Roadmap for the next 3 months

Hi everyone,

With the surprise election call in the U.K. by Theresa May, the following is the plan for the next 3 months. Note that this can change at any time.

  1. (Late April, 2017) Complete the President Infinity update, adding direct popular vote and a two-round system, among other features, for the France 2017 presidential election on April 23rd and then (if there’s a run-off) May 7th.
  2. (Late May, 2017) Update Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. for the 2017 election. The plan is for existing customers to receive an update to the game engine. Whether an official 2017 campaign will be included, or whether it will be a separate add-on hasn’t been decided yet.
  3. (Late June, 2017) Update Congress Infinity, bringing it up to date with the latest Infinity game engine.

I emphasize that this is provisional. The dates in brackets above are best guesses.

President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only

Note: updated download link below.

Here is a sneak-peek of the next release with Popular Vote viewing mode, a Direct Popular Vote option in the Editor, United States – 2004 – Beta, and more.

Feedback is especially welcome on these three features.

You can download it here.

Note: Windows only at this point. Requires you already have the game installed.

The two-round option is available in the Editor, but is not enabled in the game. Also, if direct popular vote is selected for a campaign in the Editor, computer player strategy is not updated (computer players still think regions are winner-take-all).

Feedback welcome!

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous official release can be found here.