Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Version Ericson – 2.5.7b

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – v. 2.5.7b for Windows and Mac has been released!

This update includes 2017, Editor updates, a campaign import feature, and more.

Note: election night constituency by constituency calls will be included in another release.

If you are a Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade


  • 2017 > endorsers added
  • 2017 > updated Newry and Armagh %s
  • 2017 > Issues > updated Tax policy
  • 2017 > Issues > updated Budget and Deficit
  • 2017 > Issues > Northern Ireland profile Medium -> Low except Northern Ireland, where High
  • 2017 > Issues > updated Pensions
  • 2017 > Issues > updated Northern Ireland
  • 2017 > Issues > removed Economic Management
  • 2017 > Issues > updated Law and Order
  • 2017 > Issues > removed National Security
  • 2017 > Issues > removed Unemployment
  • 2017 > Issues > added Work and Wages
  • 2017 > Issues > updated all party positions, leader positions


  • Editor > Events > Outcomes > fixed bug if changed from attribute issue to position issue, where wouldn’t update to relevant effect values for new issue type
  • 2017 > Relations Lib-Dem – Green Normal -> Good
  • 2017 > Belfast South > updated %s
  • Editor > Issues > can see all issue position descriptions at once, can click on any one to select
  • Editor > Issues > issue lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Editor > Parties > sped up
  • 2017 > Issues > European Union -> Brexit, updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Immigration > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Devolution > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Military > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Environment > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Government > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Education > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > Post Offices > removed
  • 2017 > Issues > Families > updates positions, party positions
  • 2017 > Issues > NHS > updates positions, party positions
  • added initial 2017
  • Main Screen > fixed bug where couldn’t press spacebar to go to next turn
  • Editor > Leaders > significantly sped up
  • Non-aggression pacts now show on Player Info Screen, include turns left in pact
  • Editor > Leaders > Home > can now search for region
  • Editor > Leaders > Surrogates > Home > can now search for region
  • Editor > Leaders > Surrogates > Barnstorming Bonuses > can now search for region
  • Editor > Leaders > new > fixed bug > removed “Add new leader as potential vice-leader?”
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > added list-box that summarizes relevant general election info
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > can click on party in list-box to go to that party
  • Change Campaign Screen > can delete a user-designed campaign
  • Change Campaign Screen > added Import button
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > can import a campaign from a folder on your computer
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > can import a campaign from a zip file on your computer
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > can go directly to
  • game options now stored in xml file instead of text file
  • Editor > election date -> regions screen
  • Main Screen > added ‘Pop. Vote’ viewing mode
  • Main Screen > ‘v’ selects Pop. Vote viewing mode
  • Highscores > percentages > fixed bug where wasn’t calculating %s correctly, and so might not get goal bonus
  • Highscores > percentages > fixed bug where wasn’t calculating %s correctly, and so might not get correct bonuses
  • Editor > Regions > fixed bug with setting incumbent party
  • Main Screen > if direct pop. vote, Seats Swing button not visible
  • Editor > if campaign path longer than label, when mouse over displays full path
  • Editor > when select campaign, now has options to import or delete
  • removed version name (ex. ‘Ericson’) from versioning info, is now just a number (ex. ‘2.5.7’)
  • Select Campaign Screen > changed Simulation button icon from eyeglass to test tube
  • Editor > Events > fixed bug where didn’t update to event effect selected
  • Strategy Screen > added ‘by seats’ (‘by popular vote’ if determined by direct popular vote) viewing mode, if are regions with different number of seats
  • Strategy Screen > added ‘by org. strength’ viewing mode
  • fixed bug where name of person making gaffe while barnstorming, regardless of who actually made it, is leader’s
  • gaffes for Leaders and Vice-Leaders now also affected by their Issue Familiarity and Issue Familiarity upgrade
    (chance = (50-energy)*2 + (3-experience)*10 + (3-(issue familiarity+(issue familiarity upgrade/200))*10)
    ex. Energy is 25, Experience is 4, Issue Familarity is 3, Issue Familiary Upgrade is 50
    chance = (50-25)*2 + (3-4)*10 + (3-(3+50/200))*10 = 50 + (-10) + (-2.5) = 50 – 12.5 = 37.5% chance will have gaffe if barnstorming not successful
  • Main Screen > momentum viewing mode > no longer shows ‘MMT’ after given momentum number
  • if non-aggression pact, news story
  • if non-aggression pact, popup notifying, if not message added to alerts section of notes

43 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Version Ericson – 2.5.7b”

  1. Why are you guys always so needlessly pessimistic about the Lib Dems, no projections since the beginning of the campaign except for two days on electoral calculas have had them that low, it makes it so rubbish to play to as them, knowing you have to struggle just to get where they really are in the polls. Please put them up at the levels they actaully began the campaign at i.e. 10% in the polls.

  2. @Paul,

    Remember the numbers include 20% undecided, so add approx. 20% to their starting % to compare apples-to-apples.

  3. @Milo re endorsers,

    Thanks for this – should be fixed in next update.

    Re Labor underpowered, that’s pretty much where the polling was on April 18th. There was a very large difference between the parties, with some projections putting the Conservatives at 400+ seats.

  4. Wow such a great update! Cheers!

    Just a suggestion though, would it be possible to have a setting for debates to allow the player not to attend the debates at all? would work well for this election! 🙂

  5. @Will,

    Yes, will be fixed with next update.

    @Ed C,

    I set the debates to who attended or was expected to attend. A debate decline option is a good idea, though. We’ll see.

  6. Looking in the editor, Paul Nuttall has an id of herry_reid_2_2 as a surrogate for Nigel Farage.
    Nigel Dodds has an id of herry_reid_2_2_2_2_2_2 as a surrogate for Peter Robinson.
    Mark Durkan has an id of herry_reid_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2 as a surrogate for Alasdair McDonnell.
    The Local Independent has an id of herry_reid_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2.

    Also, South Thanet has some new about an expenses scandal.

  7. @RepInNYC,

    U.K. is not done. This is a first release for 2017. Will probably focus on it until U.K. election is done on June 8th.

  8. Also, is there a reason that John Bercow is listed as Independent for the 2015 election but not for the 2017 election? I know that on the ballot he is listed as Speaker Seeking Re-Election.

  9. @Jesse,

    He came from the Conservative party, and my guess is he would work with the Conservatives if not Speaker.

  10. @anthony_270admin do you have an idea what the ETA will be for france 2017 (I’m really desperate for some two-round campaigns)

  11. New version now available, 2.5.7b. This version will display 2.5.7 when playing. You will know you have it installed if there are endorsers for 2017.

  12. @Ben,

    Do you have a save game you can load that will reliably create the error within a turn (or so)?

  13. @anthony_270admin

    I do not, however it’s happened several times. I’ll attempt to recreate when I get some time.

  14. The 2017 scenario is very good, there are a couple of things I wonder about though.

    – Dagenham and Rainham, the percentages seem ok but UKIP seem to win a lot, I’m not sure why this is but it seems very unlikely they would manage this.

    – Not sure if Gerry Adams should be the leader of Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill is the leader for Northern Ireland even though Adams is the leader of the party itself (although I guess thats a judgement call as both played a big role in the assembly elections)

    – Is it worth having an event surrounding the social care fiasco as it does appear to have become the (or one of the) salient moments of the campaign. Maybe it could raise the profile of the NHS issue and give Theresa may some negative momentum?

    Really good scenario, I’m enjoying it a lot, just thought I’d bring up those couple of little things

  15. Ok, so my PMI before this update was painfully slow, almost to where it wasn’t fun playing. After this update, its excruciatingly slow to where gameplay is impractical. Is it just me or are more people having this problem?

  16. @Kevin,

    Can you tell me what your system specs are (operating system, memory, processor speed), whether you have autosave enabled, and whether you have any other programs running like McAfee or Norton?

  17. @Kevin,

    For comparison, the test systems I have here now run noticeably quicker with 2.5.7b in 2017 than with 2.5.2 in 2015, the previous version.

  18. @Kevin,

    However, the speed was fine with 2.5.2 on test systems here, so this might be something system specific or that you have autosave enabled, which certainly would slow down in-between turns.

  19. @Kevin,

    Also, can you tell me if it is just slow in between turns, or doing things like opening the strategy screen and so on?

  20. @270_admin
    is it possible that a sneak peek of two-round will be available soon even without a France 2017 campaign.

  21. Its slow both in between turns and opening strategy screen etc. Im running it on a mac with macOS sierra, 1.6 ghz speed and 8gb of memory.

  22. Is there a chance that coalition offers could be enabled as there has been talk of a ‘progressive alliance’ between SNP, Greens, Plaid etc. to fight the Conservatives. I know it is a bit late in the campaign but could occur in post election talks should there be a hung parliament.


  23. @Daons,

    Adding the possibility of coalitions is on the to-do list. It probably won’t be added within the next couple of weeks.

  24. @Kevin,

    Ok, my guess is it’s something specific to your system, such as another program(s) you are running. Have you checked your system info to see what your available RAM is when running the game? Also, do you have any third-party programs running that would constantly check program activity?

  25. I’ve noticed a duplicate Macron victory event at the same time as the Manchester bombing event.


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