Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. next release sneak-peek, Windows only

Note: this doesn’t include the 2017 campaign. This is intended to update the game engine.

The version includes automated campaign importing, pop. vote viewing mode, direct pop. vote campaign option in the Editor, and more.

You can download it here.

(Latest version number is 2.5.6.)

Note: Windows only at this point. Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

Features list here.

36 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. Will the idea about seat by seat declarations be done anytime soon? Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  2. I think it may have been mentioned before but I thought it might be a good idea to have an exit poll at 10pm. Also I was wondering if it was possible to add a turnout feature e.g. 72% of the electorate voted. I thinks these would be good features to add if possible.

  3. @Roger,

    Mac versions are usually released at the same time as the Windows version for official releases.

  4. Add an exit poll for the final day please, as well as by next week is that general or 7 days on?

  5. @Astrok,

    “as well as by next week is that general or 7 days on?”

    Can you rephrase this?

  6. Very sorry. Are you releasing the update in the next working week 22-26 or on the 25th 7 days on from this update?

  7. I tried playing a quiet game in Northern ireland. That’s when I noticed that the candidates’ numbers in Fermanagh and South Tyrone and in South Belfast are way off.

  8. Tiny and totally unnecessary change but maybe turn the icon for travelling in PMI: UK from a plane into a bus or helicopter?… this is of course me focusing on the important aspects of the game 😛

  9. Pure PR:
    with the adding of the popular vote to the game could you add Pure PR so I can make knesset scenarios it should be easy to add just take the number of seats * a parties percentage in decimal form.
    for example, to calculate Likud’s percentage let’s say it is 33.2 % you do
    120 *.332. given that It shouldn’t be too hard to add can you please add it.

  10. @RepublicanInNYC,

    Pure PR at this point would be fairly straightforward to add. It might happen, but if it does it won’t be until after the U.K. election, and then the finishing up of France 2017, direct pop. vote, and the two-round feature.

  11. could you add it with a quick update after you’ve finished that. Also the PMI beta looks very good.Stellar work.

  12. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, a quick update might happen with PR at some point after those two things.

  13. Will there be any way of creating new scenarios based on previous game results? I’ve had to do it manually, which took me days, plus it doesn’t work properly!

  14. Any idea bout when AV will be coming. Couldn’t you just update the previous code from the 2013 Australian game, or is it more complicated than that?

  15. @Shane great idea I managed a Lib Dem majority in a 2010 mod but I’d like to go from 2015 and just edited who is the incumbent but of course I started off at 7%

  16. @Shane @Astrok I think the easiest way for a player point of view might be to have results exported to, say, excel, which could then be automatically calculated to the various ridings. It’d be much easier from a campaign creations stand point as well!

  17. @Shane Should have made this clearer, i’m not sure if this is actually possible. It was more of a suggestion for @anthony_270admin

  18. @Lachlan,

    Australian ranked choice will come with Favorability. Favorability makes the ranking algorithm really simple.

  19. @Shane,

    Do you mean having the results from 2010 imported to 2015 as the starting %s? No plan to do that, the main reason being that a lot happens between the two elections.

  20. Also why is there only one debate 2015, there were three. One just between Miliband v Cameron, a second for all the parties and final one for all opposition parties. I’d also say that the ‘Inderpendents are a bit strong and would nerf in particular George Galloaway, he lost by 30% vote and even in Labour landslides he often holds his seat ingame

  21. @anthony_270admin

    I mean adding the ability to build on from constituency results from a previous campaign.

    For example, if my party got 52% in a constituency in a previous campaign, there should be an ability to factor that in a new campaign if desired.

  22. @Shane, For example, I ended up with a hung parliament should I want a scenario in which another election is called I can import those results as not much will have changed,

  23. Yeah, one of the fun things about UK election night coverage is the concept of ‘swing’ and the ‘swingometer’.

    For example, Labour might have won 58% of the vote in constituency x in the previous election while the Tories won 21%. If Labour won 62% and the Tories won 18% then it would be a 3.5% swing to Labour (swing is calculated here as the sum of the percentage changes between the top two parties divided by two).

    The previous results don’t have to be the starting percentages, just something that appear on election night as a comparison tool.

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