Goals for next releases – Winter 2018-2019 – preview

With the Autumn 2018 release getting close (it will probably take until the end of December February for all versions to be released, including hammering out Favorability quirks and Australian preferences for PMI), it’s time to start charting the Winter 2018-2019 release.

All features are goals, not promises. List subject to revision.

Networking is planned for Spring 2019. Electoral blocs is also planned, probably for Summer 2019.

President Infinity

  1. United States – 2020 (this campaign will then be updated as we move towards 2020)
  2. New polling system (created by actual random sampling of population which is now modeled at a low level in game engine, different pollsters with different biases release public polls which player can then weight accordingly, can release internal polls to drive news)
  3. New graphs system (improved charts, works with new polling system including creating best-fits for multiple polls)
  4. Primaries > Can view hypothetical head-to-head match-ups for %s, seats, pop. vote (depends on new polling system, and expands the ability to select the candidate viewing from each party’s primaries introduced in Autumn 2018 but which was only available for Favorability and Momentum)
  5. California Governor – 2018 official campaign added

Congress Infinity

  1. See PI 2.-3.

Prime Minister Infinity U.K. and Canada

  1. See PI 2.-3.

Feedback welcome!

31 thoughts on “Goals for next releases – Winter 2018-2019 – preview”

  1. @Thr33,

    Yes, early voting has become more important in various places. With the new game engine, implementing early voting would be fairly straightforward because it is actually now a bunch of people (modeled to 1/10,000th of the electorate). You just have an algorithm to decide who will early vote on a given day, and mark them as having voted. We’ll see.

  2. @TLK,

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m looking forward to doing an official Australia campaign for the next cycle.

  3. When could we expect primary popular vote and two round voting-Which I would assume would go quite easy with favorability

  4. @Dak,

    I don’t know about primary popular vote. For two-round general election voting, it might make Spring 2019.

  5. @Andres,

    Networking means being able to play online against other human players.

    Electoral blocs (or voting blocs) is the ability to create a campaign where there are blocs of voters with certain platforms. It allows for creating a more realistic model of the electorate. Players can then target those blocs.

  6. Are there any plans for write-ins? For example, if some voters are alienated by all of the candidates on the ballot.

  7. Can we please get favorability before Christmas? If you’re having us to pay for memberships I think we at least deserve that.

  8. @Norm,

    Yes, but in terms of an official release it’s about whether it’s ready, and that’s determined by testing it. Right now, it’s not ready for an official release, but it’s getting closer – if it isn’t ready by around then, I will probably release a sneak-peek so everyone can see it thus far.

  9. @Andres,

    No ETA for the run off feature – probably Winter 2018-2019 or Spring 2019 are my best guesses.

  10. Is there anything that can be done with the constant crashes? Specifically, I’m referring to the ‘TCanvasD2D’ and ‘d2d1.dll’ issues. I’m running Windows 10 and I can’t seem to make the proposed recommendations for these issues. DirectX is fully updated and I constantly have these issues. I haven’t been able to complete a game in months…. It’s very frustrating. Please try to fix this.

  11. @Matt, I have been experiencing that since the last update I can’t even play the primaries anymore because of that and I have the same set up as you

  12. @Anthony
    Could you change the colors of 2008 candidates? I think especially to Ron Paul and Fred Thompson, because their colors are pretty similar. Sounds difficult to make distinction between them on the map… Thank you very much !

  13. Anthony is there something that can be done about the cannot create canvas for TCanvasD2D error for those of us on Windows 10? It makes it impossible to play a full game because it always happens during the primaries. And it randomly happens too

  14. @John,

    What I need is a detailed description of when and where this happens. If I’m able to recreate it, I can then fix it.

  15. The problem is it doesn’t have a set time when it happens it’s very random when clicking on states or just spacebarring through. It’s pretty much how the guy on the forum said it occurs.

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