Add another game

If you already own an Infinity game, you can get another one for just $9.95 (regular $15-20).

Simply purchase ‘Add another game’ with the below button, and then follow the instructions to specify the game you want.

Orders are processed manually, so please give 1 business day for fulfillment.

Owners have access to both Windows and Mac versions.

About the Purchase Process:

Security: Your purchase will be conducted on a secure server (https://) by, a leader in on-line software purchases.

Privacy: Our privacy policy is simple. We do not share customer information of any kind with anyone.

Guarantee: We offer a full refund guarantee if you aren’t happy with the game.

Upgrades: All upgrades for 1 year are included.

Distribution: Distribution is by download. You can re-download the game on demand.

Methods of payment: You can pay by credit card or by PayPal.

2 thoughts on “Add another game”

  1. @Dan,

    A subscription purchased on its own covers all games. If you purchase a new game, you have a 1 year subscription automatically added for just that game.

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