Issues for Senate 2018 campaign

I will be re-doing the issues, issue centers, and issue positions for the Congress Infinity 2018 campaigns from the ground up. What do you think will be the major issues at the national level for the Senate?

I’ll be adding and modifying issue and issue position descriptions here as I work on this, and possibly incorporating feedback as it comes in.

Currently, this is a very preliminary list. The issue has possible topics for issue positions next to it. Issues might be broken up into other issues or put together, as I proceed.

  • Abortion
    • FL: Full reproductive rights for women! Only appoint pro-choice judges to Supreme Court and extend abortion rights!
    • L: Keep abortion as it is presently. Safe, legal, and rare. Keep partial-birth abortion legal. Increase funding to Planned Parenthood.
    • CL: Protect responsible choice. Ban partial-birth abortions except in the case of life of the mother. Increase funding to Planned Parenthood.
    • C: Abortion is not an issue for government intrusion. Oppose government control over abortion, but keep Planned Parenthood. Leave abortion policy to the states.
    • CR: Some restrictions on abortion. Allow abortions in cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother. Ban partial birth abortions. Defund Planned Parenthood.
    • R: Only allow abortion in cases where the mother’s life is at risk. Ban partial-birth abortion. Defund Planned Parenthood.
    • FR: Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions including rape and incest. Planned Parenthood should be shut down completely.
  • Corruption
    • FL: Capitalism has corrupted our system! The system needs to be completely rebuilt.
    • L: The Republicans are completely corrupt.
    • CL: The Republicans are more corrupt than Democrats.
    • C: Washington, D.C. is corrupt. We need better oversight and reform.
    • CR: The Democrats are more corrupt than Republicans.
    • R: The Democrats are completely corrupt.
    • FR: Socialism has corrupted our system! The system needs to be completely rebuilt.
  • Defense Spending
    • FL: Defense spending should be reduced so as to focus on other things. No overseas deployments.
    • L: The armed forces are using too great a percentage of the budget. Cancel unneeded future weapons systems.
    • CL: Reorganize the armed forces to deal with modern threats. Fewer ground troops, more drones and airstrikes.
    • C: The military is in a solid position right now but could use additional ground forces.
    • CR: The military needs additional funding, but not all future and current weapon systems are required.
    • R: The military requires a major expansion in capability to deal with potential conflicts with Russia, Iran, and China.
    • FR: The armed forces must be capable of fighting a multiple-front war including engaging with China.
  • Deregulations (Regulations keep us safe, Regulations reduce economic growth)
  • Drugs (Opioid Crisis, Marijuana Legalization, War on Drugs)
  • Education
    • Completely public school system run by the state. Massive increase to funding.
    • No school vouchers, large increase to federal funding. Modernize school system with more after-school programs.
    • Make teachers accountable with performance based pay. Increase funding. Remain open to options such as charter schools.
    • Support public school system but allow room for vouchers.
    • School vouchers for lower-income students. Privatize failing schools. Charter schools provide competition.
    • Support school vouchers and charter schools. Reduce federal government’s role in education.
    • School vouchers for anyone. Get the federal government out of education completely!
  • Education – Higher (Trade, Left-wing activism at universities, Free tuition)
  • Energy
    • FL: Renewable energy all the way! Ban all polluting forms of energy like oil and coal.
    • L: Move towards energy independence focussing mostly on renewable energy sources. Subsidize clean energy.
    • CL: Invest in clean energy and end oil company subsidies. Cut oil use significantly by 2025.
    • C: Renewable and non-renewable energy must be equally researched.
    • CR: Reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil. Switch to natural gas short-term, renewables longer-term. Some research on alternate energy sources.
    • R: Coal, oil, and natural gas are our main concerns right now. End dependence on foreign energy. More drilling and fracking. Let private funds research other energy.
    • FR: We don’t need to worry about renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels all the way!
  • Environment
    • FL: The environment should be our first national priority to combat climate change. Expand National Park System. Large government programs and regulations.
    • L: The environment and global warming is a major concern. Paris Agreement is first step. Increase environmental regulations and pollution cleanup.
    • CL: We need to leave a healthy environment for our children. Work to reduce emissions and harmful toxins. Fulfill Paris Agreement.
    • C: Balance environmental policies with sound economic policies.
    • CR: The environment is important. Find market based solutions to environmental problems. Lower carbon by natural gas.
    • R: Economic policies and priorities take precedence over environmental concerns. The science on global warming is shaky.
    • FR: The environment is fine. We don’t need to worry about it. Global warming is a hoax.
  • Free Trade (Tariffs, Steel and Aluminum, NAFTA, Australia, China)
  • Government Spending
    • FL: A deficit and debt is fine. Focus on social programs and how the government can better people’s lives.
    • L: Increase government spending on social programs, a deficit is acceptable for longer term gain such as the New Deal.
    • CL: Focus on real priorities. More funds for military and social programs.
    • C: Balance lowering the deficit with other priorities. No long-term deficits.
    • CR: We need to curb spending in order to balance the budget. Respect taxpayers’ dollars.
    • R: A large decrease in federal spending. A Balanced Budget Amendment to ensure responsible fiscal management.
    • FR: Deficit spending should be outlawed as overall government spending is reduced to minimal levels.
  • Gun Crime (Gun Control, Mental Health, Gun-Free Zones, Terrorism, School Safety, Voluntary firearm training for school personnel, Age restrictions)
  • Healthcare (ACA)
  • Immigration (Wall, Sanctuary Cities, DACA, ICE, Extreme Vetting, Merit Based)
  • Infrastructure (Balanced Budget)
  • Iran (Iran Deal, Regime Change)
  • Manufacturing (Bring back, gone forever)
  • Media (Trump is trying to remove free press, MSM is arm of Democratic party)
  • Military Intervention
  • Minimum Wage
  • Net Neutrality
  • North Korea
  • Role of Government
  • Russian Interference
  • Social Media (Regulate and treat as utilities, Require to better deal with fake news)
  • Social Security
  • Special Counsel (Trump and associates should be indicted, Obama and associates should be indicted)
  • Student Debt
  • Supreme Court (Kennedy)
  • Syria (ISIS, War on Terror)
  • Tax Rates – Personal (Recent tax cut legislation – crumbs, repeal)
  • Tax Rates – Business
  • Trump (With (MAGA), Against, Personality or Policy, Crazy, invoke 25th Amendment to Stable Genius)
  • Wall Street

17 thoughts on “Issues for Senate 2018 campaign”

  1. Can you let me know what issues you decide on, because I might use them for my 2020 scenario. Here are the issues in my 2020 scenario currently (many, but not all from 2016):
    Defense Spending
    Free Trade (alternative, Tariffs)
    Government Spending
    Gun Control
    Immigration (the Wall or Sanctuary Cities could be split from this)
    Iran (Or Iran Deal)
    LGBT Rights
    Military Intervention
    Minimum Wage
    Net Neutrality (I was thinking of replacing this with Cyber Security)
    North Korea
    Role of Government
    Russian Interference (This could be replaced with Cyber Security. Also, Russia could be it’s own issue)
    Social Security
    Student Debt
    Tax Rates
    Wall Street
    War on Drugs
    War on Terror

  2. @Jonathan,

    Very nice list – I’ve used it as a basis for the initial list, now above. I’m going to take a closer look at your 2020 campaign.

  3. In the Senate 2016 campaign, Same-Sex Marriage is an issue. In yours, the equivalent to this is the LGBT issue. Is SSM still a major federal issue? My sense is it isn’t. The closest more recent high profile issue was about transgender people, in particular using washrooms. Yet, is this a major issue?

  4. @anthony
    I think that such a huge majority now accepts SSM, with enough Republicans on board, that it isn’t an issue anymore. As you say, the new battle seems to be directed at trans people. Although, gay rights are still under attack at local levels. I think LGBT is a better way to encompass Civil Rights issues among this alternative lifestyle demographic.

  5. @Jonathan,

    Yes, I can see where you’re coming from. My big question is whether there’s actually a high-profile national issue here, whether it’s SSM or more broadly LGBT.

  6. In the US, Same-sex marriage is essentially accepted. There will be the few candidates that might try to take a conservative stance on it, but it is hard to reverse a SCOTUS ruling. The current discussion is now shifted towards trans-rights.

    I know you are based in Canada, so I’m not too sure if you have heard of the bathroom bill discussions. IE: should trans individuals be able to use the restroom of the gender they identify with. Many cities/corporations have taken numerous stances on it. Though it isn’t a major issue right now. But it is an election year, so I feel it might resurface as a way to insure if you feel x about this issue you have to vote y party.

  7. @Dylan,

    Thanks for this. Yes, that specific issue might become a significant issue in some particular race(s). If it does, it might be added as an issue.

  8. I’ve always thought that less is more when it comes to issues, since most never get used or are perpetually rated “Low”. But maybe an issue called “FISA Scandal” or “Trump Russia collusion”

    Far Left – Trump is a war criminal in Putin’s pocket and must be impeached now.
    Left: We need to keep up the special counsel investigation until we have evidence of Trump’s crimes.
    Center-Left : We have no evidence of any collusion so far, but there are other suspicious connections that need to be investigated.
    Center: Go where the evidence leads us, and we probably would have seen evidence by now if this involved President Trump. At least we should be taking an equal look at FISA abuse.
    Center-Right: Sure Russia probably tried to meddle in 2016, but no evidence that they were successful, or that any one from The Trump administration was involved. Still continuing the special counsel couldn’t hurt.
    Right: It’s time to close down this useless investigation. There’s no evidence. But we need another special counsel to look into FBI/DOJ FISA abuse.
    Far-Right: Time to shut down FISA, and clean house at the FBI & DOJ, putting in new oversight rules. And if anyone’s impeached it should be Adam Schiff.

  9. @David,

    Yes, I prefer fewer to more issues. I would be happy to have, say, only 10. We’ll see if that’s realistic. Thanks for this suggestion for Russia Collusion issue positions – noted.

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