Calling all Florida political experts for the Florida 2018 – Senatorial official campaign

Calling all Florida political experts! Do you want to help design an official Florida 2018 – Senatorial campaign? If so, read on.

We are moving ahead on an official Florida 2018 – Senatorial campaign for President Infinity, which currently probably will be a Sen. Bill Nelson vs. Gov. Rick Scott contest, for the upcoming elections in November.

If you have knowledge of Florida politics and are interested in helping with campaign content (experience creating campaigns helpful, but familiarity with President Infinity is all that’s required) please let me know through e-mail ( ).

This would be a volunteer position, but you would get credit in the President Infinity game and get to show off your design chops.

3 thoughts on “Calling all Florida political experts for the Florida 2018 – Senatorial official campaign”

  1. Sounds like a good scenario. Was just wondering if the primaries are planned to be included? If so would popular vote primaries be added as opposed to the delegate system, maybe a live election night for individual parties as the primaries in each county would all be on the same day. Also would data entry help be needed as adding county data/polling/endorsers can be quite time consuming.

  2. @Daons,

    No primaries to start, but they could be added later, depending on how much time we have.

    Yes! Data entry help would be greatly appreciated – these campaigns will be done in a spreadsheet initially so multiple people can work on it simultaneously, then transferred to the campaign using the game’s Editor. Please contact me at if interested in helping with political content or data entry.

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