Ontario 2018 map

Hi everyone,

We’re at work on Ontario 2018, to be added to Prime Minister Infinity – Canada.

Anyone who wants to work on an Ontario campaign is welcome to use the map, which is based on the 2013 redistricting but should be good as a basis for historical campaigns as well.

Here is the bitmap version.

Here is the Photoshop source file, which contains separate layers so you can move things around, as well as region labels so you can see what each region is.


Here’s an example of the map in action (colours are not correct for Ontario 2018, included to show the regions).

6 thoughts on “Ontario 2018 map”

  1. Northern Ontario underwent its own redistricting process for the purposes of provincial elections last year, separate from the 2013 federal redistricting. Will the scenario take this into account?

  2. Firstly, very much looking forward to this coming out, the map looks great!

    Secondly, there’s a slight bug in PMI where when the election night is continuously reported (ie like in Canada), for the last reporting regions (in the Canadian scenarios: BC, Vancouver and Yukon), the only election night information to show up is the Summary. Chronological, Closest, Highest etc don’t show up, it just looks as it did before the polls closed.

  3. Is there a resource you can recommend for U.S. State maps, if you one would like to create state-wide elections? Thank you!

  4. @Kevin,

    I don’t have a specific resource. It depends on how you want to divide the regions. Natural regions would be by county or Congressional District. I would do a search and find a map that you like.

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