President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 2.8.0, Windows

This update adds a new Surrogates Screen, Florida – 2018 – Senatorial, makes updates to the Editor, adds the ability to set credits for campaign creation, allows for Vice-Leaders to be optional, fixes a bug where computer players wouldn’t withdraw or endorse in the primaries, cleans up offers, and more.

You can download it by clicking the button below for Windows.

Note: Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

New since previous release

  • Surrogates > can add images, similar to candidates
  • Surrogates > Main Screen > name under portrait > if name too long, shows just last name
  • Main Screen > Activities > fixed bug where could continue using surrogate after used all Surrogate Points
  • new Create Surrogate Screen
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > Profiles > ‘Set All’ button visible regardless of region
  • fixed bug in function to determine where loss of support would go to after platform change
  • Editor > Regions > Map > can right click to set abbreviation coordinates
  • Editor > Regions > if edit id, checks if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Editor > Regions > Map > fixed tab ordering
  • Editor > Regions > if change region abbreviation and then go to map, abbreviation updated
  • Editor > Leaders > if edit id, check if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Editor > Regions > Map > can show all abbreviations
  • Editor > Issues > if edit id, checks if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Select Leader Screen > if only 1 leader, Change Leader button disabled
  • Editor > can set credits, button appears on Select Campaign Screen if set
  • Editor > Basics > More > can set Elected Leader Position (ex. “Prime Minister”), Institution (ex. “Parliament”), Appointed by (ex. “Governor General”)
  • added Florida – 2018 – Senatorial campaign
  • Editor > can set whether vice-leaders enabled
  • 2016 > Trump > Strategic 2 -> 3 primaries, 4 -> 5 general election
  • Strategy Screen > Primaries > fixed bug where player other than turn player’s selected by default
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > if editing %s but have Editor > Polling > Use Polls on, text indicates using polling
  • primaries > fixed bug where computer players wouldn’t withdraw or endorse other computer players
  • Players Info Screen > fixed bug if starting in primaries and get to only 1 leader left in party
  • Offers > fixed bug where didn’t get bonus to chance accept when offered VP slot
  • Offers > fixed some bugs with making offers that didn’t make sense (ex. offer to withdraw and offer them a VP slot)
  • Offers > improved computer players chance accept for some offers
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > added ‘Set All Issues’ button, to set all issues for a region to specified center

24 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 2.8.0, Windows

  1. The drop out function works. Biden ended up being the Democratic nominee after Warren and Sanders dropped out late in the primaries. Kasich stayed in until about March. In fact, no one dropped out until March. I think the next thing to do is to tweak it so people might drop out right after Iowa and New Hampshire or before. However, this update makes the game much more playable, regardless.

  2. Nelson died and nobody told him charisma should be 2. Maybe 1 but I reserve that for the zombie candidates.

  3. Re Nelson’s Charisma, welcome other people’s views on this. For me it was between 2 and 3, would give him 2.5 if I could.

  4. @Jonathan

    “I think the next thing to do is to tweak it so people might drop out right after Iowa and New Hampshire or before.”

    Yes, still some tweaks to make it more realistic.

  5. @anthony

    I’m not from Florida, but Nelson seems like a 2 charisma to me. He looks like a manicured corpse, and I don’t think he has the personality to compensate for that. Maybe he used to be charismatic. However, I’m saying this with only passing notice of Senator Nelson. Maybe check out some videos of him on campaign.

  6. The Florida mechanics are off…

    Money seems really hard to burn. For instance, I held three fundraisers each in the South Florida and netted about $10 million in 1 turn. That’s a lot, but even more so, it took about 1 month for me to run non-stop ads to get rid of that money.

    Not sure if the fundraising coefficient is too high or the ad cost is too low. But there’s no need to fundraise because it’s very easy to raise money (maybe this is true) and there’s no need to watch how many ads are being placed because they aren’t that expensive (maybe this is true too).

    But I can tell you this isn’t reality in campaigns.

    In addition, I played the game on hard for both Scott and Nelson, and won it easily without doing a thing. At one point I was looking at how many ads were being placed by the computer and it was at 0 which is very unrealistic.

    I think the scenario is great but it doesn’t make sense to play this now until it’s improved because there’s really no challenge.

  7. Nice Job Anthony

    There’s one severe bug regarding the conventions not happening which I posted about in the forum. Otherwise,nice job,Anthony.

  8. @Jonathan re Nelson’s charisma,

    Ya, a 2 might be more accurate. I’ve seen him talk, and I wouldn’t say he’s particularly charismatic or uncharismatic. Again, I would give him a 2.5 if I could. He’s fairly photogenic, but that’s for his age – he’ll be 76 in November.

  9. Excited to play the 2018 campaigns! I once again get an access violation code when editing any IDs in VCCzar’s 2000 and 2004 scenarios. I’m not sure why these are the only ones reacting this way.

  10. I’ve been experiencing issues with saves in this version, namely, being unable to save or load my game. Whenever I try to save the game, after having previously loaded a save, I receive an error message that says “Unable to write to specified save game file.” When attempting to load a save, return to the main menu, or close the game, I receive an error that says “Abnormal program termination.” Also, whenever I convince another candidate to dropout and become my VP, they aren’t showing up as my VP under the player info tab. Nor am I able to use them to campaign or offer the VP slot to somone else.

  11. I echo Powerstarz101’s comments re the saving/loading issues and the “Unable to write to specified save game file” pop-up.

    All else seems to be working well.


  12. Just decided to give this new sneak peak a spin. It doesn’t look like there is, but there should be a way to toggle the County names on and off.

  13. @Landsiy,

    Not for awhile. I am adding AI to work properly with direct pop. vote, which might take some time.

  14. Strange bug when using polls via the editor, If selecting polls for primaries only it returns all parties in the general election to the same percentages.

    Not sure if the primary percentages data could be updated so imputing data is the same as general elections, rather than having to scroll through a large number of candidates for each region/state?


  15. @Daons,

    Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying here. Could you rephrase?

  16. @anthony

    The issue I had was that polling data specified for primaries only in the ‘Polls’ tab causes a bug if general election data isn’t ticked also. The General election polling seems to show all parties on about 10% in each region (as if they had to be averaged out)

    In regard to the percentages, it is possible to use the following for primaries, where instead of parties you can click directly on primary candidates; This would be useful when parties have many candidates standing.
    Editor > Regions > Parties > can click on party in listbox to go to that party


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