President Infinity 2018 expansion pack possibilities

Hi everyone,

With President Infinity’s new direct popular vote feature soon to be made official, I am considering an official 2018 expansion pack that would cover certain individual campaigns for Senate, Governor, House, Mayoral, and even referendum campaigns.

This is your chance to give feedback before a decision is made. Any feedback is welcome, but in particular

  1. Would you be interested in such an expansion pack for President Infinity?
  2. Would you be willing to support the creation of it if we launched a KickStarter (or other crowd-funding) campaign?
  3. Which campaigns would you be most interested in? Any campaigns on your radar right now?

55 thoughts on “President Infinity 2018 expansion pack possibilities”

  1. Also, I could get back to work on my Virginia gubernatorial 2017 if you want to officially include it.

  2. This would be paid, with the price in significant part being determined by the scope of the add-on. For a small add-on (say 5 campaigns), $5, medium (10 campaigns) $10, large (15 campaigns) $15, say.

  3. Re Virginia 2017, that is an interesting one. Yes, I would seriously look at it and it could be the basis for an official version.

  4. I wouldn’t mind paying for it if the expansion pack really set itself apart instead of feeling like a paid mod (which plagued the Democracy 3 DLCs). I’d be happy to help with Virginia though.

  5. I’d be more interested in presidential elections, which would probably mean making the unofficial historic campaigns acceptable to becoming official campaigns. Regardless, I’ll support you on Kickstarter regardless of how you make the expansion. Additionally, I think making a congressional or senate vote on legislation would be fun. I think it would work with the system since it would be like electing “yes” or “no” with the voters being the legislatures set to popular vote. You could have historic votes, for Obamacare or the Civil Rights Act, for instance. The goal would be to get enough votes to push the legislation the way you want it.

  6. @Jonathan,

    2018 expansion pack and official historical Presidential campaigns aren’t exclusive. We’ll be continuing to add historical Presidential campaigns.

  7. I am interested in the idea of having expansion packs. I have been working on two Senate scenarios, and one Governor scenario- they are very fun with the recent updates.

  8. 1. I would be interested depending on the campaigns that were included.
    2. I would support a KickStarter that would improve this already awesome game.
    3. German President 1932; Brexit; Scottish independence (1st and possible 2nd); Turkey 2017; Turkish referendum 2017; Austria 2016; Illinois Governor 2014

  9. Awesome! I’d love to see New York gubernatorial 1994, New York mayoral 1993, 97, 2001, Brexit, Massachusetts senate election 1994, 2010, Florida senate 2010, California gubernatorial recall, Italy referendum 2016, Austria presidential 2016, Polish presidential 2015, Wisconsin recall

  10. I would love to keep supporting this awesome game! I am dying to have a french campaign to play through, but an expanded list of scenarios would be wonderful. I think it would be interesting to incorporate other electoral systems in the game that could be used in the US (like the two-round system)
    If I am going to be honest, I am really just dying to play a French scenario!

  11. Definitely interested, and would gladly pay.

    I’d be interested in UK EU Referendum, Scottish Independence Referendum, and Elections from other countries (e.g. outside of US, Canada, Australia…basically countries we haven’t touched before in President Forever/Infinity).

    I look forward to anything you guys produce, quite honestly!

  12. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Lots of interesting suggestions.

    What I was thinking of was 2018 campaigns (such as upcoming Senate and Gubernatorial ones), but this is all interesting feedback as well.

  13. Maine 2018 could be a potential one considering they are set to use instant run-off voting.

    For foreign elections, The London Mayoral campaigns of 2008, 2012 with Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone were very competitive. (both used Instant run-off also but I could help with some elements of those elections).

    I have started work on an EU ref. campaign if you were interested to use it as a base?

    Any Gubernatorial/Senatorial election that is pretty close will make a good campaign :).

    Regarding Maine:

  14. For 2018 elections, I would like to see Illinois Governor (which might turn into a money race super quick)(most wanted), Wisconsin Governor, Virginia Governor 2017, Maine Governor, Indiana Senate, Missouri Senate, Montana Senate, Arizona Senate, West Virginia Senate, Texas Senate, North Dakota Senate, and Wisconsin Senate. Kentucky and Louisiana Governor elections for 2019 (once they get a little closer) would also be nice.

    I would also like to see Wisconsin recall and Italy referendum.

  15. The best would be adding new kinds of vote systems. Adding some particular campaigns is not very usefull (like British elections, or American presidential elections from different years) since players can already do that by editing a scenario in PI or CI.

    So what would be really intersting ?

    * 2 round system, for presidential elections (i.e. with popular vote) and for congress elections

    * proportional system for congress elections (for the whole country, as in many Countries) or by district (as used for European elections in some countries), and for presidential elections (just allowing replacing winner takes all by proportionality for the general election)

  16. As a Michigander I’d be interested in our 2018 Governor and Senatorial races. The governor race will be a competitive open seat and the Senatorial one could be very interesting as well if a serious Republican runs.

  17. That being said (sorry for 2 responses), I’d probably make the scenarios myself instead of paying for them. What I’m more interested in seeing is ranked choice voting and/or proportional style (or a German style one), as those aren’t moddable. I’d actually be willing to drop $5 on a DLC with those things added.

  18. Love this idea! I would totally pay for it. My campaigns are Both Senator and Governor elections for Minnesota.

  19. @brendan, @anthony

    A DLC with PR would i think go down well as it would mark a major directional change from the FPP focus of the US/UK/Canadian sims. As PR is one of the most requested features, I’m sure people would support it.

  20. I’d love to see the following:
    Gubernatorial races: Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Maine, Georgia, Minnesota, and Illinois.
    Senatorial races: Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, North Dakota, Missouri, and Montana.
    I know that’s a ton, but I will definitely be buying whatever pack is released. I’m hoping this won’t impede a CI update as well, though. Looking forward to this idea.

  21. Tennessee Governor 2018, and i echo these other elections and referendums as well. I’d be happy to support a kickstart campaign

  22. Would you be interested in such an expansion pack for President Infinity?

    I would not pay much more for one unless it had a ton of new features and fixed the screen hopping issue.

    Would you be willing to support the creation of it if we launched a KickStarter (or other crowd-funding) campaign?

    Depends on the description of the KickStarter, but probably not in any case. You could just pocket the money and run.

    Which campaigns would you be most interested in? Any campaigns on your radar right now?

    President 2020 and historical races.

  23. Considering you still haven’t finished the Australian version, I worry that you keep announcing products that either won’t be finished or will be of poor quality.

  24. I would be very interested in individual campaigns for governor, senate, house, and referendum! I think that campaign that I am most interested in is either the 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial election and the 2018 Texas senate campaign (with Senator Cruz facing some major opponents on the Democratic side).

  25. I am interested in the proposals from @jesse, @Daons, and @Adam Jones.
    Additionally, I would love to see a 2018 Ohio US Senate (Especially if Kasich is a what-if candidate) scenario as well as Ohio Governor 2018.

  26. Absolutely I would be interested.

    The number one race on my radar that I have been writing and talking a lot about recently is the 2018 MN Gov race. The Senate race here won’t be competitive, but there is an open Governor race that, while Dems are favored in, has very interesting primaries (though the dynamic with the conventions is tricky) on each side and then the General will be interesting as it’s a rare GOP Gubernatorial offensive shot in 2018.

    Aside from that, here are the other races I am most interested in:


    -North Dakota
    -West Virginia

  27. Would you be interested in such an expansion pack for President Infinity?


    Would you be willing to support the creation of it if we launched a KickStarter (or other crowd-funding) campaign?


    Which campaigns would you be most interested in? Any campaigns on your radar right now?

    2017 Gubernatorial New Jersey
    2018 Senate races in MO, IN, OH, ND, MT, WA, WV, WI, FL, NV

  28. Also I’ve been wanting to try “instant runoff” voting for quite some time, any chance of getting that in to either this or PI?

  29. I also want to second the “screen hopping”, it’s a bit annoying when I have a campaign open and the focus keeps switching to a parent window.

  30. @Joe,

    Australia is on the to-do list. It will probably be focused on after the U.K. election.

  31. Few suggestions for this expansion pack:

    Multiplayer capability (even if its done by email).

    Interactive interviews.

    Being able to vet VP candidates.


    Now a few campaign suggestions:
    1970 US Senate race in Texas. Ralph Yarlbourgh lost his Senate seat in the democratic prinary, in part because he was the only southern democrat that voted yes for the Civil Rights Act. Also H.W Bush ran as a republican.

    2000 New York Senate race: Clinton won in a wild race filled with scandals from both parties.

    2010 Alaska Senate race: Lisa Murkowski won as a write-in, the second time in US history.

    Mayoral races I’m hesitant on, since most big cities tend to vote overwhelmingly democratic, aside from: Jacksonville, Fort Worth, and New York.

    I don’t expect you to implement any or all of my suggestions, but if you start a kickstarter I will gladly donate to it!

  32. If the Kurds in Iraq have an independence referendum this year, I would also like to see that.

  33. I would definitely like to see the toss up 2018 senatorial election campaigns: IN, MO, WV, ND, MT, VA, WI, FL, NV, OH, PA & ME.

    Also, the GA special election that just finished would be interesting.

  34. Going on Dylans suggestion I honestly would prefer pbe on multiplayer because some of us take a while to do a turn :/ Multiplayer is really needed for me because finding people to play in person is hard if not impossible for me. playing computers in GE is too easy. But hey great games nothing else compares on the market keep up the good work.

  35. @Dylan and Moderate Guy re multiplayer,

    It might happen, but if it does it won’t be for awhile.

  36. Illinois Gubernatorial race is shaping up to be one of the most interesting of 2018 with big names (Kennedy, Pritzker) and big money.

  37. I think a new system for playing would be better than just new campaigns.
    I would recommend a 2nd round for playing the game.

  38. @Nash06,

    Two-round voting is planned as an update to President Infinity, once the updates for Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. are done.

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