Direct popular vote, two-round, and France 2017

We didn’t quite make it for the second round of the French presidential election. The latest sneak-peek focused on fixing several bugs, but there is still computer player AI for direct popular vote, the two-round system, and a finished France 2017 campaign.

I hope to have a France 2017 campaign, making use of the latest sneak-peek direct popular vote feature, released soon. It won’t be the finished form, but enough to give an idea of the basic outline of the French election.

There will be a hiatus on finishing up the computer player AI for direct popular vote and adding the two-round feature. This is because of the surprise U.K. election, which is in a month. Once a U.K. 2017 game is released, focus will return to those features.

My apologies to anyone who was waiting for these features in time for the France 2017 campaign, but these features will be a top priority once the U.K. election is done.

11 thoughts on “Direct popular vote, two-round, and France 2017”

  1. Aw I guess it’ll be awhile until we have the two-round system.Theresa May don’t call snap elections.

  2. @Joe,

    Keeping beta releases to just Windows (for the most part) tends to speed up development. Official releases typically are for both Windows and Mac. The next Mac release will probably be or be close to the next official release. I don’t know when that will happen, but probably fairly soon (once the bugs being reported are completely ironed out).

  3. Hey Anthony. I love the idea and I’ve used the second round. But when will the computer actually recognize the pop vote and move to second round?

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