New Platform screen first look

There’s a new Platform screen in the upcoming versions of President Infinity and Prime Minister Infinity. Here’s what it looks like in Prime Minister Infinity – U.K.

The first difference is that you can select the region from a drop-down box on the form, as well as search for a region.

Similarly, you can select the leader from a drop-down box, instead of arrowing through.

The leader’s platform now has a distance from the centre displayed from 100 L to 100 R, with absolutely centrist being 0. Similarly for regions.

The screen also displays the distance from the centre as a % of the theoretically highest possible value for any platform to any regional centre.

Viewing momentum for each issue can also be selected from a drop-down box.

The Platform screen is now a tab on the Players Info screen.

48 thoughts on “New Platform screen first look”

  1. Looks nice. Will we be able to make custom positions for issues like Civil Rights,Slavery and the like such as, for slavery, Abolitionists,Moderates,Southern Dems etc. ?

  2. I have the UK Election and US election version of President Forever and the US version of Congress Infinity and of the two versions I much prefer the Forever version than the Infinity version, therefore would like to ask if there are plans to provide Infinity data for the Forever versions?

  3. @anthony_270admin
    Instead of just Center,Center-Right,Far left etc. Will we be able to make custom categories such as maybe Abolitionists,Progressive etc.

  4. That would be excellent. I remember a while back there was talk of instead of left-centre-right there would also be libertarian and other stuff. Populist-elitist and communitarian-individualist would be good dichotomies to add and if it isn’t too much trouble breaking categories down by type of issue for example law and order issues having a spectrum from punishment-rehabilitation-decriminalise-legalise.

  5. @Harry,

    Please note Congress Infinity is different game from the President or Prime Minister ones. President and Prime Minister Infinity play much differently than Congress Infinity.

  6. @NYRep,

    That’s an interesting idea. Probably, once the game allows for multiple issue spectra (instead of just left-right, you could have authoritarian-libertarian, and so on).

  7. @SANC,

    Yes, left-right is just a simple (sometimes simplistic) way of capturing the political spectra, especially in a two-party system such as federal U.S. politics.

  8. You really need to add Mike Bloomberg’s (almost) actual running mate, Michael Mullen. It’s been confirmed by media reports and Bloomberg himself, etc.

  9. Off topic but can you add Lincoln Chafee to 2016 as he is only major candidate not added and in 2012 can you add Herman Cain as he was at one point favorite

  10. @Milo,

    Lincoln Chafee is on the to-do list. Cain might be added to 2012, but he had dropped out by the start date for that campaign, which is why he isn’t included.

  11. Is there a chance that we could eventually zoom in on a state when we click on it and see a vote break down by county or district?

  12. @ anthony_270admin,

    “Lincoln Chafee is on the to-do list. Cain might be added to 2012, but he had dropped out by the start date for that campaign, which is why he isn’t included.”

    Why is it so far back on the to-do list? It seems like a very quick addition.

  13. @LegolasRedbard,

    It’s tough to say. The reason it keeps taking longer is that working on one thing naturally leads to working on another. I believe I’ve pretty much completed the scope of this update, so perhaps a week or two.

  14. @Lucas Brown,

    Seeing info by county or district would require adding a third layer to the political units in President Infinity. This is already a capability of the game engine (and you see this in Prime Minister Infinity, with country -> regions -> sub-regions), but I’m not sold on the idea of this being useful in President Infinity, because the relevant electoral units are the states. It seems like adding a lot of detail without much corresponding game play value, but I’m interested in contrary feedback.

  15. @Caleb,

    Probably wouldn’t take much time, but has just never made it into an update because of low priority.

  16. @Kevin,

    The plan is still to add a France 2017 campaign to President Infinity. Direct pop. vote has now been implemented for PI, but it still requires two-round.

  17. @anthony_270admin

    On the matter of districts/counties, is there a possibility of allowing split electoral votes (like in Maine and Nebraska)?

  18. The district and county levels would actually be most useful for the primaries and caucuses, by allowing a person to focus their strategy on certain areas in each state, much like what is discussed when talking heads handicap a race. (So and so needs voters in this area, or turnout is lower than expected in another area, which benefits someone else.) And with states debating the idea of splitting electoral votes by district (Republican controlled states that voted Democrat or Swing), plus Maine and Nebraska, it may become more necessary as time goes by.

  19. @Legolas,

    “On the matter of districts/counties, is there a possibility of allowing split electoral votes (like in Maine and Nebraska)?”

    This, in my mind, would be the main reason to implement a third tier into President Infinity. However, the fact Maine and Nebraska allow a split of electoral votes has never made a difference in the outcome of an election so far.

  20. @Lucas,

    You’re absolutely right that in the primaries, analysis often focuses on specific counties or districts. Basically, though, it would mean data would have to be done at the district level (population, turnout, issue centers). This sounds a lot more difficult for campaign designers than at the state level, although granted, it’s already done in CI. We’ll see. You’re right that it might become more important if more states adopt it.

  21. I can’t load a saved game from earlier today — error message says “list index out of bounds” Any help? I would really like this game to work completely without having a problem — the time investment put into a game only for it to screw up is frustrating.

  22. Official or custom campaign? If official, you would have to send me the relevant save files (one main, and one for each candidate in game). If custom, those and the custom campaign. All files should be compressed (zipped), preferably into two files attached to an e-mail.

  23. @admin_270 In the PI update can you please add a two-round option for PR primaries. i can make proper NYC mayoral elections as well as Alabama 2017 races if that’s implemented.

  24. Two-round for primaries isn’t going to happen anytime soon – two-round for direct pop. vote in the general is a planned feature that should happen fairly soon.

  25. @admin_270
    Can we have conditional running soon (It’s needed for NYC 2017 as Sal Albanese wouldn’t run on the Reform line if he’d won the primary.)

  26. @anthony

    Is there any way you can program the CPU, especially in the General Election, to avoid from attacking 3rd parties. The CPU Republicans or Democrats seem to focus on the Green or Libertarian Party just as much as their only real competition. I think also, programming some sort of “desperation mode” in the last week or two weeks would be cool. Massive ad attacks and rallies in battleground states as the election nears, for instance. I think the primaries are exceptionally well-developed, but I think the General Election behavior needs to have some sort of innate survival mode. I’m doing a playthrough right now for my 2020 scenario, and John Kasich is pretty much just relaxing as he’s facing a landslide defeat. His VP, keeps attacking the Libertarians or Green, rather than the Democrats, who are also frequently attacking 3rd parties.

  27. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for this feedback – yes, the AI could use some development. I like the idea of a ‘desperation mode’ or last-minute all out campaigning. We’ll see.

  28. @anthony

    Another idea would be to allow events to have positive momentum for some states and not for others. For instance, LBJ signing the Civil Rights Act is an event that I plan to have as a momentum boost, but it certainly fueled support for Goldwater in the Deep South, hurting LBJ in that traditionally Democratic region. Any chance that a state-specific momentum boost could be added to events?

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