Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Version 2.6.7

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – v. 2.6.7 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This update fixes a PIPs bug, allows minority governments without a workable majority, and more.

If you are a Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade

  • Player Info Screen > fixed bug where if add pips but don’t make offer, then close screen, lose pips
  • Election Night > if polls still open for constituency, shows candidate names on ballot
  • Editor > Basics > More > added ‘Allow Minority Government Without Workable Majority’ checkbox
  • ‘Allow Minority Government Without Workable Majority’ set to true by default
  • if campaign allows minority government with no workable majority, player with most seats wins, -10 to their highscore if they don’t have a workable majority
  • Platform Screen > can no longer change issue positions from platform screen after election

23 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – Version 2.6.7”

  1. Anthony, that ‘NAN is an invalid currency value’ error needs to be fixed I can’t even make PI campaigns anymore because of it.

  2. I have a suggestion for the next update. Maybe before the results of the seats are declared we can see the last poll in that seat and we can get a view of the overall swing.

  3. I also have a few suggestions. I’d like to be able to edit ballot access for each party, and be able to sort constituencies by ballot access. In addition, would it also be possible it offer other players CPs instead of PIPs in the offers menu; like you can with endorsers?

  4. Hello Anthony,

    Just to confirm: will the next President Infinity update still include an official France 2017, campaign? If so, have you decided to include the primaries for the major parties as well?


  5. @Powerstarz,

    Sorting by on ballot is a good idea – we’ll see.

    Do you mean edit ballot access for a party in the Editor? If so, you can already do this.

  6. @NYRep,

    Yes, send me the campaign, including a description of how to create the error, and I can attempt to recreate it.

  7. I sent a campaign I’ms till not entirely sure hwat causes the error. It generally pops up after editing percentages.

  8. Would it be possible to add a section to election night whereby you could sort by party gains? So you could have see which seats specifically have been gained by a selected party.

  9. Would it be possible to add where 3+ parties enter into a coalition (for example: let’s say the Tories needing both the DUP and UKIP to get a majority or the Labor needing the SNP, PC, and Lib Dems)?

  10. @Jesse,

    I believe this is currently possible with Confidence and Supply arrangements, we’ll see with Coalitions.

  11. @amore555,

    I believe it can happen, but I believe the bar is set fairly high – it won’t happen often.

  12. I’ve noticed the AI has stopped seeking endorsements of the papers and has stopped research in the newest version.

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