Congress Infinity v. 2.7.5 released!

Congress Infinity v. 2.7.5 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This is a major update from v. 2.4.7. Major updates since that version include

  • added Senate 2018
  • significant updates to Platform, Endorsers, Ads, Strategy, Research, Surrogates, Processing Turn screens
  • surrogates can now have images (available in Senate 2018)
  • significant updates to election night
  • updated Editor
  • can import or export user-designed campaigns with a click
  • allows for up to 100 highscores
  • sets regions not on the ballot to gray on the Strategy Screen
  • Main Screen > can view popular vote totals

If you are a Congress Infinity owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade

  • Editor > Regions > moved ‘On Year’ to General Election box
  • Editor > Regions > select fundamental political units (districts, ridings, constituencies) in separate drop-down box
  • Senate 2014 > fixed bug that would cause game to crash
  • 7 days per turn > select event > now shows correct date on pop-up
  • Editor > can set time for final results for a region
  • Editor > can set how often results updated for a region
  • Editor > Regions > ‘Percentages’ and ‘Candidates’ tabs now under new ‘Parties’ tab
  • Editor > Regions > On Ballot > added ‘Set All’ button
  • Editor > leaders now get their starting funds value from the party funds value, unless overridden by a time-specific funds value
    (the general election funds box for leaders has been removed, and if you specified any values there, it won’t be used)
  • Main Screen > starts, changes region quicker
  • Change Campaign Screen > can delete a user-designed campaign
  • Change Campaign Screen > added Import button
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > can import a campaign from a folder on your computer
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > can import a campaign from a zip file on your computer
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > can go directly to
  • game options now stored in xml file instead of text file
  • Editor > election date -> regions screen
  • Main Screen > added ‘Pop. Vote’ viewing mode
  • Main Screen > ‘v’ selects Pop. Vote viewing mode
  • Highscores > percentages > fixed bug where wasn’t calculating %s correctly, and so might not get goal bonus
  • Highscores > percentages > fixed bug where wasn’t calculating %s correctly, and so might not get correct bonuses
  • Editor > Regions > fixed bug with setting incumbent party
  • Editor > if campaign path longer than label, when mouse over displays full path
  • Editor > when select campaign, now has options to import or delete
  • removed version name (ex. ‘Ericson’) from versioning info, is now just a number (ex. ‘2.7.5’)
  • Select Campaign Screen > changed Simulation button icon from eyeglass to test tube
  • Editor > Events > fixed bug where didn’t update to event effect selected
  • Strategy Screen > added ‘by seats’ viewing mode, if are regions with different number of seats
  • Strategy Screen > added ‘by org. strength’ viewing mode
  • fixed bug where name of person making gaffe while barnstorming, regardless of who actually made it, is leader’s
  • Main Screen > momentum viewing mode > no longer shows ‘MMT’ after given momentum number
  • if non-aggression pact, news story
  • if non-aggression pact, popup notifying, if not message added to alerts section of notes
  • Editor > Leaders > significantly sped up
  • Non-aggression pacts now show on Player Info Screen, include turns left in pact
  • Editor > Leaders > Home > can now search for region
  • Editor > Leaders > Surrogates > Home > can now search for region
  • Editor > Leaders > Surrogates > Barnstorming Bonuses > can now search for region
  • Editor > Leaders > new > fixed bug > removed “Add new leader as potential vice-leader?”
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > added listbox that summarizes relevant general election info
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > can click on party in listbox to go to that party
  • Main Screen > fixed bug where couldn’t spacebar to click Done button after a turn
  • Editor > Events > Outcomes > fixed bug if changed from attribute issue to position issue, where wouldn’t update to relevant effect values for new issue type
  • Editor > Issues > can see all issue position descriptions at once, can click on any one to select
  • Editor > Issues > issue lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Editor > Parties > sped up
  • Winner Screen > “Future historians, …” line divided into two lines (fixes problem on Macs)
  • Platform Screen > can click on issue position description to view full
  • New ‘Processing turn …’ pop-up
  • Select Leader Screen > added ‘Skip’ button, to skip selecting leaders
  • updated election night
  • if starting without poll-defined %s, fixed bug that would occur if a leader’s committed-leaning-undecided %s for a region were all 0
  • Editor > Regions > fixed bug where changing fundamental political unit’s id caused error
  • Election night > now displays swing in seats
  • Macs > fixed a few bugs involving text not displaying properly
  • Macs > fixed bug viewing screens launched from Electoral Vote Info Screen
  • Macs > fixed bug viewing Offers Screen
  • Editor > can edit general election universal % shifts
  • Editor > can create multiple % shifts based on starting date
  • Editor > can edit currency symbol
  • Editor > fixed bug where would move mouse to another app, then move back, and non-active window would be brought to front
  • Editor > Relations button removed
  • Editor > added new tab, including ‘Basics’ and ‘Relations’
  • Editor > Basics > Start > updated date controls
  • Editor > Relations > added list of each party’s scores
  • Editor > Relations > can set whether parties in coalition
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > can see all issues, centers, profiles at a glance
  • can export campaigns as folder or zip (compressed) file automatically
  • Election night > if names on right side very long, automatically cut off before %s
  • Highscores Screen > updated, also highlights new highscore
  • Platform and Momentum Screens moved to Players Info > Platform
  • updated Platform Screen
  • updated Endorsers Screen
  • Editor > fixed tab ordering on certain screens
  • can’t attack players in Non-Aggression Pact or Coalition with
  • Ads Screen > can localize ads to regions, not just individual districts or constituencies
  • updated Ads Screen
  • updated Strategy Screen
  • can view up to 100 highscores
  • Winner Screen > can see highscore next to rank
  • Research Screen > can select region by search
  • Strategy Screen > names of regions not on ballot are gray
  • save > fixed bug with save files that were too big
  • save > now only 1 save file associated with a save game, as opposed to 1 plus 1 for each candidate in the game
  • fixed bug if canceled load game where program would freeze
  • fixed bug > if used too many CPs and playing 7 days per turn, would subtract from leader’s EPs each day instead of once per turn
  • Strategy Screen > fixed bug where ordering by Platform Distance listed with some results out of order
  • Ads Screen > can press Esc to close screen
  • Main Screen > Activities > can press Esc to return to Main Screen
  • Research Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen
  • Endorsers Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen
  • Spin Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen, including can Esc out of Interviews popup
  • Theme Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen
  • Notes Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen
  • Electoral Vote (Constituency) Screen > can press Esc to return to Strategy Screen or Main Screen
  • Player Info Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen
  • Senate 2018
  • Election Screen > Chronological, Closest for party, and so on don’t list off-year elections
  • Editor > Basics > More > added Fundamental regions geographically identical to secondary regions check box
  • Senate 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012 > set Fundamental regions geographically identical to secondary regions to true
  • 2012 > Sanders and Democrats > In coalition to on
  • Editor > Regions > Ballot > Set All > if universal political unit selected, description says will change for all regions
  • Surrogates > can add images, similar to candidates
  • Surrogates > Main Screen > name under portrait > if name too long, shows just last name
  • Main Screen > Activities > fixed bug where could continue using surrogate after used all Surrogate Points
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > can set issue centers for individual seats
  • fixed bug > Main Screen > if select region on map with only one on year election, then click Research, can’t create an insight or scandal
  • new Create Surrogate Screen
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > Profiles > ‘Set All’ button visible regardless of region
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > can set issue profiles for individual seats
  • Senate 2018 > Mississippi-2 > Thad Cochran -> Cindy Hyde-Smith, Strength 3 -> 2
  • Hover Help > fixed where text not properly vertically centered on some screens
  • fixed bug in function to determine where loss of support would go to after platform change
  • fixed internal bugs related to individual seats having own issue centers and profiles


8 thoughts on “Congress Infinity v. 2.7.5 released!”

  1. I know there was someone who asked about adding a primary season to influence who the nominees are for each seat; was there ever a decision made on that?

  2. Enjoying the new update,

    A nice feature to have would be multi-member at-large seats. (the number of seats per region option is already in the editor) This might be more possible with the implementation of favorability but it would be useful for historical scenarios and some local elections in US/UK etc. It could be an easier bridge between PR and FPTP than a straight implementation of List PR etc.


  3. @Lucas,

    There’s no intention to add a primaries feature to Congress Infinity at this point.

  4. @Daons,

    Thanks for this – perhaps. These sorts of expansions will probably be done in conjunction with an official campaign or new game, though.

  5. Also, there is a special election in Mississippi for the rest of Cochran’s term, so the seat will need to be placed on the board, so to speak.

  6. @Lucas,

    Yes, but it won’t be by regular rules. I’m going to have to look at it a little closer, and see how things evolve, before deciding whether to add it.

  7. For Senate 2018, there are a few candidates that need to be changed.
    In Maine, the Republican will be Eric Brakey. In Indiana, it should be Mike Braun. In West Virginia it should be Patrick Morrisey.
    Also, Mississippi has a special election this year to fill the remainder of the term for Thad Cochran.

  8. @Jesse,

    Thanks for these – we’ll be updating all the candidates for the next Congress Infinity release, which should be in around a month.

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