New Popular Vote Feature

In the latest internal version of President Infinity, you can play campaigns where the winner is determined by direct popular vote.

You can also view the estimated popular vote tallies, whether the election is by direct popular vote or not.

This opens up the possibility for every gubernatorial, senatoral, congressional, and mayoral election, or referenda like Brexit.

My best guess is that this feature will be in sneak-peek mode within a couple of weeks.

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  1. This is exciting, I especially look forward to better governor simulations. I remember there were some pretty fun ones back on P4E 2008 but the official (in game) results were always wrong because they’d be winner take all by county.

    I hope we’re getting close on favorability though! Not as useful that you can have an election decided by the popular vote when the GOP is always winning pretty much every state by the end of the primaries. It’d be good to get that huge problem fixed soonish??

  2. @Andres,

    I can’t say, but I can say that the work done on direct popular vote has made the Favorability feature easier to implement. I want France 2017 to also have Favorability and Voting Blocs (with direct popular vote, both of those become more important), but we’ll see if I’ll have time before the French election in April.

  3. @Tanner,

    Yes, when Favorability is added the dynamics for primaries -> general election will also be looked at.

  4. Very excited for this, especially looking forward to Favourability. Once this is released i’ll finally be able to finish my massive EU Presidential election scenario!

  5. @Falcon,

    Yes, I am currently putting the finishing touches on direct popular vote. A sneak peek will probably be released in a week or so.

  6. Two suggestions:

    1) Create a duplicate feature on the ads screen to cut down the amount of clicking. This will enhance the ease of executing strategies as opposed to avoiding due to the amount of clicks it takes to create ads. This feature is currently very bulky.

    2) This problem has happened to me on mulitple platforms now. While clicking through the news update at the change of a turn, the President Infinity window will jump completely or almost off screen. Normal methods and hot keys do not work to bring the game window back on screen as it does not act like a normal window. Other programs do not suddenly jump on screen and I’ve played enough on various platforms to determine this is definitely an issue with the game.

  7. Anthony,

    Is it possible to add some kind of event in which a candidate withdraws in a certain date and endorses certain candidate? It happened in the 2017 French presidential election. Bayrou endorsed Macron and this made Macron tie with Le Pen. Bayrou was polling at 5%, and most of that went directly to Macron.

    Another thing that could be added is that voters of a certain candidate be directed to another candidate, if their candidate loses, withdraws, etc.

    Also, could you make it easier for someone to endorse a candidate of a different party? and have those voters directed. Right now is very hard to make a candidate from a different party endorse you, but even if you make it possible, they dissapear from the electorate.

    I will put you a General Election example that has happened to me, I had 100,000 voters with candidates A, B and C. After a deal, candidate B, who was polling at 10% endorsed candidate A. What happened in election day is that only 90,000 votes were casted. That means that in a General Election setting when candidate withdraws, his electorate withdraws with him. Can you change that?

    Right now we don’t have that, a candidate either runs or not. Can something like this be added to the game?

  8. Question on the second round run-off, Will the date be customisable or will it always be a set number of weeks later?


    Looking forward to the release of this latest update 🙂

  9. Will the % required to avoid a runoff be customizable or always on 50%? 50% is useful is the Louisiana and French elections for instance, but in California and Washington there is always a runoff after the blanket primary, even if you get 90%.

  10. @SirLagslalott,

    To start, probably just 50%, but it would be straightforward to add customizability.

  11. I have a few suggestions for PI:
    1. On election night, add an option that updates the results every X minutes, but doesn’t color the state until it is called. Having all the colors and electoral votes switch back and forth is a little bit confusing.
    2. It would also be nice to have projections and a check mark next to the winner of each state, like they do in real life.
    3. Allowing each state to have counties within them would make the game much more realistic. It would be fun to look at each state and see how much of the vote is counted and who is winning in each county.
    4. Add a small section on the election night window that shows which states are close.
    5. Allow the user to set exactly how fast the election night goes (something like “1 minute = x seconds”).

    I’m also curious; what programming languages and tools are you using to develop this game?

  12. I have a question – will the brokered convention be developed? It’d be great to negotiate with delegates to back me!

  13. @AmericanBrony,

    Thanks for these suggestions – all are good ideas. The county idea would require a lot of work, but is doable within the current architecture of the game (just as there are congressional districts within a state in CI).

    The game’s programmed in C++.

  14. @Andres,

    Noted – I’m focusing on getting the basic mechanics of FPTP direct popular vote, so this sort of thing probably won’t be added in time for the French election.

  15. @anthony_270admin

    If you do include counties into the game, will the player be able to import a county map of each state and have that map colored in, or will it just be a list?

  16. @AmericanBrony,

    Adding something like counties to PI would be a lot of work – it’s not in the cards for the foreseeable future. If it did happen, a map of counties of congressional districts might be added – it would probably be a nice feature for CI and PMI as well.

  17. In the exceptionally rare case of a popular vote tie, both candidates with exactly 50% – what will happen? Or is that intentionally going to be made impossible?

  18. @SirLagsalott,

    I haven’t looked at the code to see how it handles this already, but the simplest solution would be to say no one wins.

  19. anthony_270admin How about it goes to congress and they picked the president and vice president like in real life..

  20. @Arjav,

    It’s close – there are some AI functions that need to be updated. I’m also adding the ability to edit general election turnout for this release. Once those are done, it should be released as sneak-peek.

  21. Sorry everyone, the previous comment (now deleted) was someone pretending to be the admin. If it keeps up I’ll have to up the security on commenting.

  22. I have another idea: What if you used an election night window during the primaries instead of just showing the results afterwards?

  23. Someone is continuing to pretend to be the admin. Please be skeptical of any unusual responses that seem to be from the admin.

  24. Does turnout change the polling number for popular vote or do they only matter once the primary takes place?

  25. Off topic, but my candidate is never invited to do interviews… doesn’t matter what scenario I am playing… is there a setting I need to turn on somewhere? I’ve looked high and low and can’t find it.


  26. @Les,

    Spin Screen (news screen) > click Interviews button when greater than 0 > check relevant check boxes.

  27. @Jesse,

    The new turnout feature allows a campaign designer to set the percentage of eligible voters who vote in the general election for a region, or set a turnout number that is then converted into a percentage of eligible voters who vote in the general election for a region. It doesn’t affect primaries turnout.

  28. @Lizarraba,

    PR might be added in a future release. Winner-take-all direct pop. vote is the one currently being worked on.

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