Best-guess release date for President Infinity now later

I’ve pushed the President Infinity best-guess release dates from December 5th to December 15th 20th. The good news is that I’m really happy with how the Favorability system is shaping up, and I’ll have another post soon with more screenshots.

Best-guesses are just that – my best guess about how long a (set of) feature may take. Thanks for your patience everyone.

8 thoughts on “Best-guess release date for President Infinity now later

  1. Cool, sounds good. Looking forward to new screenshots.

    From testing the feature so far, have you noticed if the favorability system stabilizes things some from the old engine? i.e. fewer crazy results from the AI issue and fewer third parties performing unrealistically?

  2. @anthony

    I’m really excited about this. I’ll update all the historical scenarios as well, in addition to my 2020 scenario.

    Other than making your own 2020 scenario, what is your next major goal for President Infinity?

  3. @Thr33,

    The dynamics will continue to be refined, and Favorability allows for more realism in this department. With any major new feature though, it probably be have some unrealistic aspects on first release.


    2020, Electoral Blocs, and Networking are currently the major goals after Favorability.

    Note that Favorability won’t require any additional information from existing campaigns – it will take the starting %s and automatically generate Favorability scores from them. In the future, I will probably add the ability for campaign designers to customize Favorability scores further.

  4. @Dan,

    Yes, when officially released Mac will be updated, but will probably lag Windows by between a few days and a couple weeks.

  5. Not President Infinity but I was trying to make a Canada 2019 scenario and I went through and changed all the ridings to thier current party holder and when I started up a game it still used the old starting seat numbers as if it was the 2015 campaign for where it shows you the seat swing… is that hard coded so nothing you do in the editor can change that?

  6. @Andres,

    No, it will probably be after the 15th. I am play testing Favorability now – it requires some tweaking so voter movement isn’t too much or too little, and the algorithm to set up voter Favorability scores is also being refined.

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