Should the People’s Party be invited to the debates?

The People’s Party is a new political party in Canada, being formed in 2018 when Maxime Bernier, dissatisfied with the direction of the Conservative party, left.

Bernier is a sitting MP (and currently the only People’s Party MP), but he’s more than that. A former Cabinet member, he also received 49% of the vote in the 2017 Conservative leadership contest on the final round.

So he represents an important segment of political thought in the country. The party itself isn’t polling that well, but has already fielded a large number of candidates (more than either the NDP or Greens).

So should Bernier be in the October debates? My sense is yes, especially given the precedent in 2015 with the Green party, where May was invited to two debates despite being the only Green party MP, and similarly polling fairly poorly (around 4%, while the People’s Party is around 3% right now).

6 thoughts on “Should the People’s Party be invited to the debates?”

  1. I agree! They should invite the PP to the debate as it’ll allow Canadians to hear more about the issues from a different perspective. Even in 2008, May was invited to one debate and she wasn’t even polling high and she didn’t manage to win a single seat.

  2. I’m not sure any kind of comparison with the Greens is sensible (also, Bernier has only *announced* more candidates than the NDP or Greens, not fielded them – it’s not possible to register them with Elections Canada until after the writ is dropped), but if you’re going to then I agree 2008 is a better way to go than 2015.

    At the time, the Greens were polling between 6% and 13% of the vote… though they ended up on 6.8%, far closer to the lower figure there. Nobody has ever actually won a seat under the PP banner and their results in by-elections so far have been disappointing. Nonetheless, I think any party putting up close to a full slate of candidates should have a place at the debates.

  3. @Oliver, Good points – I’ll go with ‘fielded’ – their names are out there, many have web-sites, and the party officially supports them. In the end, some might not be on the ballot, but I think this point is only important if one has reason to believe a large number of them won’t be. But I agree with you that a party having close to a full slate is a strong consideration in its favour for being at the debates.

  4. Outside of my own opinion, the reality is that the PPC is not invited to any debates so far. … keeping with the authenticity of the game to real-life…..

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