New offers screen first look

There’s a new offers screen in the upcoming versions of President Infinity and Prime Minister Infinity. Here’s what it looks like in President Infinity.

There are a few things that are different from the previous offers screen. First, there are more options, including here a Cabinet slot being offered, the ability to offer to become a surrogate, and to offer to change an issue position.

Offers can include combinations where it makes sense – for example, you can offer the VP slot and to change one of your issue positions at the same time.

Another big difference is that offers are resolved immediately, instead of having to wait until turn processing.

The other big difference is that offers can now be done after the election, if no one has a majority government, where it proceeds in turns where a player can make one offer per turn.

Here is Prime Minister Infinity – U.K.’s 2010 where that can be relevant.

You can also see that Clegg is being offered a deputy slot, and that you can offer or receive a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement in the case of a minority government, instead of a coalition, such as the recent Tory-DUP arrangement in the U.K.

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Updated Players Info screen first look

The Players Info screen has been modified. Here you can see the work in progress.

The biggest change is that the personal and campaign attributes are all viewable at once.

The Veep toggle button is gone, replaced with a drop-down list that allows you to select personal attributes for either the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate.

The player’s party image is now displayed.

Finally, the highscore information has been moved to its own tab, and looks like this.

New Relations Screen

In the next Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. release, there will be a new Relations screen (it is actually a tab on the Players Info screen). Here you can see it at the start of a 2017 campaign.

You can see a new number, ‘Distance’, which is the platform distance between yourself and the other player, expressed as a percentage of the maximum possible distance (so, if every one of your issue positions were diametrically opposite, that would be 100%). This value is also displayed visually as the distance from a starting point on a line, above the number.

This new screen will also be included in President Infinity and Congress Infinity.