Add another game

If you already own an Infinity game, you can get another one for just $9.95 (regular $15-20).

Simply purchase ‘Add another game’ with the below button, and then follow the instructions to specify the game you want.

Orders are processed manually, so please give 1 business day for fulfillment.

Owners have access to both Windows and Mac versions.

About the Purchase Process:

Security: Your purchase will be conducted on a secure server (https://) by, a leader in on-line software purchases.

Privacy: Our privacy policy is simple. We do not share customer information of any kind with anyone.

Guarantee: We offer a full refund guarantee if you aren’t happy with the game.

Upgrades: All upgrades for 1 year are included.

Distribution: Distribution is by download. You can re-download the game on demand.

Methods of payment: You can pay by credit card or by PayPal.

4 thoughts on “Add another game”

  1. @Dan,

    A subscription purchased on its own covers all games. If you purchase a new game, you have a 1 year subscription automatically added for just that game.

  2. Sounds good!
    Also, unrelated suggestion for PI – could we have starting issue penalties for candidates? Good examples would be Tulsi Gabbard, who currently supports same sex marriage but was known for her vehement opposition before, and Michael Bloomberg, who has flip flopped on party affiliation multiple times. (It would be for the Partisanship issue in my campaign.)

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