events in Florida on Nov 3
    Other surrogates are fundraising several times a day.

  24. @Rob,

    A coalition feature will be added for the Australian campaign, which might include the ability to negotiate a coalition if there’s no majority after the election.

  25. For Prime Minister Infinity UK, can you include an option for the player to go 7-days a week per turn like other PI engines?

  26. Anyone else having an issue where the CPU simply doesn’t spend any money on ads? I’m paying campaigns against Hillary Clinton and she simply doesn’t spend more than $10 million the entire election. Then sometimes when she does, it’s to launch ads against minor third party candidates.

    I think a setting that bars too much advertising or campaigning against the minor candidates would add a lot to the realism of the game.

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