Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. next release sneak-peek, Windows

This version fixes one major bug where the game would go into an infinite loop in post-election negotiations, and some other small improvements related mostly to offers.

Barring any major bugs, the next version will be an official release.

You can download it here for Windows. A Mac version will be released within a few days.

Note: Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

New since previous sneak-peek release

  • Offers > Post-Election Negotiations > computer players use actual seat totals for determining acceptance, instead of latest public poll before election
  • Offers > computer player no longer accepts Receive Confidence and Supply if it has more (projected) seats
  • Offers > fixed “The Labour party, with support from the Lib Demand SNP parties, prevails!” typo
  • Debates > fixed bug where computer players wouldn’t focus on anything
  • Themes > computer players no longer will focus on a player if no seats contested where that player leads
  • Offers > if human offerer and computer receiver, if computer difficulty level is hard, chance accepts is -10%, if easy, +10%
  • Offers > Post-Election Negotiations > fixed bug which would lead to an infinite loop if clicked ‘close’ on Player Info Screen
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > Percentage Details > Party > Set Alls > if constituency selected from universal list > fixed bug where said would change values only for region that constituency in
  • Offers > increased chance computer player will accept offer of confidence and supply by 25% points
  • Highscores > get bonus if receive Deputy Slot or Issue Position Change from the player who leads or forms the government
  • Election Night > increased height of up and down buttons for constituency info


10 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. next release sneak-peek, Windows”

  1. The initial PI update mostly will be to consolidate existing game engine changes seen in PMI – no France 2017.

  2. @Anthony thank you for those improvements and your work, that’s great. I just want to remind you that you told us we will have a France 2017 scenario with a two round system in may 2017. Since more than 5 months, i’m waiting for that. I know you are working on other things but i wanted to draw your attention on that point, i think i’m not alone in this case. Faithfully !
    Tom ( owner of PM Forever – Canada 2011/Chancellor Forever/Australia 2013/President Infinity/Congress Infinity/ Prime Minister Infinity – U.K/Prime Minister Infinity – Canada )

  3. @NYRep,

    We shall see. Two-round and Australian preferences use the same mechanism – you have to figure out which voters go where after a party is eliminated, and Australian preferences are in a way an (instantaneous) n-round system.

  4. All Editor updates are in PMI UK, with the exception of allowing for a minority government or not. That will be added to PMI UK with its next update.

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