President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 2.7.0, Windows

This is a minor update. It fixes several bugs, adds select region by search to the Research Screen, sets regions not on the ballot to gray on the Strategy Screen, and modifies regions starting on ballot for Libertarians and Greens in 2016.

You can download it by clicking the button below for Windows. [sdm_download id=”6063″ fancy=”0″]

Note: Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

New since previous release

  • fixed McMullin bug > try to start 2016 in primaries with Evan McMullin on > user in region that uses ‘,’s for decimal point > error about ‘0.01 is not a valid floating point value’
  • 2016 > Libertarians > on ballot in Oklahoma, Michigan
  • 2016 > Greens > on ballot in Connecticut, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hamsphire, Wyoming, Kansas, Vermont
  • Research Screen > can select region by search
  • Strategy Screen > names of regions not on ballot are gray
  • save > fixed bug with save files that were too big
  • save > now only 1 save file associated with a save game, as opposed to 1 plus 1 for each candidate in the game
  • fixed bug > if canceled load game where program would freeze
  • fixed bug > if used too many CPs and playing 7 days per turn, would subtract from leader’s EPs each day instead of once per turn
  • Strategy Screen > fixed bug when ordering by Platform Distance where results not in order

17 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 2.7.0, Windows”

  1. All looking really good, nice and slick

    I’ve noticed that turnout settings in the editor don’t seem to load in-game,

    Would it also be possible for the full state/region name e.g. (Alabama instead of AL) to be displayed on the results night table as some scenarios use counties/regions that don’t always use abbreviations.


  2. @Daons,

    Noted re turnout settings. Can you say more about the results night table – are you referring to the exported spreadsheet, or the right side of the election screen?

  3. Its the text of the right side of the election night, the exported results use the full county/state name not just the abbreviation.


  4. @Daons,

    “I’ve noticed that turnout settings in the editor don’t seem to load in-game”

    Can you say exactly what you are modifying (is it the universal or regional turnout, is it % or absolute number)?

  5. Got to election day and when I tried to proceed to election night I keep getting a TGameEngine Error Access Violations. I have a game save for election day I can which will consistently produce the error if that helps.

  6. @anthony_270admin

    I have been editing both the turnout in percent and specified numbers under the regions tab. They both return different figures. I can send a copy of the scenario i’m working on if it would help?


  7. @Daons,

    That will help – please send the campaign with a detailed description of what you change and what the result is in the game.

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