Listen to the other side, people

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” – Maxine Waters

This is very dangerous rhetoric – she’s calling for mobs to harass Cabinet members. What if Republican mobs start harassing Maxine Waters every time she shows up in public? How is this all going to work out?

The current polarized state of debate in the U.S. (I sample media from various sources, both left and right) is in large part due to the fractured media landscape. Because you can have a ‘Republican’ cable news network (Fox News) and a ‘Democratic’ cable news network (MSNBC), because you can listen to an echo chamber on Twitter, and so on, you have more and more people buying into hyper-partisan rhetoric, getting highly distorted views of events, and so on.

Please people, start listening to the ‘other side’. Politics is supposed to be a safer way to channel our tribal psychological mechanisms. But when politics starts to descend into rhetoric that leads to attempted assassinations (such as of House Whip Steve Scalise) or mobs harassing Cabinet members, it has become a monster.

If this keeps up, the trajectory is that you’re not going to have a country anymore, rather you’re going to have a Civil War.

To those who think Trump is a monster, and that he started this trajectory, the below quote is apropos.

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

13 thoughts on “Listen to the other side, people”

  1. Hello Anthony, I didn’t know where to ask this so I decided this would be the best place. I’m currently having a problem with President Infinity, I have the latest update but for some reason candidates won’t resign automatically ( what I mean by this is that the lower candidates never call it quits.) In past versions of the game the candidates who had no chance of winning would resign without me asking them to, but in the latest update that doesn’t happen anymore. Is this a bug that I’m just experiencing?

  2. @Reed,

    That is a bug introduced in an earlier version of President Infinity, and fixed with the latest sneak-peek. Click your update button in the game, then click on the sneak-peek download link for President Infinity.

  3. I disagree with you Anthony. Maxine Waters said to protest cabinet officials, not harass them. There is a debate with good points on both sides about whether or not to protest them like she described, but she didn’t call for violence or anything.
    Just disagreeing with you, no hard feelings.

  4. @Talique,

    How is rounding up a crowd wherever you see someone and ‘pushing back on them’ and ‘telling them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere’ not harassment? So you’re saying if a group targeted you, and made sure that whenever you were in public, they would surround you, start chanting at you, and ‘pushing back’, you wouldn’t feel harassed?

  5. bruh what? an administration that A) supports the right to refusal of service to LGBTQ folks and people of colour and B) supports mass deportation and putting children behind cages. DOES NOT get any respect whatsoever. There’s no “both sides are equally valid”. There’s right and there’s wrong….and locking CHILDREN up in cages is wrong. Not serving people based on their sexuality or skin colour is wrong. Telling trashy racist and sexist jokes at rallies on national tv is wrong. DO NOT normalize this stuff.

  6. @Talique, What the heck does Waters think is going to happen when you have angry protestors egged on to surrounding people and telling them that they’re “not welcome anywhere?” Especially when many of those people, shall we say, are firm believers in the 2nd Amendment? Sooner or later, they’re going to poke the wrong snake.

  7. @Liam,

    Who are you responding to? No one said “both sides are equally valid.” Equally valid about what?

  8. It’s a false equivalency because if a republican were to see a democratic representative out in public, there would be no moral highground for that republican to be up in arms about at that representative. They would have nothing to shout. The cases we’ve seen in the past few days against people like mitch mcconel and sarah sanders have been by democrats who were able to shout actual things that would make those people feel bad about what theyve done.

    Whats a republican going to shout? How dare you put microwaves in trumps hotel room? Why do you care more about those MS-13 children separated from their families than my child who is safe in my possession? What? You cant ask “what if republicans did it” because theres a reason they dont. They couldn’t if they tried.

  9. @Thomas,

    “Whats a republican going to shout?”

    This is exactly what I’m talking about – an almost complete blindness to how the other side sees things, and to one’s own side’s vulnerabilities.

    Since you brought up MS-13 as an example (do Dems really want to be the party of MS-13? are you sure, guys?), here’s a criticism Reps might have of some Dems on that issue:

    “Why are you, Dem official, trying to support the trafficking of child sex slaves by MS-13?”


    “Why are you, Dem official, trying to support the murdering of innocent civilians by MS-13?”


    “Why are you, Dem official, trying to support the raping and physical assault of high-school kids by MS-13?”


    “Why are you, Dem official, trying to support the drugging of our kids by MS-13?”

    The key word here is ‘trying’. The main reason for an asymmetry in terms of street protests is that Dems have little federal power beyond obstruction in the Senate.

  10. You are right Anthony. People are trapped in their own echo chambers. Social media is a huge reason for this and I’m so glad I’ve quit both Twitter and Facebook.

    You mention the prospect for a Civil War in the USA. That is very likely to happen if things carny on the way they are. In fact, I won’t be surprised if the USA starts splitting. It could even happen before the FIFA 2026 World Cup, which is based in USA, Canada and Mexico.

    I’d actually be amazed if the USA is still around in the same format come 2030 and even if it is, there’s likely to be HUGE resentment among some sections of its populace.

  11. Lmfao honestly Anthony, I hope you dont actually believe any of that. Because nobody really does, or else there would be people yelling that at democrats.

    Like I said, the reason theres nobody publically shaming Democratic representatives, is because the only side that has reason to be ashamed right now is conservatives. They all should honestly be ashamed to even come out of their houses for what has transpired in the past 2 years by representatives of their party. It’s disgusting, and you know it, or else you wouldnt be ashamed by it.

    Which leads me to another point, none of that shit you just typed out in quotes, made me feel ashamed at all, because it’s all drivel. It actually made me laugh because of how uninformed and strangely fixated it is lmao. Anyone that would genuinely believes those quotes to be accurate is a shut-in freak who should probably stay away from public places let alone speak in them.

    The reason conservatives get angry and up-in-arms over this public shaming of conservative representatives, is because they themselves are defensive and ashamed because they are responsible for voting them in. Thats the difference here, any democrat would laugh reading those quotes, because theyre so false, conservatives get defensive and offended by whats been said of them, because its true.

  12. If you actually do believe that bullshit, I implore you to get out of your house once in awhile Anthony. Read a news article not written by breitbart or fox news or alex jones. Cause that shit was genuinely cringey to read.

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