Calling all Ontario political experts for the Ontario 2018 official campaign

Calling all Ontario political experts! Do you want to help design an official Ontario 2018 campaign? If so, read on.

I’m interested in doing an official Ontario 2018 campaign, which has turned into a Wynne vs. Ford vs. Horwath contest, for the upcoming provincial general election scheduled for June 7th.

If you have knowledge of Ontario politics and are interested in designing a campaign, please let me know through e-mail ( ).

This would be a volunteer position, but you would get credit in the Prime Minister Infinity – Canada game and get to show off your design chops.

270soft can provide trouble-shooting, making the map, help with images, editing, and helping to get feedback on the campaign.

5 thoughts on “Calling all Ontario political experts for the Ontario 2018 official campaign”

  1. I’ll be happy to assist. I follow Ontario politics quite closely but don’t have any design skills.

  2. Very very excited for this! Would alternate leaders for the PCs, at least, be available? Would be interesting to have at least Ford, Elliott and Brown as options.

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