What’s going to happen between now and Nov. 6th, 2018

Trying to anticipate what things will look like on November 6th, what are some things that are going to happen between now and then? We have about 105 days.

  1. Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh (late August to September).
  2. Ongoing Mueller Special Counsel investigation.
  3. Further FBI Inspector General report.
  4. Ongoing Congressional Oversight investigations.

Are there other potentially significant things that are going to happen or have a significant chance of happening between now and then?

3 thoughts on “What’s going to happen between now and Nov. 6th, 2018”

  1. 1) Possibly a vote to make the individual tax cuts permanent:


    Would require 60 votes, and could be used to put Red State Dems in a pinch.

    2) September spending bill fight:


    Trump could shut government down if it doesn’t include wall funding.

    3) Potential second Putin summit in the Fall:


    This time in DC

    4) 2nd Quarter and 3rd Quarter GDP estimates:


    Preliminary 2nd Quarter estimates July 27th (with second estimates one month later, third estimates two months later), and preliminary 3rd Quarter estimates October 26th (right before midterms).

    5) Kudlow is expecting to meet with Juncker from the EU:


    There might be a trade deal/resolution.

    6) Trump is considering escalating tariffs on China to $500 Billion on all imports:


    So this could escalate the trade war, or cause China to come to the table to make a deal.

    7) Other possible events (maybe an immigration bill happens; perhaps Paul Ryan is forced out early; McCain might pass away and be replaced by his governor – no special election since it passed the 5/31 deadline).

  2. The trade and currency wars are likely to have significant effect, also is Putin going to come to the White House?

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