U.K. interviewers

The interviewers in the 2010, 2015, and 2017 campaigns all the same attributes. If you are familiar with British politics, can you comment on any of the following? Feedback will help in determining these interviewers’ attributes.

The attributes are Stance (Far-Left to Far-Right), visibility (Low, Medium, High), contentiousness (Low, Medium, High).

The interviewers are

  • BBC’s Newsnight
  • BBC’s Today with John Humphrys
  • The Economist Magazine
  • ITV’s Tonight with Trevor McDonald
  • Channel 4 News
  • BBC’s Daily Politics
  • Five News
  • ITV Evening News

Also, have these changes between 2010 and 2017? Are there important interviewers not on this list?

New Platform screen first look

There’s a new Platform screen in the upcoming versions of President Infinity and Prime Minister Infinity. Here’s what it looks like in Prime Minister Infinity – U.K.

The first difference is that you can select the region from a drop-down box on the form, as well as search for a region.

Similarly, you can select the leader from a drop-down box, instead of arrowing through.

The leader’s platform now has a distance from the centre displayed from 100 L to 100 R, with absolutely centrist being 0. Similarly for regions.

The screen also displays the distance from the centre as a % of the theoretically highest possible value for any platform to any regional centre.

Viewing momentum for each issue can also be selected from a drop-down box.

The Platform screen is now a tab on the Players Info screen.