Goals for next releases – Autumn 2018 – Preview

This is a preview intended for feedback, in particular any features you think should be top priority. We are currently finishing up the Summer 2018 cycle of releases, with a new President Infinity and Congress Infinity to be released in a few weeks – this will be the next cycle after that.

All dates are estimates. All features are goals, not promises. List subject to revision.

President Infinity – September 15th

  1. Favorability (each voter has a numeric value rating each candidate, important for modeling > 2 candidate election dynamics or systems where candidates withdraw, such as primaries or two-round runoff systems such as France’s)
  2. Candidate attributes will use a 0-10 system, instead of 1-5 (allows for more distinctions between candidates)
  3. California Governor – 2018 official campaign added
  4. Map will have pop-up information when mouse-over, so don’t have to click on it to view %s
  5. Can modify size of windows (for displays with high resolutions)
  6. High DPI support (text for the game will show properly on monitors with high DPI, instead of being fuzzy from being scaled up by the operating system)

Congress Infinity – September 30th

  1. See President Infinity 1., 2., 4.-6.
  2. Updates to Senate 2018 and House 2018

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – October 15th

  1. See President Infinity 1., 2., 4.-6.
  2. Preferences added for Australia.

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – October 30th (September 1st)

  1. Quebec 2018 official campaign added (will be released without game engine changes September 1st)
  2. See President Infinity 1., 2., 4.-6.
  3. Preferences added for Australia.

Feedback welcome!

12 thoughts on “Goals for next releases – Autumn 2018 – Preview

  1. @Anthony

    Great list! If I were to rank this in order of what I think is a priority for playability, then I would rank it accordingly:

    1. Fix the problem with candidates CPU candidates not dropping out. Preferably, some candidates would also drop out pre-primary, as they do in real life. Some after IA and some after NH, and some after SC/NV. Most candidates would likely drop out after Super Tuesday. Although, I’d be somewhat content with candidate dropping out at all.

    2. Favorability, which I guess has much to do with my preferred top priority.

    3. Candidate attributes will use a 0-10 system. I’m glad to see this.

    The rest of the new features really aren’t a priority for me, but they are nice to see.

  2. Thanks for this feedback!

    1. is being done right now, and will be part of the President Infinity release in a few weeks, before this one.

  3. This looks good. A good quick change (one that shouldn’t require much time) is making the poll graph stop rounding for %s. I really enjoy seeing polls change over time, especially in primaries, and this makes it very hard to distinguish any changes because it always rounds it to the nearest 1%. That would probably be a quick fix. Also, it’s impossible to see the polling history of other party’s primaries. Just two little nitpicks about polling. The rest of the future looks good.

  4. I hope you can add two round system, and a pv option for primaries,which should be pretty easy aye? since u already have it in for GE otherwise great to see!

  5. @Jacob re individual states,

    Right now, just Florida (Senate) and California (Governor) are planned. We’ll see as we get closer to Nov.

  6. @TheMiddlePolitical,

    Once Favorability is implemented, two-round should be fairly straightforward.

  7. These features look really good.

    Nice to see the Australian preferences is still on the radar


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