Happy U.K. Election Day!

The U.K. votes today. To get in the spirit, a few links.

U.K.-Elect’s final prediction is here.

Daons has made a U.K. 2015 campaign just for Northern Ireland, here.

Want to get nostalgic? How about U.K. 1979 (Thatcher vs. Callaghan) or U.K. 1997 (Major vs. Blair vs. Ashdown) by JDrakeify.

And of course Prime Minister Infinity – U.K., updated and including 2017, is here.


15 thoughts on “Happy U.K. Election Day!”

  1. The Tories surged in Scotland and got crushed in England, really intresting results. Also seemed like UKIPs collapse benefitted Labour more than the Tories which I don’t think anyone expected. Also Trumps war with the London mayor seemed to help Labour. I’d be surprised if May lasts longer than a few months. A General Election before 2022 is a virtual certainty. I know if your a Labour supporter or a remainer this may seem good to you but honestly it would have been better for Britain for the Tories to have a big majority because now Brexit became worse not better.

  2. @Chris
    I don’t think Trump’s war had much of an impact on the results. The Labor Party just ran a superior campaign than the Tories. UKIP’s results in certain constituencies was quite shocking. I thought they would do better in places like South Thanet and Clacton. Also, it seems that UKIP’s fall was split evenly which was devastating to the Tories because of increase turnout among students.

  3. @jesse
    I agree Labour ran a superior campaign. But I think it was more because of May’s bad campaigning. The youth vote did make a big push and that was probably a combo of excitement for Corbyn and disgust with May, and that was very decisive and probably why the polls were wrong. Another thing is I don’t think anyone will ever skip a debate again that was rather stupid on May’s part. I’ve heard some say May gave Hillary a run for her money in terms of bad campaigning.

  4. @admin_270 also can you possibly make a chancellor infinity ahead of this year’s german federal election.

  5. Think we’re gunna need something to make the Tories collapse as they did irl aha.

    i’ve been making my own scenario version, seems to improve things.

  6. @RepInNYC re possible Chancellor Infinity,

    No intention to make this at this point. It’s only 3 months away, which is probably not enough time.

  7. @RepInNYC

    Update election night should be soon. My best guess is Wednesday release.

  8. @anthony_admin_270
    re possible chancellor Infinity once favorability is added applying those mechanics to parties should make MMP possible.

    Thanks for the work for constituency by constituency calls.

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