President Infinity next release v. 3.1.1c

President Infinity v. 3.1.1c for Windows and Mac has been released!

This update continues to update 2020, including adding latest polling, adds official cash on hand numbers for July 1st and best-guesses for Oct. 1st, and adds Charlie Crist as surrogate for Biden.

Note: it will say 3.1.1 as the version once installed.

Note: this version changes spacebarring to close various screens to ‘n’.

More info here.

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade (if not, you can add a subscription here).

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below. From the e-mail, click the link to the web page.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous release (v. 3.1.1b).

  • Democratic Primary polls > NV, SCx2, NC, USx4, NH, AZ, OH, WI
  • Funds > added July 1st, 2019 > set for all relevant Republican and Democratic candidates based on FEC cash on hand numbers
  • Funds > added Oct. 1st, 2019 > Trump 125M, Buttigieg 19.1M, Sanders 25.3M, Biden 15.2M, Warren 24.6M, Harris 11.6M, Bennet 2.1M, Delaney 5M, Booker 6M, Klobuchar 4.8M, Yang 10M,  Williamson 3M, Bullock 2.3M
  • Surrogates > Biden > added Rep. Charlie Crist (Fmr. Gov. of FL)

7 thoughts on “President Infinity next release v. 3.1.1c”

  1. I think the campaign needs tweaking. Surprises can always happen, but after Super Tuesday we have the following Democrat delegate counts:

    Biden 793
    Buttigieg 518
    Messam & O’Rourke 316
    Bernie and Warren have only 44 between them and Harris has already dropped out.

    Again, who knows maybe the campaign is just very prescient but this seems a tad unrealistic.

  2. I take that back Bernie has dropped out (in my campaign above)
    Btw I’m playing this campaign as “Observer” as to not interfere.

  3. @David,

    “who knows maybe the campaign is just very prescient but this seems a tad unrealistic.”

    It might be unrealistic. There’s always a line that has to be walked between allowing different outcomes and being realistic. The question here is whether the game dynamics are as intended or not. Certainly allowing a Sanders or Warren campaign to flame out and bomb is intended, but it happening consistently isn’t. Once the port is completed, my attention will shift back to focusing on these sorts of dynamics.

  4. I’m noticing something I don’t know if someone else addressed it or not. But the computers don’t seem to fund raise much at all. Almost everyone is broke by Iowa so if you play it steady its easy to overwhelm them in the final weeks. I’d prefer more automatic fundraising like PFE 2008. I do like that we can fund raise and get additional cash but it does seem like 80% of my time is fundraising and working on knowledge and debate prep.

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