Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – Version 2.7.7

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – v. 2.7.7 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This update includes

  • Ontario 2018
  • a new Surrogates screen including Surrogate images (where supported by a campaign)
  • enhances the Editor including more easily positioning abbreviations and fixing several bugs
  • fixes a bug where computer players wouldn’t select opponents properly
  • and more

If you are a Prime Minister Infinity – Canada owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade

  • added Ontario 2018
  • Player Info Screen > Platform > fixed bug where % profile increase labels shown beyond number of issues
  • can view up to 100 highscores
  • Winner Screen > can see highscore next to rank
  • Research Screen > can select region by search
  • Strategy Screen > names of regions not on ballot are gray
  • save > fixed bug with save files that were too big
  • save > now only 1 save file associated with a save game, as opposed to 1 plus 1 for each candidate in the game
  • fixed bug if canceled load game where program would freeze
  • fixed bug > if used too many CPs and playing 7 days per turn, would subtract from leader’s EPs each day instead of once per turn
  • Strategy Screen > fixed bug where ordering by Platform Distance listed with some results out of order
  • Ads, Main, Research, Endorsers, Theme, Notes, Constituency, Player Info Screens > can press Esc to close screen
  • Spin Screen > can press Esc to return to Main Screen, including can Esc out of Interviews popup
  • fixed bug > computer player wouldn’t focus on opponents
  • Main Map > if region selected on Main Map and click Research button, will automatically set region for Research Screen
  • Constituency Screen > if click Research button, will automatically set region for Research Screen
  • Sim > recognizes coalitions
  • Editor > Regions > Ballot > Set All > if universal political unit selected, description says will change for all regions
  • Surrogates > can add images, similar to candidates
  • Surrogates > Main Screen > name under portrait > if name too long, shows just last name
  • Main Screen > Activities > fixed bug where could continue using surrogate after used all Surrogate Points
  • new Create Surrogate Screen
  • Editor > can set issue centers for individual seats
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > Profiles > ‘Set All’ button visible regardless of region
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > can set issue profiles for individual seats
  • fixed bug in function to determine where loss of support would go to after platform change
  • Editor > Regions > fixed bug if tried to delete secondary region with just one tertiary region
  • Editor > Regions > Map > can right click to set abbreviation coordinates
  • Editor > Regions > if edit id, checks if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Editor > Regions > Map > fixed tab ordering
  • Editor > Regions > if change region abbreviation and then go to map, abbreviation updated
  • Editor > Leaders > if edit id, check if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Editor > Regions > Map > can show all abbreviations
  • Editor > Issues > if edit id, checks if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Select Leader Screen > if only 1 leader, Change Leader button disabled


6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – Version 2.7.7”

  1. From the 2.7.6 sneak-peek version released yesterday, this version adds the Libertarian party, updates some candidates and percentages, and adds a couple of minor features.

    We will probably add the Trillium party, the None-of-the-above party, and update the candidates list once it’s finalized.

  2. Brilliant update! Minor error in the Libertarian description where Assembly is spelt with a p instead of a b.

    I know it’s a persistent request for President Infinity to have states called for one candidate or the other, however I wonder if a similar feature could be added to PMI as well if it is ever added to PI, to replicate the ‘calling’ of seats as elected for one party or another in Canada?

  3. Thanks for this – fixed in the latest internal!

    Yes, it could easily be added to PMI if added to PI. I don’t have an ETA on when that might happen for either game, though.

  4. Note: Ontario 2018 > leader blurbs have been fixed from initial Windows release. Download will still say 2.7.7.

  5. I’ve played this rather a lot over the past few days (it’s great procrastination for exam revision!), and one thing I have noticed is that Ford and Wynne very often get non-aggression pacts together if I’m playing as the NDP and they even went into coalition one time when the Legislative Assembly was hung. This seems unlikely to say the least so perhaps their relations or something could be lowered?

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