President Infinity v. 2.8.2 released!

President Infinity v. 2.8.2 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This update includes

  • Florida – 2018 – Senatorial (direct popular vote)
  • updates to computer AI, including for direct popular vote
  • updates the Surrogate Screen, including pictures for surrogates (where supported by a campaign, included in Florida – 2018 – Senatorial)
  • adds an option in the Editor for Vice-Leaders to be optional
  • fixes various bugs
  • and more

(Note: for goals for the next release cycle, Autumn 2018, see here.)

If you are a President Infinity owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade

  • Surrogates > can add images, similar to candidates
  • Surrogates > Main Screen > name under portrait > if name too long, shows just last name
  • Main Screen > Activities > fixed bug where could continue using surrogate after used all Surrogate Points
  • new Create Surrogate Screen
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > Profiles > ‘Set All’ button visible regardless of region
  • fixed bug in function to determine where loss of support would go to after platform change
  • Editor > Regions > Map > can right click to set abbreviation coordinates
  • Editor > Regions > if edit id, checks if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Editor > Regions > Map > fixed tab ordering
  • Editor > Regions > if change region abbreviation and then go to map, abbreviation updated
  • Editor > Leaders > if edit id, check if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Editor > Regions > Map > can show all abbreviations
  • Editor > Issues > if edit id, checks if unique, if not, adds unique identifier (ex. “_2”)
  • Select Leader Screen > if only 1 leader, Change Leader button disabled
  • Editor > can set credits, button appears on Select Campaign Screen if set
  • Editor > Basics > More > can set Elected Leader Position (ex. “Prime Minister”), Institution (ex. “Parliament”), Appointed by (ex. “Governor General”)
  • added Florida – 2018 – Senatorial campaign
  • Editor > can set whether vice-leaders enabled
  • 2016 > Trump > Strategic 2 -> 3 primaries, 4 -> 5 general election
  • Strategy Screen > Primaries > fixed bug where player other than turn player’s selected by default
  • Editor > Regions > Parties > if editing %s but have Editor > Polling > Use Polls on, text indicates using polling
  • primaries > fixed bug where computer players wouldn’t withdraw or endorse other computer players
  • Players Info Screen > fixed bug if starting in primaries and get to only 1 leader left in party
  • Offers > fixed bug where didn’t get bonus to chance accept when offered VP slot
  • Offers > fixed some bugs with making offers that didn’t make sense (ex. offer to withdraw and offer them a VP slot)
  • Offers > improved computer players chance accept for some offers
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > added ‘Set All Issues’ button, to set all issues for a region to specified center
  • Florida 2018 Senatorial > Surrogates > added Tom Perez’s image
  • Florida 2018 Senatorial > Nelson > Charisma > 3 -> 2
  • Editor > Basics > Constants and Coefficients > added Fundraising coefficient
  • Florida 2018 Senatorial > Funds > Nelson $15 M -> $30 M, Scott $10 M -> $25 M
  • fixed bug with starting funds in certain situations
  • computer players now make more ads
  • Direct pop. vote > improved computer player strategy
  • Sim > Direct pop. vote > fixed bug where %s and wins (and vote count) weren’t in sync
  • fixed bug if saved, then loaded, then tried to save again


29 thoughts on “President Infinity v. 2.8.2 released!”

  1. My copy crashes on startup. It started up the first time, now won’t start up without crashing. I did start working on customizing a scenario, if that might have caused it (nothing else seems possible).

  2. @Anon,

    Do you get an error message? Where exactly does it crash? What is your operating system?

  3. It crashes as soon as I open it, with the standard Windows crash message “pi.exe has stopped working.” My OS is Windows 10.

  4. By open it, do you mean the game or a campaign? Also, what happens if you right-click on the game icon and select Run as Administrator?

  5. I mean opening the game, and I just tried “run as administrator”– same thing. It happens right after the screen with the logo.

  6. Without any other reports of this, my guess is something happened to damage the exe. Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

  7. Has anyone won any games on any level in Florida Senatorial? The new changes seem impossible for you to win the game. Here are my results:

    Hard: Nelson – Lost, Scott – Lost
    Medium: Nelson – Lost, Scott – Lost
    Easy: Nelson – Won, Scott – Lost

  8. It still doesn’t work, but the uninstall/reinstall process gives me an idea why it doesn’t: I had to reboot to start the process because apparently the computer sees the process from my first use as still running. It wouldn’t install, saying it needed access to files in use by PI.exe, despite that task manager doesn’t show the program running.

  9. @Anon
    I’d recommend opening up cmd (with admin rights) and typing “taskkill /f /im pi.exe” and see if anything is found.

  10. Primary popular vote soon please! I have my PA 2018 Gubernatorial and Senatorial I was working on (and trying to make it official for you to release) and now there all but broken,I focused alot of times on primaries,please my man!
    -Thank you 🙂

  11. I’m curious as to why it’s so hard to win this scenario as Scott, given the actual polling on this race. In the new update, Nelson wins the race on simulation by an average of double digits, even with 20 simulations (55.9% to 44.1% to be exact on easy, 55.3% to 44.7% on hard). That seems off.

  12. Are you using a program like McAfee or Norton that might be interfering with a program running?

  13. @Dalton,

    No plans right now for PR in the general election. It will probably happen if an official campaign is made that uses it.

  14. I have played this three times it works fine for a few game months saving fine then at some point it gives me an error when saving and the save file cannot be loaded from again and it cant save properly till i close and lose my progress and the old save file is corrupted

  15. @T,

    It sounds like either the save file is getting too big, or there is a memory problem elsewhere that is causing problems with saving. This is a known problem with certain systems. Workaround: save the game every month or so, then close the app, restart, and load.

  16. So, I just purchased the game on Thursday. Playing President infinity 2.8.2. It continues to freeze on me. The turns were processing extremely slowly and then in the middle of a turn it just stopped. (Was playing a primary and only got about 7 or 8 turns in) This is the second time in two days this has happened. What is going on?

  17. @Marshall,

    Do you run into these problems if playing from the general election (not starting in primaries)?

  18. Hey just wanted to update. It only happened with primaries, it happened 2-3 times, but it hasn’t happened since. I’m not sure what changed, but it seems to have resolved itself.

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