Porting to new tool-chain update

I am in the process of porting the Infinity games to a new tool-chain. This was sparked by macOS requiring 64-bit apps in its next version, where the old tool-chain for making the Infinity games did not support 64-bit macOS apps. This is a major process, involving changing most aspects of the process to make the games, and so far there are about 40,000 lines of code that have been ported (this is equivalent to even more code in the source language). This includes the code for the game engine and for the game engine to interface with the campaigns.

I am now in the process of debugging the game engine, which will also be a major process. Once that is done, I will be rebuilding the user-interface, which will also be a major process. The good news is that the porting is probably farther along than I initially anticipated for this point.

There will continue to be updates for President Infinity’s 2020 campaign before this process is completed, and Canada – 2019 for Prime Minister Infinity.

Thanks everyone for your patience on this! It has set back various features, but hopefully we’ll pull even with the new code base before autumn and then start cranking ahead of what I would have been able to do with the old code base.

11 thoughts on “Porting to new tool-chain update”

  1. Good to hear! When you say you’re rebuilding the user interface, do you mean it’s being completely redone and redesigned or just putting it into the new framework the way it was?

  2. @SirLagsalott,

    I am going to attempt to keep it relatively close to what is already there.

  3. Considering that the PI Games will now be in 64bit, will this make the future updates(voting blocs for example) easier, do you think?

  4. @Dylan,

    The 64-bit aspect doesn’t make a big difference from the development perspective, except for some things like dealing with large amounts of memory. However, yes, other aspects of the new tool-chain should make future development easier.

  5. Another 2020 update probably in a week or two. Prime Minister Infinity – Canada update with 2019 end of summer.

  6. I hope for a bit of a design tweak-Maybe a bit more sleeker and alittle more eyepopping then the current version than the 64bit, is this a possibility?

  7. @TheMiddlePolitical,

    I’m aiming for a relatively similar initial port as far as user interface goes. Once that’s done, I can look at adding modifying things more.

  8. @Chad,

    Difficult to say. Perhaps a few months. The game engine has been ported, the user-interface has now begun.

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