Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. next release sneak-peek, Windows only

This version features an updated election night.

Note: summaries of seat gains on election night will be added with another update.

You can download it here.

(Latest version number is 2.6.1.)

Note: Windows only at this point. Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

  • Updated election night, including
    • constituency lists by time of results, closest %s, highest %s, targeted, and alphabetical
    • gain or hold
    • search box for constituencies
    • message at top of screen when constituency’s results come in
    • replaced fast-forward button with trackbar for more options for speed
    • and more
  • Select Leader Screen > added ‘Skip’ button, to skip selecting leaders
  • 2017 > St Ives > correct Labour, Lib-Dem candidate names

45 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. @anthony_admin_270
    just reporting a bug. when i change the ID of a region I get an error message I have to save and re-open the regions in the editor to move on to the next one. It’s really annoying please fix.

  2. @anthony_admin_270
    I also get an error when I change the currency symbol from a euro to a dollar it says when I try to play the scenario that ” ‘NAN’ is not a vaild currency value’ ” and it prevents me form entering the game.

  3. Is there any chance of a coalition negotiation feature being added… the ending is brill with the new election night but in the event of a hung parliament it still falls a bit flat for me.

    it would be great if there was to be a phase where you had to go into coalition talks and have the possibility of still being able to form a government even if you are not the largest party (something that is being talked about here in the UK at the moment).

  4. Could you add a national swing into the campaign editor, rather than editing individual constituencies for the construction of scenarios?
    If one exists could you point me to it?

  5. A national swing feature exists, but it isn’t in the Editor. It will be added – this is noted.

  6. @Ben,

    I would like to add a negotiation feature for minority or coalition governments. We’ll see.

  7. @RepInNYC,

    “when I change the currency symbol from a euro to a dollar”

    You mean the pound to a dollar? If so, I take it you are modifying it manually with an XML or text editor?

    I just changed the pound to $ and it seemed to work no problem. Is this the same campaign where you got previous errors changing the region id’s?

  8. @RepInNYC re error editing political unit id’s,

    I have replicated this, should be fixed with next release.

  9. First off love all the games y’all make I agree a coalition feature is needed I like playing as the party that is less likely to win and sometimes no one wins. Any chance the election night being translated into other infinity games President, and Congress? Keep up the good work best political games on the market by far!

  10. @Moderate Guy,

    Yes, election night updates will be translated to PI and CI, with relevant modifications.

  11. @anthony_270admin
    I’ve been considering switching to linux from windows and one of the main reasons I don’t do such is because 270soft games don’t work on WINE and I don’t feel like setting up a VM to play CI,PMI or PI.As you’ve said that the engine uses cross-platform technology(Like OpenGL instead of DirectX i’m assuming) would it be difficult to compile it for the various versions of Linux?(I’m loooking to switch to Ubuntu or Linux Mint)

  12. @RepInNYC,

    It might happen, but not soon. The cross-platform technologies have to mature to the point where Linux is feasible. Right now, it’s not.

  13. Soon. I’m currently fixing a few bugs that occur on Macs, which is the last to-do before an update.

  14. @anthony_270admin

    i was wondering if in the next update the polls would be more close as in the real thing.

    E.G easier for Labour to get a hung parliament.

  15. @Rob,

    The 2017 campaign will be updated, making it more challenging for the Conservatives.

  16. @anthony_270admin
    also why are PMI-UK and PMI canada seperate games since they use the same electoral system?

  17. No, not released this week. Best guess is next week.

    They are separate games because they have different content.

  18. Anthony,

    I want to propose something for President Infinity. Create an option for forming coalitions with different parties. I think is something important in politics today in many parts of the world as democracy becomes more atomized.

    Example: Celebrate the normal/classic process of primaries for, let’s say, “The Conservatives”, and then, after having the nominee of “The Conservatives”; create the OPTION of making a deal with another party, let’s call it, “The Liberal Democrats”. The nominee of The Conservatives against the nominee of the Liberal Democrats, and the winner becomes the coalition candidate of the “Conservative-Liberal Democrat” to go on together to the General Election. This is particularly helpful for an atomized society, in which they are many parties and no one has a clear advantage. In that order, you can build a coalition of Socialist-Green-Animalists, or Conservative-Liberal, or create a coalition of small parties to have a chance, or try to win over the two most important to try to win a landslide, the scenarios of making this are endless. And it’s not entirely fiction, you see in in reality. You can make deals with parties you feel they have the same ideology or not, depends on what you want to do.

    – Will you consider it or the game engine cannot allow that kind of proposal?

    – When are you going to release the run off/second round version?

  19. A suggestion for the new election night:

    Instead of having seats be announced every half an hour, have them a few a minute. Currently, I just fast forward 30 mins, then look through the chronological list of gains. It would be nice to watch the chronological list and see seats announced every second.

    Also, you should be able to see total gains and losses for each party, or sort seats by gain and loss.

  20. @Andres,

    Coalition offers are on the to-do list for PMI.

    Two-round will be added to PI (best guess within a couple months), no plan to add it to PMI at this point.

  21. @Astrok,

    Not at this point. Allowing for changing screen size will take awhile to implement, but it’s on the to-do list.

  22. I think some people sometimes get carried away and forget that PMI is principally an election simulation game, and not one which attempts to simulate cabinet formation or legislative proceedings between election campaign periods. A coalition option would be welcome (and events this past week in BC possibly make it more urgently required) but it need go no further than that.

    The other thing people need to keep in mind is that it is also first and foremost seeking to mimic the actual electoral processes of real countries as accurately as possible. Since the UK doesn’t have a two-round system or primaries, I would find either of those a very strange addition to any future version of PMI.

    I appreciate all the work that goes into this Anthony, especially with the recent UK general election being called at short notice.

  23. @Oliver, what I think is being proposed is not cabinet formation but instead more along the lines of the “Progressive Alliance” that is touted in the UK, which would have a direct effect on elections.

    And that could open the door to perhaps some parties being split. Maybe there’s a “Traditional Labour” faction who are common in the North East, who by default are tied to Labour, but can split off and join the Tories. Which ties in with demographic groups of course.

  24. @Oliver
    The point of adding features not used is for fan made scenarios. A two round system could be used for French legislative elections.

  25. @Bjorn Until this happens in real life (and personally I’d like to see the parties split and a form of PR introduced, or if not then progressive non-aggression pacts), then there is no need to make it an option in the game. In reality there were a few seats where the Lib Dems and Greens opted not to run against each other – which the game already reflects in candidate lists – but nothing more than that. It’s not the job of the company to cater for every bit of electoral fanw**k people come up with.

    @jesse If the two-round system isn’t part of an official release but rather made by changing the parameters of the game’s files, then that should be possible already, no?

  26. @Shane,

    I don’t have an ETA. Work is progressing on the final feature to be added before an update.

  27. @RepInNYC,

    Adding universal % shifts to Editor, and allowing multiple shifts based on start date of campaign.

  28. @Oliver,

    Welcome! Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, two-round for PMI is a bit more tricky than PI. You potentially would have a bunch of candidates from different parties proceeding to the next round, so parties wouldn’t actually be eliminated. Rather, they’d just be put off the ballot in the constituencies they didn’t get in the top two. You could then lock all ballot access for the second round. Doable, but it would require focusing on an official campaign that uses that.

  29. @anthony_270admin
    There’s a first round 2012 national assembly campaign made by Wolves you could use.

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