Upcoming President Infinity – Version 2.6.8

Hi everyone,

This post will keep track of changes to the upcoming version of President Infinity v. 2.6.8.

Changes so far since previous sneak-peek release (this list will be updated as changes are implemented on this side, these changes will not be available until the version is released):

  • Winner Screen > “Future historians, …” line divided into two lines (fixes problem on Macs)
  • Platform Screen > can click on issue position description to view full
  • New ‘Processing turn …’ pop-up
  • Select Leader Screen > added ‘Skip’ button, to skip selecting leaders
  • updated election night
  • if starting general election without poll-defined %s, fixed bug that would occur is a leader’s committed-leaning-undecided %s for a region were all 0
  • Election night > now displays swing in seats
  • Macs > fixed a few bugs involving text not displaying properly
  • Macs > fixed bug viewing screens launched from Electoral Vote Info Screen
  • Macs > fixed bug viewing Offers Screen
  • Editor > can edit general election universal % shifts
  • Editor > can create multiple % shifts based on starting date
  • Editor > can edit currency symbol
  • Editor > fixed bug where would move mouse to another app, then move back, and non-active window would be brought to front
  • Editor > Relations button removed
  • Editor > added new tab, including ‘Basics’ and ‘Relations’
  • Editor > Basics > Start > updated date controls
  • Editor > Relations > added list of each party’s scores
  • fixed bug if starting general election using polling data where in some region no candidate > 0%
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > can see all issues, centers, profiles at a glance
  • can export campaigns as folder or zip (compressed) file automatically
  • Highscores Screen > updated, also highlights new highscore
  • Platform and Momentum Screens moved to Players Info > Platform
  • updated Platform Screen
  • updated Endorsers Screen
  • Editor > fixed tab ordering on certain screens
  • can’t attack players in Non-Aggression Pact with
  • updated Ads Screen
  • updated Strategy Screen
  • can view up to 100 highscores
  • Winner Screen > can see highscore
  • Highscores > Historical > includes winner from every election from 1792 to 2016
  • 1972 > fixed bug where election night stops at 11:59 pm, before Alaska’s results come in
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > Zip > checks if folder to be decompressed to already exists in user campaigns, if so, first asks if overwrite, if no then asks if want to rename

32 thoughts on “Upcoming President Infinity – Version 2.6.8”

  1. That looks very great ! Can’t wait !
    I have three questions:
    1) Will the candidates colors be improved ? Espaecially for 2008 and 2016 campaigns, it would be more pleasant
    2) For 2016 republican primary %, would you include new polls for Idaho and Kentucky, where Bush is ahead even when starting the game in october and january ? Some Dan Jones & Associates polls have not been inclued.
    3) Will Trump be inclued in the 2012 campaign as a potential republican candidate ?
    That you would be really great, thank you so much

  2. Gary Johnson should also be on ballot in Oklahoma and in Michigan; and Jill Stein on the ballot in Connecticut, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, New hamsphire, Wyoming, Kansas and in Vermont. I saw it was not the case in the game

  3. Won’t be in next PI update, though. That will be primarily to consolidate changes made to the game engine with the PMI updates.

  4. @Jeff,

    Favorability is the next major feature on the to-do list. I don’t have an ETA for it at this point. First will be a PI update to bring it in line with the changes to the game engine in PMI, then a CI update similarly. After that will probably be PI with Favorability.

  5. @Rophil,

    1. Colors might be improved. More specific feedback about what you find problematic would be useful.

    3. Maybe – it’s noted.

  6. Constituency Screen is the Electoral Vote Info Screen in President Infinity – I’ve updated this in the description.

  7. @Anthony: re colors:

    Trump/Kasich/Carson/Rubio colors are very similar (kind of blue). I feel some difficulties to distinguish them. I personnaly think it would be more pleasant to have more variations.
    For 2008 campaign, the biggest problem I have is that Ron Paul and Fred Thompson have exactly the same colors.
    (sorry for bad english, I am a Frenchman)
    Thank you for your attention!

  8. Also national popular vote primaries with run off abilities (for Alabama 2017,NYC Mayoral 2013,2017 etc.) would be nice

  9. Two thoughts regarding endorsers:

    1. Could it be changed so that when a candidate drops out, those who had endorsed them become available again?

    2. If you use PIPs to gain another candidate’s endorsement/withdrawal from the race, could they automatically be available in your pool of surrogates?

  10. @Anthony

    I’m still seeing a bug with PI 2.5.8 where some states A. show the same percentage for multiple candidates, and 0% for everyone else and B. only allocate one delegate.

    For example, my current game (2016, starting July 1st, with 5 Democratic candidates and 15 Republicans) has Nevada tied at 33.3% for each of 3 Dems, but only a single delegate is shown in the “projected delegates” bar underneath the map. ND, WY, and CO are all split between 8 Republicans (at 12.5% each) and also show a single delegate being allocated.

    Posted about this a while back, but don’t think you were able to respond at the time. It’s seriously affecting my immersion and I’m concerned it could cause crashes later in the campaign, so a fix would be appreciated.

    (Running PI 2.5.8 on Windows 10, FWIW).

  11. @NYRep,

    No update at this point. I have a list of about 15 things to implement for PI before the next update, all of them are minor. My best guess is early January.

  12. @Danny,

    It’s coming! I upgraded some of the core technologies the game uses, which has taken some time. Should be soon for a sneak-peek release.

  13. – 1972 > fixed bug where election night stops at 11:59 pm, before Alaska’s results come in
    – Change Campaign Screen > Import > Zip > checks if folder to be decompressed to already exists in user campaigns, if so, first asks if overwrite, if no then asks if want to rename

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