President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only

Note: updated download link below.

Here is a sneak-peek of the next release with Popular Vote viewing mode, a Direct Popular Vote option in the Editor, United States – 2004 – Beta, and more.

Feedback is especially welcome on these three features.

You can download it here.

Note: Windows only at this point. Requires you already have the game installed.

The two-round option is available in the Editor, but is not enabled in the game. Also, if direct popular vote is selected for a campaign in the Editor, computer player strategy is not updated (computer players still think regions are winner-take-all).

Feedback welcome!

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous official release can be found here.

60 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. hey anthony edit please this dont update anything of these features and continues with other version game

  2. @anthony

    Awesome update!

    This is very minor, but the 2004 Scenario has John Edwards with a 5 charisma. I’m not sure if he warrant an Andrew Jackson-Theodore Roosevelt-JFK level charisma rating. Maybe a 4. He didn’t seem to generate a historic-level personal appeal. In my opinion, he was only likable, and more appealing than John Kerry, who had the charisma of a mortician.

  3. Primaries are broken if Ralph Nader is enabled. The convention voting occurs before his party’s primaries, and therefore he is eliminated on the first ballot, giving no one the nomination and causing the game to crash.

  4. @Parker zip,

    Incumbency features are not on the immediate to-do list. The time frame for them is months away.

  5. For the 2004 Democratic Primary Michigan is set to FPP. Not sure if that’s how it actually was but just in case. Is there any way you could do like a quick update on Congress Infinity that just adds put on/off all ballots?

  6. @Jack,

    Thanks for feedback re Dem Michigan primary, noted.

    Next CI update isn’t for awhile, but it is the one planned to be released after the next official PI update.

  7. @Jesse,

    Re removing primaries for certain parties (independent candidates), I’ve noted this.

    It would be fairly simple to add a variable that indicates the candidate doesn’t have any primaries, and so simply starts the primaries part of the game as the party’s nominee. We’ll see.

  8. I keep getting an error that says “NAN is not a valid currency value” on a custom made campaign please help.

  9. The Two-Round setting does not work and the ability to end a turn using the space bar is gone.

  10. The update hasn’t worked for me for some reason, while the Popular vote feature itself works, when you get to the first round the game sends the result to the congress as if there were an electoral college instead of going to the second round of voting.

    That being said, the system itself seems great, just need mine to work now xD

    My only suggestions would be that:
    1. Primaries for Independents are removed
    2. Primaries can also have the option for rounds based systems (Ie. French Pres Elections)
    3. Candidates drop out earlier if they fail (Something i did notice in this update was that no candidates dropped out at all)

  11. @Donovan,

    No, the two round setting doesn’t work yet. It can simply be set in the Editor.

    I’ve noted the spacebarring, thanks for this.

  12. @Prussian1871,

    I think direct pop. vote will be added to PMI, which would allow for a 3-tier structure (country-region-subregion) instead of PI’s 2-tier.

  13. @anthony The latest sneak peak is looking really good. On the subject of ai strategy and the new feature, how exactly would this work. Would it be something along the lines of candidates focusing more on spreading their vote share across the whole country to pick up undecideds, rather than just winning the swing states.

    Also what do you mean with the direct pop. vote in PMI – Is this for countries where all seats are divided across one national electoral district? (Israel, Serbia etc.)


  14. @American Brony,

    In CI, it goes U.S. -> states -> districts. You could have a campaign in CI or PMI that had U.S. -> states -> counties.

  15. @American Brony,

    PMI official campaigns have (for example) U.K. -> region -> constituency, or Canada -> region -> riding.

    So, it depends on how you want to structure the regions. Counties would be one fit for subregions.

  16. @American Brony,

    The 3-tier architecture of PMI and CI is designed to be able to handle very large numbers of subregions (U.K. 650, Canada 338, U.S. House 438) or two or more subregions that are geographically identical (U.S. Senate).

    This fits counties in certain states, and you could have a gubernatorial election that is state -> regions -> counties, say. For example, Texas has 254 counties, too many to neatly handle with PI’s 2-tier architecture.

  17. Having a lot of bugs with Event editor in the new version. When switching between effects of an event the bottom fails to update, and when I change the effects it often modifies a different one that was not selected.

  18. @American Brony,

    Technically, PI already has a 3-tier architecture, but the 2nd tier can’t really be used (it basically requires that it is identical to the 3rd tier). If something like Maine and Nebraska’s congressional district E.V.s are added (so allowing spitting the E.V. in those states), then that will probably require making it a full 3-tier architecture. We’ll see.

  19. Sorry for all the bugs reports I keep posting in here. When in a scenario with popular vote enabled (I’m testing my Virginia gubernatorial currently), and in the primaries, when you select your primary, change “Percentages” to “Seats” and switch back to the general election view, there is an error message and the boxes that previously displayed seats, percentages etc. no longer work.

  20. @Daons,

    “On the subject of ai strategy and the new feature, how exactly would this work. Would it be something along the lines of candidates focusing more on spreading their vote share across the whole country to pick up undecideds, rather than just winning the swing states.”


    “what do you mean with the direct pop. vote in PMI – Is this for countries where all seats are divided across one national electoral district? (Israel, Serbia etc.)”

    It would certainly move it closer to that. But I am referring to winner-take-all direct pop. vote, which would make it very similar to a campaign with direct pop. vote in PI, except with a 3-tier architecture instead of 2-tier (PI).

  21. @Anthony, the electoral district question was more a reference to a form of PR with only one region instead of multiple regions with different numbers of seats.

    For the 3-tier architecture point, that sounds great, I have a Brexit referendum scenario in PMI sorted into 300 plus counting areas that I’m working on, which you would be more than welcome to look at for ideas/testing/inclusion.


  22. Candidates never withdraw in the primaries, and when I give them offers to withdraw it’s always -100%. Even if their ideologue is 2 and they haven’t won a single state with no primaries left to go. Also, “securing the nomination” no longer works. Even when I reach the majority number of delegates, I can’t choose a VP and no news story is triggered. The results screen will just say ” is currently winning.”

  23. @anthony

    I’ve noticed that with the Pop Vote selected (1 round only) no overall winner is declared when a winning candidate gets less than 50%. Unless a second round is enabled the candidate with a plurality should be declared winner.


  24. Just a quick reminder again about that bug in the 1972 scenario where the election night stops at 11:59pm before Alaska’s results come in.

  25. @EdgarAllenYOLO
    That one ruined my Hubert Humphrey landslide, it was the only state I couldn’t win because it never counted πŸ™

  26. love the popular vote feature. In the future will be possible to sort the states/counties etc in the strategy window by the number of voters they contain?

  27. hi @anthony i used 1980 scenario base to my 84 have two errors with 80 in try edit the delaware have error to edit year and democratic have error in end primaries

  28. Two ideas for the French scenario that I think would be good:

    – If you lose in the first round, it would be good to see the results of the second round fought by the AI.

    – Because the French primaries are done by popular vote with a 1st and 2nd round too, how will that be reflected in game? Would it be possible to have the primaries done like the main election night, or something similar at least?

  29. I figured out the problem with primaries eliminating the only candidate during the convention. I thought it was because the primaries took place after the convention. But this problem occurs in any one-person party primary regardless of dates. It’s as if the primaries don’t allocate delegates if there’s only one candidate.

  30. 2004 Chafee needs a bit of boast to like 10-20%,to make it vaguely competitive as there would be some Rockfeller and some Libertarian GOP politicians like Ron Paul who were against the war in Iraq. There should be debates as well and earlier start if possible

  31. What am I doing wrong, the primaries are over in my campaign, my candidate should have the nomination locked up and I should have been able to choose a VP, yet all of the candidates are still in and still running negative ads against me. Thanks

  32. I’ve noticed that when you delete a region, it doesn’t delete its endorsers (e.x If I delete New York, the endorsers from New York will still be there but it just says that they are from the “United States”.) Is this a bug or was that always a feature?

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