New Select Surrogates Screen

Here you can see the new Surrogates Screen in Select mode, in the latest internal version (not released yet) of Congress Infinity.

This shows the new Surrogates images feature (optional, so campaign designers can add them if they like), where each surrogate can have both a large and small image, similar to leaders and vice-leaders.

7 thoughts on “New Select Surrogates Screen”

  1. Looks nice,

    Could there be an option to sort by attribute strengths (barnstorming/spin/fundraising). When receiving a large number of surrogates the list can get quite long and working out the strongest surrogates can get a little confusing.


  2. Good idea – we’ll see. In the meantime, for default surrogates, I recommend campaign designers list them from overall strongest to weakest.

  3. I like the image idea for the surrogates. I’d also like to see images for events in the newspaper. Perhaps, also a new debate screen that, sort of like election days, is sort of a live debate screen, with the score beneath or beside the images, and the scores going up and down as the time of the debate progresses (sped up, of course). Convention images would be nice. Something that projects the image of the Pres and VP nominee prominently.

  4. Looks good. Could we potentially name candidates not on ballot by default and add images for them be they or ballot by default or not.

  5. @NYRep,

    No images for individual candidates at this point. It would also be nice, though. We’ll see.

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