Prime Minister Infinity – Canada 2019 – how the map looks as of now

Here’s how the map looks as of now in the latest internal (not released yet) version of Prime Minister Infinity – Canada.

You can see that the Conservatives are ahead in %s, but behind in seats. Such are the wonders of ridings (constituencies) with First-Past-the-Post.

The Green party is getting close to surpassing the NDP as the 3rd party in Canada.

Also, you can see that no party is projected to have a majority – rather, it’s a race between the Liberals and Conservatives where, as things sit now, both would likely have a minority. If this holds, it means the smaller parties might be able to wield significant power in a new Parliament.

The polling this relies on is pre- the new ethics report on the Liberal government’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair. %s will be updated as new polls come in.

Canada 2019 will most likely be released as an initial version within a week or so.

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  1. This might be unrelated to Canada 2019 but in the Canada 2000 scenario, the Alliance and the PC leaders are not invited to the debates.

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