President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only

Here is a sneak-peek of the next release, which includes bug fixes to the last sneak-peek, as well as allowing candidates to start in primaries as the nominees of the party already.

You can download it here.

Note: Windows only at this point. Requires you already have the game installed.

The two-round option is available in the Editor, but is not enabled in the game. Also, if direct popular vote is selected for a campaign in the Editor, computer player strategy is not updated (computer players still think regions are winner-take-all).

Feedback welcome!

Features list since the previous sneak-peek:

  • Direct popular vote > Main Screen > fixed bug where viewing seats in primaries, then select general election
  • Editor > Parties > Primaries and Convention > added ‘Nominee selection:’ drop-down box with ‘None’, ‘Primaries and Convention’
  • Editor > Parties > Primaries and Convention > if nominee selection set to ‘none’ for a party, they don’t have primaries or convention, start immediately in general election mode
  • removed version name (ex. ‘Ericson’) from versioning info, is now just a number (ex. ‘2.5.5’)
  • 2016 > primaries > McMullin, Bloomberg > nominee selection > set to none
  • 2008 > primaries > Nader > nominee selection > set to none
  • 2004 > primaries > Nader > nominee selection > set to none
  • 1980 > primaries > Anderson > nominee selection > set to none
  • 1968 > primaries > American Independent Party > nominee selection > set to none
  • Select Campaign Screen > changed Simulation button icon from eyeglass to test tube
  • fixed bug where chance accept offer to withdraw always 100%
  • Editor > Events > fixed bug where didn’t update to event effect selected
  • Strategy Screen > added ‘by seats’ (‘by popular vote’ if determined by direct popular vote) viewing mode
  • Strategy Screen > added ‘by org. strength’ viewing mode
  • 2004 > John Edwards > charisma 5 -> 4

30 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. He’s probably working on it, and waiting to see which regions will vote for Macron or Le Penn- also what will the impact be of Macron’s own wikileaks scandal?

  2. Is favorability something that has added or that will be added? I’ve not been around for a while and know it was something being talked about when I was around before.

  3. Am finding that round two of the PV does not happen, even when candidates get >50% of the vote.

  4. @Josh
    Favorability is a long-term goal that is being worked on but is not in any version yet.
    One of the first sentences of the post states that second round can be turned on/off but is not currently in the game yet.

  5. @Rodja,

    The France 2017 campaign isn’t ready yet. With the campaign designer’s permission we’ll post the beta version soon.

  6. Nice update, love the new no primaries option, however I am getting an access violation though when viewing another parties primary state strategy if I play as a party with no convention.

    Example, I play as George Wallace (1968) and cant click the primaries strategy button for the Republicans. I dont get the error if playing as democrat viewing the republican strategy for example.

    On a personal scenario, this has also removed the delegates option on the polling dropdown menu.

  7. It seems that candidates still never withdraw in the primaries and it remains at -100% forever still. I also notice that sometimes in primaries, a state will suddenly lose all support for every candidates and there will be 0% support for any candidate and 0% undecided. I was playing as Rubio (being the only candidate in the Republican primary in the official 2016 scenario) and in Colorado, I have -1110 voters and the state has -98 undecideds. This also happened in Hawaii with similar results (except my voters there are -1,042,935). Similar things happened in the three-way Democratic primary in Wyoming and Nevada. In all of those, it decides to only allocate one delegate out of all the ones it otherwise would have. I did nothing to cause this (I literally just turned on autospinning and went to the next turn without doing anything or campaigning at all).

  8. @anthony_270admin

    Strangely enough the delegates option only goes missing when the pop. vote option is turned on in the editor, the delegates return if electoral votes are enabled but the access violation still remains


  9. @SirLagsalott,

    Can you tell me which campaign you are playing where this happens, and the exact options and set up you are using?

  10. In the official 1968 scenario there’s an error. Getting endorsed by Sen. Ernest Gruening gives you Lisa Murkowski as a surrogate.

  11. @anthony
    I mentioned it was the official 2016 campaign. Medium difficulty, all Republicans were off except Marco Rubio which was me. Everything else was default with the three Dem candidates (Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley). The start date was January 1 2016. Spies, fog of war, primaries all on.

  12. @SANC,

    new headline idea — “Local 11-Year-Old Suddenly Becomes Popular On The Campaign Trail”

  13. @anthony

    From what I have noticed, candidates still don’t withdraw during primaries,


  14. @anthony_270admin
    I was playing as Rubio. The -100% I mentioned was the result of every offer to withdraw given to any other candidate. (Even after many primaries have completed that they have not won.)

  15. @SirLagsalott,

    Ok, thanks for this – this specific case might have to do with cross-party offers.

  16. I was curious if maybe when you offer someone the vp slot if there was a way for them to not be made your vp candidate right away. Like its more of a promise in return of them dropping out and you have the choice when it comes time for convention to select them or any other options. Maybe if you don’t choose them there is a chance based on your and that persons integrity that it gets leaked and hurts your campaign. Just a thought.

  17. Just curious…

    Where do you usually get the ratings (Spin, Polling, Ground, etc.) and issue positions from?

  18. Would you be able to release another sneak peek with the candidates not dropping out bug fixed? It makes most conventions contested at the moment.

  19. @Moderate Guy,

    It would be fairly straightforward to make an offer of VP, and then make it so that – if they accept – the offerer’s VP list is then restricted to just that other candidate. We’ll see.

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