President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 3.0.9

President Infinity v. 3.0.9 sneak-peek for Windows and Mac has been released!

This sneak-peek continues to update 2020 (latest post-debates polling, adds an Economy issue at Very High profile, modifies some of Trump’s positions, turns Steyer to ‘on’ by default, adds Sestak, turns Swalwell to ‘off’ by default, updates attributes and positions based on the first debates, and more), fixes a bug when setting up average Favorability scores, adds more info on the Platform Screen, and more.

Note: this version changes spacebarring to close various screens to ‘n’.

(Note: for goals for this release cycle, Summer 2019, see here.)

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below. From the e-mail, click the link to the web page. On the web-page, there will be a ‘Sneak-peek’ link.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous sneak-peek (v. 3.0.8).

  • fixed bug in setting up average Favorability scores
  • Platform Screen > hover over a given issue position > shows regional center and (if applicable) regional party center descriptions (ex. ‘Region > Center, Party Region > Center-Left’) and how far from own position to centers
  • 2020
    • Issues
      • added Economy, profile Very High, national center is Center-Right
      • Russian Interference > profile Very High -> High
      • Russian Interference > updated issue positions
      • Supreme Court Nominations > Far-Left > added “Expand the Supreme Court. Look more to international law than the Constitution.”
      • Supreme Court Nominations > Far-Right > ‘conservative activist’ -> ‘strict constitutionalists’
    • Surrogates
      • Biden > added Gov. Ned Lamont
      • Harris > added Rep. Federica Wilson
      • Sanders > added Keith Ellison
      • Harris > added Rep. Al Green
      • Delaney > April Delaney > PIPs > 1 -> 0
    • Polls
      • Added post debate polls: 2 National, 1 Iowa
      • Added several Dem primary polls for US, NV, MA, FL, CA
    • Leaders
      • Steyer -> on
      • Democrats > added Joe Sestak, set to ‘on’
      • Swalwell > Start > added ‘on’ April 9th, 2019, ‘off’ July 8th, 2019
      • De Blasio > Charisma 5 -> 4
      • Williamson > Debating 5 -> 4
      • Yang > Stamina 6 -> 7, Issue Knowledge 4 -> 5
      • Buttigieg > Debating > 6 -> 7
      • Tim Ryan > Issue Knowledge 7 -> 6, Charisma 5 -> 4
      • Castro > Debating 5 -> 6, Issue Knowledge 5 -> 6
      • Warren > Debating 6 -> 7, Issue Knowledge 7 -> 8
      • Harris > Debating 6 -> 7
      • Sanders > Debating 6 -> 5
      • Biden > Issue Knowledge 7 -> 6
      • Klobuchar > Debating 7 -> 6
      • Trump > War on Drugs > Right -> Center-Right
      • Trump > Supreme Court Nominations > Far-Right -> Right
      • Trump > Student Debt > Far-Right -> Right
      • Castro > Center-Left -> Left on Abortion, Minimum Wage
      • Gabbard > Left -> Far-Left on Defense Spending, War on Terrorism
      • Inslee > Left -> Far-Left on Abortion, Environment
      • Warren > Left -> Far-Left on Student Debt
      • Booker > Center-Left -> Left on Gun Control
      • Ojeda > -> Left on Russian Investigation
      • Gravel > homestate > Alaska -> California
    • Endorsers
      • removed ‘Russian Interests’
      • Left-Wing Talk Radio > required > added Center-Left
      • Right-Wing Talk Radio > requires > added Center-Right
      • FreedomWorks > requires > added Center-Right
      • Ocasio-Cortez > requires Far-Left -> requires Far-Left or Left
  • 2016 > updated Republican primaries colors
  • 2008 > updated Republican and Democratic primaries colors

28 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 3.0.9”

  1. I know this isn’t President Infinity related but in PMI Canada, the Canada 2006 and 2004 scenarios has one endorser with the wrong date.
    The Canadian union of public employees is set to 2008 instead of 2006.
    In the 2004 one it’s the retail council that is set to 2005 instead of 2004. I hope that this helps.

  2. I have been experiencing a crash of the game at different points of different scenarios but the same error which is ” Cannot Create Rendering target for ‘TCanvasD2D’ ” It has happened in the 2020 and 2008 scenarios.

  3. @Berg2036 I have had this issue for 5 months now on a Windows 10 x64 machine. What I did was download a program called App Compatibility view and then choose the options disable desktop composition and disable visual themes. It finally allowed me to play this game after 5 months of not being able to do it. The downside though with doing that is you are unable to upload new pictures for scenarios or to save the game

  4. You REALLY need to do something about the wait time in the primaries. It takes too long for the next turn. It makes you not even want to play.

  5. @Anthony : thank you very mich for the update and the colors change, but about 2016 republican primaries, I still find Rubio/Trump/Carson colors very similar for frontrunners … My feeling is their colors are all in blue categories. The problem is they are frontrunners, so they capture the majority of states … to me it may conclude to some confusion because of the proximity of the colors. Do you understand what I mean ? For example, Trump could be in rose/pink, Rubio in light blue, Caron in green yellow. It would be so much easier to identify the states they won.
    Also, I have alread asked for this, but could you ad Trump to the 2012 campaign for republican primaires ? It would so fun to play a Trump/Romney and a Trump/Obama matches up !
    Finally, about general elections, could you create separated electoral votes to win for Maine and Nebraska districts ? It would make the game more realistic. Note that Trump won Maine’s second ditrict one electoral vote in 2016, but Clinton won the rest. And Obama won Nebraska ‘s second ditrict one electoral vote in 2008. Currently, the game just look at Maine and Nebraska at large.
    Thanks !

  6. I also forgot to ask something else : please could you change the 2008 Jeb Bush color ? He is in purple, but this is the same color as Fred Thompson’s one ! It also create some confusion in the game. Thank you

  7. Is there any way for us to change the percentage of undecideds in the 2020 primary? I like some randomness, but right now it seems a name is just chosen out of a hat for Iowa, and then that candidate wins almost all the rest of the states as well.

    I’ve tried going in and editing it myself but couldn’t find a way to do so. I thought it would be tied to polls or percentage totals, but apparently not.

    Also: Joe Biden almost always gets zero votes in Iowa. I’m fine with him not winning, but the idea that any candidate…especially the current front runner…could get ZERO votes just isn’t possible.

    Thank you!

  8. I just bought president infinity and it was asking for a name to register to I tried to put my name and the activation code in but it wouldn’t work. I kept trying and then my link expired. I’ve already emailed the support email but I haven’t gotten any reply back.

  9. @Rophil re colours, got it.

    Splitting up NE into multiple districts for EVs is a bit more tricky than it might seem at first, because there are EVs by Congressional District and EVs for winner overall, so you don’t have discrete EV regions. This might happen, but would require a significant change in the game engine.

  10. @Christopher,

    Wait time in primaries will depend on your system, how many candidates you have on, and whether you are autosaving each turn. To speed things up, make sure autosave is off. Then, turn off any parties or candidates you feel are extraneous.

  11. @Chad, that’s interesting, thanks for this. It must be the result of a relatively unusual Windows 10 configuration, and doing that disables whatever setting is causing the problem.

  12. @Anthony Im running Windows 10 – also the 2008 campaign has Al Franken as an endorser for Minnesota but he was running for the office against Norm Coleman.

  13. Quick question:

    In the Campaign Editor, under Parties, are the Issues supposed to be reflective of party leadership/official platform? or the party’s voter base? or does it not impact the game either way?

  14. @Ted I’m experiencing the same thing. None of the front runners do very well in Iowa or New Hampshire at all. It’s always some relative unknown polling in the 0-1% range. The they go on to dominate the rest of the primary. Just doesn’t feel very realistic for Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren, etc. to all do so terribly in the primary while someone like Delaney, Tim Ryan, or Hickenlooper go on to win the primary.

  15. @Brandon,

    Party issue positions are primarily to determine the centers in primaries. The also can be used to quickly set a leader’s positions (using ‘Set to party’s’ on the leader screen).

  16. I like this new scenario, but I feel it favors the Democrats a tad too much. Texas always goes blue, even with super liberal candidates, like Marianne Williamson and Elizabeth Warren. This is unrealistic and needs to be fixed.

  17. @Steven,

    Thanks for this – noted. Recent polling has Texas going blue in various hypothetical head-to-head scenarios, but I’m skeptical of this (and, of course, we’re far from the general election when such numbers directly matter). I’ll take another look at Texas’ numbers.

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